What is orgasm and what are its types?

Orgasm and its types

Orgasm its types

An orgasm is denoted as the peak of sexual excitement, orgasm is not a bad thing but it has been surrounded by a lot of common misconceptions. 

However, orgasms are natural and should be celebrated rather than feared. Female orgasms were denoted for centuries and only now that people have learned the art of seduction have they understood female orgasm is a big deal. 

The medical definition of orgasm widely differs from the one a mental health expert may give, however, both psychological and emotional, and cognitive changes play a role in shaping an orgasm. 

Different researchers have given different models for orgasm; one of the widely used and appreciated is Kaplan’s three-stage model. His model has a non-genital approach he mentioned that most orgasms start at the stage of desire, leading to excitement and the last stage is orgasm. 

Studies have also found out that frequent orgasms can reduce the mortality rate in men, it can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. 


There are a lot of different types of orgasms we might have encountered, here are some of the common types of orgasm

  • Combination or blended orgasms: this type of orgasm refers to a variety of different orgasmic experiences blended which can be produced by a lot of situations.
  • Multiple orgasms: this type of orgasm is referred to as a series of orgasms over a short period you may experience one after the other rather than just a singular one.
  • Relaxation orgasms: this type of orgasm is derived from deep relaxation during sexual stimulation.
  • Tension orgasms: this type of orgasm is referred to as a form of orgasm that is derived from direct stimulation often when the body and muscles are tense.
  • Fantasy orgasms: this type of orgasm is derived from mental stimulation, you can have a fantastic orgasm when you sleep or daydream.
  • G-spot orgasms: this type of orgasm results from the stimulation of an erotic zone during penetration, it is difficult for most women to reach this level of satisfaction. 

These are some of the common types of orgasms, some of you might have experienced at least one of the mentioned above. 


Well, orgasms can be based on a lot of other aspects too, if you are new to sexual experience then you might not even get an orgasm so frequently once you settle in your sexual cycle you might be able to openly talk about things that you like to your partner and this can help you experience better orgasms. 

Physiologically speaking there are two reasons for an orgasm:

  • Vasocongestion: this refers to the process whereby body tissues fill up with blood, swelling in size as a result.
  • Myotonia: this process is referred to when the muscle is tense, including both voluntary flexing and involuntary contraction.

Different people are aroused by different sensations, so orgasm is never subjective; it can change from one person’s experience to the other ones. 


Men and women are different and so are their orgasm experiences. Men may only get a single orgasm at a time while women can have the pleasure of multiple orgasms at a single time. 

While men can orgasm in a short amount of time it usually takes longer for women to reach their orgasm and to feel pleasure. This is normal and natural. 

Female and male orgasm may come with a few disorders which may make you and your partner uncomfortable and anxious. For centuries women’s orgasm was not given any preference, this has led to women not being aware of their pleasure points. 

Most women have never had an orgasm or are unable to have one, it is commonly known as anorgasmia. Most women might have had orgasms but over time they don't this is also a common disorder in women. 

If you are unable to reach an orgasm or can no longer have them then do visit your gynaecologist as they will be able to guide you better. 

Men face a different type of orgasmic disorder, they may not be able to hold their erection for longer or may face premature ejaculation. Male orgasmic disorder can be a lifelong problem if not treated properly many men also go through Erectile dysfunction which can be a cause of stress. 

While there are many misconceptions related to orgasm, studies have found that orgasm is one of the most important bodily function, many people also have the misconception that orgasms solely depend on the genitals while that is incorrect there are different types of orgasms mentioned above and some of them do not require any physical connection. 

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Take Away 

Orgasm can be enchanting for you and your partner. Make sure you do talk about what you like or dislike in bed. Sharing can help you and your partner connect better and can lead to better satisfying moments. Hope this article has been of help to you and your partner. 

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