Does Over Masturabation Has Side Effects On Eyes?

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                        The act of masturbation is usually a natural part of your healthy lovemaking life for single people and for couples alike. But there are many masturbation myths out there in the air that try to convince you that this act of masturbation is very unhealthy or dangerous to your life as well.

                        Also, studies found out that masturbation can cause damage to your eyes in very rare and extreme cases, such as in an instance.

                        On very rare occasions, a vigorous activity of any kind including masturbation can increase your blood flow and the heart rate and pop up a blood vessel in the eye,” Skyler explains. However, any eye injury from the act of masturbation is very rare and requires an excessive amount of force.

                        So, if anyone regularly masturbates with a moderate amount of force and vigour, it’s quite unlikely that this self-pleasure act could lead to a popped-up blood vessel that can lead to loss of your eyesight.

                        Does Excessive Ejaculation Leads To Blindness

                        For many decades and maybe longer, these several misconceptions and the urban legends have perpetuated stigma to another level, fear, and shame around a practice of self-pleasure.

                        For example, some people believe that masturbating “too often” can severely affect your eyes. But are there any substantial facts in believing that you can actually experience any vision loss or the worst case, blindness from the act of masturbating?

                        This particular unfortunate myth about masturbation that it can negatively impact your eyes or can cause blindness, will leave you with acne or many other health hazards — is quite untrue and lacks clinical facts,” says certified sex therapist and resident sexologist for Adam & Eve Jenni Skyler, PhD, LMFT. She explains very clearly that this is an “old myth made deliberately to control that fills masses heads with a fear that such lovemaking arousal would cause out-of-control abnormal behaviors which in turn collapse the very structure of society.”

                        Is it true that masturbating has an effect on the eyes?

                        NO - Masturbation has no negative consequences on the eyes. Here's some more wonderful news for you. Masturbation causes more harm than good to your health. 

                        Is it true that masturbating has an effect on the eyes? The short answer is no, masturbating has no negative consequences on the eyes. Confused? Consider going back in time. Consider all of the masturbation myths you've heard before. You will lose all of your hair if you masturbate. Masturbation causes huge pimples to appear all over your face. Is that to say that all of these claims are false? YES. 

                        Does Masturbation Cause Dark Circles? 

                        Masturbation leads to a loss of strength, impotence, homosexuality, and dark circles under the eyes. These are some of the more ridiculous myths about masturbation and its harmful effects on the body. 

                        Is Masturbation Linked to Weakness? 

                        No. You are not made weaker by releasing sperm on a daily basis. Masturbation does not deplete one's stamina. In reality, the benefits of everyday ejaculation outweigh the risks. 

                        Is Masturbation Linked to Headaches? 

                        Masturbation has been linked to headaches in some cases, according to research. However, we must consider the context. 

                        Due to a spike in blood pressure levels right before a climax, men may have orgasm-induced headaches. 

                        During lovemaking arousal, males may also experience an increase in excitement that causes the muscles in their necks to tense. Slowly, this tension builds up, and it may start to feel like a headache. 

                        Food cure for masturbation side effect 

                        For some, masturbation is merely a way of releasing an excess of vitality that has been suppressed due to a lack of enough physical activity. Planning a great fitness regimen will not only keep you physically healthy, but it will also reduce your desire to masturbate excessively every day. 

                        • Masturbation addiction can be reversed by drinking a glass of warm milk combined with 2-3 strands of saffron prior to going to bed
                        • Ginger is well-known for its antioxidant properties. Daily consumption of a ginger and honey mixture promotes blood circulation and prevents you from succumbing to the desire for masturbation. Include ginger in your daily diet.
                        • Cranberry and orange juice: Consume cranberry and orange juice on a daily basis. It will provide your body with important nutrients, compensating for the negative effects of over-masturbation such as physical, mental, and lovemaking tiredness. 
                        • Increase your zinc intake by eating more zinc-rich foods. It will assist in overcoming the unpleasant consequences of excessive masturbation. 

                        Side effects that Actually Happen due to Over Masturbation

                        Masturbation is actually harmless. Some people might experience chafing or tender skin if they are too rough while performing, but this will naturally heal in a few days.

                        If men masturbate frequently within a short period of time, they can experience a little swelling of the genital which is called edema. This swelling also usually disappears within a few days.

                        Some other potential side effects that include are :


                        Some people who are religious-minded worry that the act of masturbation conflicts with their spiritual, religious, or cultural beliefs and may experience in one way or another the feeling of guilt. However, masturbation is not at all immoral or wrong in any sense, and this humanistic self-pleasure is not shameful in any way.

                        Discussing such feelings of guilt with your friend or any healthcare professional, or even a therapist that specializes in sexual wellness might help you to move past such feelings of guilt or shame.

                        Decreased lovemaking sensitivity

                        If men have an aggressive way of doing masturbation that can involve too tight a grip on their genitals, they can experience something called a decreased sensation. A man can easily resolve this over a period of time with a slight change of their technique.

                        Enhanced stimulation using any kind of vibrator, may increase your feeling of arousal and the overall lovemaking function in both cases of men and women.

                        Prostate cancer

                        The jury is partial to the fact that masturbation increases or decreases the risk of prostate cancer. Researchers still need to conduct more vigorous studies before they can reach any valid conclusion.

                        Disrupting Your Daily life

                        In very rare cases where some individuals masturbate more than they actually desire, which in turn causes them to miss their school, work, or other important social events and can interrupt a person’s daily activities by affecting their relationships and responsibilities. Also, it can serve very well as an escape from their relationship issues or as a substitute for real-life experiences for them.

                        Precaution steps to control masturbation 

                        If masturbation is becoming a problem for you, there are several strategies and techniques to help a person control or stop it.

                        A combination of methods or techniques may be helpful, including the following:

                      • Avoid pornography
                          • Stay active
                          • Seek professional help
                          • Spend more time with others
                      • Exercise
                        • Find a support group

                        Take Away 

                        So now understand that the myth regarding masturbating making you blind is not at all based on any evidence.

                        But it is still necessary to take care of your eyes, so always make sure to visit an eye doctor regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which can bring more advantages than simply keeping your eyes in better condition.

                        There are certain possible issues with excessive masturbation, but overall masturbation has various benefits, so stay away from believing any of the old myths. 

                        Frequently Asked Questions 

                        1. Can masturbation cause weakness?

                        There are numerous myths and beliefs regarding masturbation. Many believe that masturbation can result in impotence in the future, hairy palms, low sperm count, ED, genital curvature, blindness, infertility, genital shrinkage, weakness and mental illness. However, there is no proof for all these claims.

                        2. Does masturbation affect nerves?

                        It can release your stress and anxiety. It reduces blood pressure and lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone linked to stress. So, if you're in hope of relieving some tension after a hectic day at work, masturbating might be a good relaxation technique for you.

                        3. Can masturbation cause a heart attack?

                        Despite several myths about masturbating, it isn't known to cause any particular health problems.


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