Benefits of drinking water after love making

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Should we drink water just after love making?

The risks of drinking water following love making have been the subject of discussions and rumors. How much of it is true from a medical perspective? There are no definitive answers to the subject of whether or not we should drink water right after having love making, and no research has been done to highlight any possible risks. However, the vast majority of research points to the significance of drinking water before, during, or after love making for the following reasons:

  • It is advised to continue drinking water after love making to stay hydrated and maintain energy levels because love making activity depletes strength.
  • By increasing the production of urine after love making, drinking water promotes love making hygiene. As a result, diseases are prevented and unwanted microorganisms are removed from the body.
  • It's crucial to remove toxins in the body, which can be accomplished by drinking more water.
  • Water consumption ensures that the genital receives adequate blood and oxygen.

What to drink after love making

Due to the fact that love making activity is typically seen as intensely physical activity, drinking water alone afterward may not be sufficient.

1. Electrolyte water:

If you perspire a lot while having love making, you could be shedding electrolytes, which need to be replaced because the body needs them and to restore them to balance the nutrient levels.

2. Coconut water:

Coconut water, which is rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium, and vitamin C, is excellent for consumption after love making. Normal water does not contain these nutrients. Which helps us to revitalize instantly.

3. Banana shake:

Cramps are among the side effects of love making. In order to avoid cramps or spasms after love making, drink a banana smoothie. Nutritionists claim that the enzyme bromelain, which has been linked to higher satisfaction in men in certain studies, may be found in bananas. Additionally, Banana shakes contain high levels of B vitamins like riboflavin, which are essential for the creation of testo, the love making hormone.

4. Buttermilk:

Yoghurt, which is used to make buttermilk, contains calcium, B vitamins (B6, B12), riboflavin, potassium, and magnesium. Following love making, these vital nutrients support the body's ability to balance properly and remain energetic.

5. Cranberry juice:

One of the most popular natural drinks for increasing urine output and removing toxins from the body is cranberry juice.

What not to do after love making?

Here are a few things to consider not to do after love making.

1. Avoid wearing tight clothing to bed:

After love making, you tend to warm up and perspire. Wearing nylon or synthetic underwear could lead to abrasions. Additionally, such nylon underwear may cause itching if they come in contact with vaginal fluids. To maintain your health, wear loose cotton nightwear.

2. Do not wash the vagina with intimate wash after love making:

After having love making, you must wash the vagina with warm water rather than an intimate wash. However, because the skin is so sensitive after love making, you should refrain from using abrasive personal shampoos. Additionally, it is advised against douching at all costs, particularly after love making.

3. Avoid using intimate wipes:

The majority of intimate wipes contain a lot of chemical preservatives and perfumes. The use of these could raise the danger of infections and rashes.

4. Always remember to wash your hands after love making:

Your partner's genitals have been touched. As a result, it's critical to wash your hands to prevent the transmission of bacteria. If you don't, you could have several bacterial diseases.

5. Avoid bubble baths right after having love making:

After love making, cuddling in a hot bath may seem like the perfect idea, but it could raise your risk of contracting an infection. A hot water bath might give the germs a temperature where they can grow easily. Being in that hot water-filled area for an extended amount of time will also give the germs more time to access various sections of your body. This is detrimental to both your and your partner's genital health.

Is it good to drink water after unprotected love making?

Drinking a good amount of water really helps. So It is advised to continue drinking water after love making to stay hydrated and to assist maintain energy levels because love making activity exhausts strength. It also enhances your mood and aids in the smooth flow of blood circulation after the activity. 

Drinking a lot of water helps in weeing soon, which flushes out STI bacteria and UTI bacteria cleans the vital system and keeps you hydrated.

A recent study found that 25 to 30 minutes of love making engagement are equivalent to 3 miles of running. There is a post-love making energy decline as well. You might use water to help you fight off the tiredness that comes with love making activity. So it helps in alleviating the wellness of the body.

Drinking water after love making prevents pregnancy?

No, Drinking water after love making won’t stop you from getting pregnant. It's a misconception that comes from people that; drinking a lot of water makes you wee too often. So when urinated, the semen stored inside flushes out with urine.

But drinking water after love making only helps to restore the hydration that we lose during love making.

precautions to follow after love making

Safer love making practices might not come to mind instantly when you are in the middle of it. But here are some suggestions to follow after love making.

1. Clean

It is often advised to bathe after love making. It helps in removing the bacteria on the body that enters us when your partner comes in contact with it. Or at least make sure you clean your vaginal/genital area with warm water and mild soaps to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria that causes STIs and UTIs.

2. Check for Breakage 

Get a thorough check on your condoms for any breakage, before and after love making. Because breakage of condoms leads you to get pregnant. And keep you safe from STIs.

3. Water

love making activity requires a lot of calories shed from our body and it makes you dehydrated. As it is nothing less than an outside physical activity. So drinking water helps you restore your hydration levels.

4. Get tested 

Some people might experience heavy bleeding, or some other might experience itching, burning, or pain. So for any symptoms you experience which is odd, you must visit a doctor.

Because when you come in contact with the person for love making there are many possibilities for love making transmitted diseases(STIs), HIV, Gonorrhea, and chlamydia. 

So it is always better advised to consult a doctor and get tested.

5. Use Pills

If you’ve tested positive for pregnancy and are not ready for it, use birth management tabs and contraceptives on other hand.

Make sure you kept ready next time for precaution. 


Because people sweat during love making, which can be quite a strenuous activity, the body requires drinks to replenish what has been lost. Actually, drinking water after love making activity is quite important to restore hydration levels. Try it out for yourself to experience rejuvenation.


1. Is it good to drink water after releasing sperm?

Yes, drinking water after love making is totally OK. It elevates your mood and improves blood circulation.

2. What fruit can I take after love making?

Eating vitamin C fruits and banana helps you relieve muscle cramps after love making and helps in the regeneration of sperm.

3. Why do men sleep after love making?

In general that love making activity requires a lot of calories which leads to laziness and during love making oxytocin and vasopressin are released which are associated with sleep.


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