Do Men Really needs to be comfortable with Sex Toys for Women?

Do Men Really needs to be comfortable with Sex Toys for Women? | woman with sex toy | sex toy

Should Men be Intimidated by Sex Toys for Women?

The study disproves a widespread notion that males are afraid or intimidated by sex toys. Vibrators intimidate women's partners, a statement that 37% of women agreed with or strongly agreed with, whereas 70% of men disagreed with or strongly disagreed with. Sex toys exist in a wide range of forms, dimensions, and hues and provide a range of feelings. In addition, they provide for a variety of demands. Needs, indeed. Since some ladies, quite honestly, require much more penetration to get off. We mean most when we say "some." Only 18.4% of respondents in a recent study of 1,055 women between the ages of 18 and 94 by Debby Herbenick, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University and research fellow and sexual health educator at the Kinsey Institute, said that having sexual contact was sufficient to cause an orgasm. That suggests that more than 80% of women require much more than penetration. 

And this is where sex toys may completely alter the dynamics in the bedroom. In a way, vibrations for men and women in the bedroom level the playing field for women. For many women to have the same experience as males, their clitoris must be constantly stimulated. The problem, however, is that not all men feel at ease bringing sex toys into the bedroom, regardless of whether their spouse requires one to get off during sex or simply wants to liven things up in bed. According to a survey of 500 millennial women, 18.66 per cent are reluctant to use a sex toy in the bedroom out of concern that it may hurt their partner's ego. This could also cause sexual dysfunction. 

Why should men be comfortable using sex toys?

  • They help in closing the orgasm gap:

  • Only 57% of women who orgasm most or always report that their partners complete most or always, according to a survey of 2,300 women. That is a huge gap. Moreover, things don't have to be this way. Research repeatedly demonstrates that lesbian partnerships cause women to experience more orgasms than heterosexual couples do. Therefore, the issue isn't with women; rather, it is with their male partners' failure to meet their needs. There is a misconception that sex or penis toys are deterring people from having sex, that they are too mechanical, etc., yet they actually enhance sex, encourage people to have sex, and can even bring people together across long distances.


  • It could be life-changing for you too:

  • Additionally, these gadgets can make guys feel good as well. We have no issue with the fact that these gadgets have the ability to make another person feel things we could never even begin to contemplate doing manually. Let's take a closer look at the sex toys for men and couples that are intended to make guys feel just as incredible as they do for many ladies. There are items available that are completely hands-free, can be worn while having sex while moving around, and are made such that both of you feel the vibrations. Your relationship as a whole, not just your sexual life, may greatly benefit from it. You become closer outside of the bedroom when you are able, to be frank about sex and your desires.

  • These are not a replacement for human contact:

  • A person probably has far more serious issues if they are truly concerned about their sexual prowess and connection with their spouse to the extent that they feel threatened by a battery-operated object. The best course of action if toys are causing uncertainty is to discuss those anxieties and worries with a partner, who will probably clarify that toys won't detract from sex or the relationship; rather, they'll add to it. It's crucial for both individuals to have wonderful sexual experiences that they both appreciate. Sex toys are used by people of all types. Sex toys should be used to strengthen relationships rather than to replace them. An inanimate thing cannot take the place of a genuine person. An orgasm can be caused by a sex toy, but it cannot express love. But if someone genuinely struggles with them, it may be time to examine their perspective on sex and what they find valuable about it. It's time to consider why they are unable to reach an agreement so that their partner can consistently meet her demands while also attempting to meet theirs.


    It's fine if some women don't like using sex toys and feel that adding a vibrator to the bedroom will not really significantly alter their sex life. Your sex life is all about communication and experimenting. The whole idea is to talk about it and figure out what, if anything, works for you two in bed. Decide whether this dislike of sex toys is genuine or just a passing one for men who feel diminished by them. The first one is easy to get through. The latter, though, necessitates a little more introspection. 

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