There are chances for masturbation to impact the weight of the body.

Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss?


The self-satisfaction or self-pleasure or self orgasm stimulated on one's own hand or another person's hand interference with the reproductive genital is called masturbation. It is the manual erotic stimulation of the genitals or other erotic regions, often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner.

In the modern age of stressful life and solutions, masturbation has become the money-free therapy to enact mood and bond. Masturbation is the self-satisfaction that deviates a thought from its loop due to the sharp feeling generated in the orgasm exposed. Masturbation is quoted as the new age meditation.

The self-satisfaction or pleasure or orgasm engraved in the human body system is due to the simultaneous act of the body to act as both simulator and stimulator. The reaction between simulation and stimulation through the body brings a heaven-like experience on the Earth.

A man masturbates his genitals with the help of his hands whereas a woman masturbates her genitals with fingers. As the matter of fact, a woman goes precise and deep to the point of grooming her genitals to the orgasm called sexual pleasure.

The basic difference between sex and masturbation is that sex provides a physical weight of another person to put in support to the nerve stimulus one observed in the activity whereas masturbation is observing the same nerve stimuli without the support of another body. This phenomenon could have various effects on the body of the one who has not trained their mind to how to remain calm right after nerve stimulations.

Can Masturbation Result in Weight Loss?

There are chances for masturbation to impact the weight of the body. Not that the single attempt of masturbation would definitely reduce the body weight but there are chances for the body to get lean on a regular masturbation. There are even more chances for the body to lose weight if the person is supposedly working out masturbation three to five times a day.

Masturbation may look like an external job but first of all, it is a great deal of internal body function.

On the simple hand job, the genital is made to eject it's content which results in resemblance to sexual activity actually. This phenomenon is the same reason that supports the thing called masturbation could reduce body weight.

Masturbation typically involves the erection to ejaculation. During the hand motion, there takes a lot of energy to be expelled right from nerves to neurons to hormones to body cells.

Weight Loss by the Body Action During Masturbation

Masturbation involves pulling the penis away from the body which results in muscle stretch in the genitals which are connected to muscles moving through the abdomen.

Masturbation attains extreme energy conversion right from the thoughtful pressure in the mind to the sexual pleasure through the genitals. During the course, the nerves that form up hands and the muscles that indulge in genitals go through extreme energy transformation which itself is a work of the body that needs a certain amount of energy to work the function. 

This phenomenon would use up the energy stored in the body which could drain the person to actively stay put in other activities.

Weight Loss by Sperm Ejection on a Regular Basis

There are almost all 640-1000 muscles settled in the body formed in three types of muscle tissues namely cardiac, smooth and skeletal.

Releasing sperm is a steroid-like action in the body. The body needs tremendous energy to release sperm but it does not mean that releasing sperm would affect muscle growth in spite of muscles having to do a lot with energy.

Sperm is a special quality product containing more than thirty substances like nitrogen, lactic acid, fructose, ascorbic acid, cholesterol, glutathione, creatine, pyruvic acid, uric acid, citric acid, vitamin B12, etc. An attempt of masturbation from playing with genitals to experience the climax of it is called orgasm, it almost all takes 85-100 calories alongside other essential substances ejected outside.

Muscle is a tissue by nature whereas energy is the current passing through the muscles either by blood circulation or nerve stimulation.

There is only a stimulating connection between muscles and sperm ejection, and that could only result in loss of energy which could be most probably garnered from fat or cholesterol in the body.

Chances of Weight Loss by Hormonal Excitement

Masturbation affects brain cells by stimulating various hormone releases that benefit health and happiness. Dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin are all called happiness hormones associated with stress reduction, bonding, and relaxation. Masturbation is known to release these substances that they naturally coordinate to good behavior.

The hormonal excitement in the body needs a certain motivational force propelled by heartbeat and blood circulation. The heartbeat is a mechanical action that needs calories burned by the fat and other minerals in the body.

When fat is put to burn in conversion to energy, the body is supposed to lose fat. The body which loses fat would result in a decrease in the total weight of the body.

For all these good reasons, regular masturbation can be supposed to be as good as walking, jogging, cardio workouts, and body fitment exercises.

Take Away

There are both benefits and drawbacks associated with masturbation, still one can manage limitations that would greatly help the body and health be normal.