Woman Climax Signs and Symptoms

Woman climax signs and symptoms

Women's sexual behavior

Women are beautiful and sensitive. They are easy to melt. They are easy to get hold of the person they have heart and mind upon.

A simple touch of a man can make a lot of difference in her body.

A simple hug or a kiss can get her wet. It is her simple nature. There could be chances of her sexual arousal or may not be, too. They are not so easy to understand.

Their temperature balance is so different from men's. Their ass can get heated up and the vaginal part can get wet at the same time, sometimes.

What a turned-on woman looks like?

when women get sexually aroused, the vagina effectively preps itself for sexual intercourse by releasing fluids to ease the friction of sex. When a woman gets wet, it generally means she is entering a state of arousal.

Difference between women turn on and women climax

Women turn on is the total origin to her climax in sexual orgasm. The tempo in the turn and climax are almost all the same whereas the tempo reaches the maximum point of her turn on and could result in complete relaxation of her tempo after the climax in orgasm.

Turned-on women alone can experience a satisfactory orgasm which is called the climax to her sexual activity.

There are times when women are not turned on but men try to have intercourse. He may reach the climax of his own orgasm but may not find her gut. Therefore, women turn on their most essential ingredient to reach their climax in orgasm.

For the same purpose, foreplay such things have much more value than sexual intercourse even does not, for foreplay is the source of energy between two bodies that can be put forward to sexual intercourse.

Foreplay is a catalyst to convert the same energy that is paining the body parts, muscles, and joints into the energies that are comforting and pleasure-giving through sexual activity.

Women climax signs and symptoms

Anxiety, excitement, sexual tension, sweat and wet

It's easy for women to get excited or feel anxious about pretty things, too. When a body is excited or put to anxiety or curiosity, the blood flow and the temperature in the body are increased which would most probably result in sweat secretion. The genital parts of a woman are even more smooth, clumsy, and moisture type resulting in even more sweat secretion.

She may look nervous from top to bottom. She may become weak in the knees and if she is on high heels, she may slip off or take a little jerk in the stand. The nervousness could be seen in her eyes, too. The eyeballs may take a rapid movement left and right, either rapid or slow depending on the intensity of her turn on.

Her temperature may exceed the normal range. You either sense it touching her or simply looking at it. She seems like boiled water. Of course, that warmness is only the most attractive part of sexual or romantic interaction.

Enhanced breasts

The breasts seem to become bigger than usual. The breathing she does when she is turned on is looked at the breast. The breasts take quite a contract and extract on exhale and inhale with a wider difference in chest volume. It is a great delightful scenario to experience such beauty in the breast.

However, the climax in her orgasm can relax the breast completely or make it even more intense if her body is satisfied with the climax but her mind is not yet.

Increased butt size

The butt size could also be seen increased. The butt goes gaga in the sight of the man when she is turned on. The butt would extract and contract rapidly on the mission of climax in her orgasm. It is a great scene to see and the man behind or on behalf of her orgasm cannot stop his sexual excitement about achieving her sexual satisfaction. He may go grab it tight and bite it lame and make a sense of his love and care towards her.


G-spot is another estimation or sign and symptom to woman climax.

G-spot is not known to most people as Gräfenberg spot but it actually is. G-spot is a sensitive space in the vaginal zone that motivates a woman's orgasm to another high which in general is not found but the sexual partners try it every time they engage in vaginal intercourse.

A woman who is already turned on may achieve G-spot activity during sexual intercourse. Most doctors and scientists believe that G-spot exists in unnoticeable thinness and only upon sexual stimulation could become thick and solid but still sensitive.

As G-spot stimulation is intense and sharp, not all women are ready to face it. The pain or pleasure felt in the body during the sexual arousal or orgasm at the point of G-spot is so sensitive that the muscles may or may not tolerate the force of G-spot sensitivity.

Take Away 

A woman need not see her climax through sexual intercourse alone. She has another option, called masturbation. The success rate of orgasm through masturbation is higher than that of sexual intercourse.