About Us

Men don't groom. Men don't indulge in self-care. Men just don’t care. 

Sound familiar? It’s because of these old stereotypes that conversations about men’s health and wellness became quiet and closed ones. 

We at Mars know just how far from the truth these stereotypes are. Men do care for their personal health and wellness. 


When a man goes through weight related issues, hair loss, loses confidence in his manhood–where does he turn to? 

Friends? They’re no experts. And we don’t really want to talk to them about this anyway! 

Doctors? Too much of a hassle to book an appointment, then follow-up. There’s no time! 

We at Mars by GHC understand this problem, so we built the solution. 

At Mars, we believe in empowering men to take control of their wellbeing, loudly and proudly! 

We are a digital health clinic, and we are with you throughout every step of your wellness journey. We offer personalised treatment for your health concerns, ranging from expert consultation and clinically-effective products to a comprehensive app that serves as your AI-driven advisor and progress tracker. 

Join us on your journey to Good Health! 

You can also check out our Women’s Brand, Saturn by GHC!