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Masturbation myths

Facts And Myths About Masturbation


Masturbation is human nature and soulfully gifted to humans alone. If one is masturbated, one is supposed to understand that the human got his brains. One should feel proud of masturbation because animals can't masturbate and it is complete to get habituated to it in the living times of a toxic substance lifestyle. Even though it is completely good except for energy pullers, few people cannot enjoy masturbation. In fact, they depress themselves in a way. There are various factors that bring guilt in human beings with masturbation. It is not the mistake of masturbation but the emotional content one is carrying in one's own life.

The self-satisfaction or self-pleasure or self orgasm stimulated on one's own hand or another person's hand interference with the reproductive genital is called masturbation. It is the manual erotic stimulation of the genitals or other erotic regions, often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner. 

In the modern age of stressful life and solutions, masturbation has become the money-free therapy to enact mood and bond. Masturbation is the self-satisfaction that deviates a thought from its loop due to the sharp feeling generated in the orgasm exposed. Masturbation is quoted as the new age meditation.

The self-satisfaction or pleasure or orgasm engrieved in the human body system is due to the simultaneous act of the body to act as both simulator and stimulator. The reaction between simulation and stimulation through the body brings a heaven-like experience on the Earth. 

Facts and myths about Masturbation

As masturbation is a subject of sex, sexual activity, psychological sex, and neurological sex, and is a habit and addiction that a human being can engage in without gender difference, the term is kept silent and private with less relevance to sex education. This has brought a lot of confusion and embarrassment in the course of manual sexual behavior in the history of mankind. There are a lot of facts about masturbation that are undiscussed and unfamiliar whereas there are also a lot of myths about masturbation that are speculated and mouth-talked throughout the world and the internet. Let's discuss a few of the facts and myths prevailing on masturbation.

Masturbation is our first and natural form of sexual activity and if that's inhibited or damaged, then we suffer for the rest of our lives. ―Betty Dodson.

Does Masturbation cost energy?

Masturbation is a self-extreme position that burns a certain amount of calories in the body to experience the pleasure stimulus. An attempt of masturbation from playing with genitals to experience the climax of it is called orgasm, it almost all takes 85-100 calories. 

Does Masturbation reduce sperm count? 

There are two considerations to understand sperm subject in the matter of Masturbation. Sperm quality and sperm quantity are two different things. How many times one performs masturbation, does not reduce sperm quantity in men for the sperm is produced out of the water and can be generated every day. However, excessive masturbation can reduce sperm quality so that the semen ejected out of the masturbated penis would become less dense day by day. One must know that everyday sex does not reduce sperm quality.

Don't women masturbate? Do men masturbate? Can lesbians masturbate? Can gay people masturbate?

Irrespective of gender, any human being can indulge in masturbation. The human brain cell has a separate notion in relation to masturbation. The study and science state that masturbation is a necessity to women whereas it is just a luxury to men for masturbation impacts menstruation in women whereas men do not have menstruation.

Does Masturbation feel like sex

"Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love." — Woody Allen, Annie Hall. 

It's all your imagination. It's all your creativity. In fact, dick is a creative antenna during masturbation to feel vibes in the head whereas pussy is the creative gravity. Masturbation does feel like sex and that's why people get addicted to it.

Does Masturbation fracture the penis? Does Masturbation tear the vagina?

It is all in the way one handles it. It is all in one's heart that tolerates the sexual tension. Genitals are basically sensitive and one must handle them with utmost care. The rapid force applied to genitals can damage them, otherwise, it is all good. When one masturbates, one should be slow and steady. There are certain cases in the subject that masturbation fractured the penis and tore the vaginal cavity.

Does Masturbation Affect Your brain?

Masturbation affects brain cells by stimulating various hormone releases that benefit health and happiness. Dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin are all called happiness hormones associated with stress reduction, bonding, and relaxation. Masturbation is known to release these substances that they naturally coordinate to good behavior.

There is a chance of the brain going numb due to masturbation as the genitals alone pull the blood pressure which is far away from the brain. There is a chance of decreased blood pressure in the brain that leads to lower blood pressure and circulation. This could lead the person to completely faint.