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Masturbation Effects On Kidney And Back Pain

Effects Of Masturbation On Kidney And Back

Masturbation is a very natural process in men, it is considered extremely normal and beneficial for men as it keeps their body and minds healthy. Masturbation is a tricky subject. Many people have their preconceived notions about it which are not quite right. 

Masturbation as a process is considered unholy by many people, however, it is an extremely natural and safe process. It helps you relieve stress and tension and can uplift your mood instantly. 

Masturbation when done the right way can boost testosterone in the body and can be beneficial, however, people often get addicted to the act which can lead to Kidney pain or back pain. Today we will get into this matter to see how Masturbation affects kidney pain. 


Benefits of Masturbation

Here are a few benefits of Masturbation that are beneficial for men.

  • Helps in relieving built-up stress
  • Helps is getting a better sleep 
  • Helps in boosting your mood
  • Helps in relaxing your body and mind
  • Gives you pleasure
  • Helps in relieving cramps
  • Helps in releasing sexual tension
  • Helps in better performance 

    Can Masturbation Cause Kidney Pain?

    There is a lot of misinformation around Masturbation and its effects, however, no one to date has encountered any severe side effects of masturbation there are a few people who might have suffered from back pain or kidney pain but let us find out if masturbation is too blame or not in this case. 

    There is no evidence that masturbation can cause Kidney pain, kidney failure, or a Kidney stone, releasing semen is a healthy process it gives you the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. However, it does not compose of nutrients that can pose a threat to your kidney or replenish it of any important protein or nutrient. 

    The kidneys that are present at both sides of the spine, urethra, uterus, and bladder all work together in harmony without posing a problem to one another. 

    If you are someone who is facing pain in the Kidney region while masturbation it could be because of a possible kidney stone, get yourself checked and visit a doctor if the pain continues or amplifies. 

    Can Masturbation help in easing out Kidney Stone?

    This is another of the most asked questions, a recent study has helped us to get a deeper knowledge of Masturbation and Kidney stones. 

    A 2020 research has shown evidence that masturbating 3-4 times a day can help you release the pain caused by a 5-10 millimeter stone. The study further found out that masturbating 3-4 times along with medication can help you release the stone without any hurdle, this is a new study and there is much more work than it may require. 

    If you do not have kidney stones and it still pains while masturbating then it could be a classic case of UTI urinary tract infection, this may also cause pain in your pelvic region, but before getting on any medication consult your doctor and take advice, he might ask you to take an ultrasound to see if you have kidney stones or not. 

    An ultrasound will also give you a clear image if you have a Kidney infection, if you suffer from pain during masturbation then do not take it lightly consult your doctor and seek help at the earliest. 


    Can Masturbation Cause Back Pain?

    Well, according to various studies Masturbation does not cause back pain. One thing that you must pay attention to while masturbating is your posture, this can be one of the reasons for your back pain. 

    Our kidneys are too close to the spine so any issue in the kidney may seem like a back pain but it most certainly is not. Be careful while dealing with kidney pain or back pain when you masturbate. Take corrective actions so you do not regret your decision. 

    Take Away 

    It is uncommon to face kidney pain or back pain from masturbating so if you are facing this issue then contact your doctor, hope this has been of help to you.