Male pattern baldness

Understanding Male Pattern Baldness

Understanding Male Pattern Baldness 

One in every five men face hair loss before the age of 30 years and the most common type of hair loss is male pattern baldness also known as androgenetic alopecia. It ordinarily takes 5-10 years to go fully bald, yet can be snappier.

Normally, hair starts thinning (subside) along the edges followed by a round bald patch at the top which continuously gets bigger. The receding sides and the bald patch on the top (the crown) extend and consolidate, leaving a patch at the front. 

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness 

1) Hereditary 

Hereditary is the most common cause of male pattern baldness. The recessive hair loss genes might get transferred either from the maternal or from the paternal side.

Causing the following problems.

a) Excess level of DHT :-

Some scientific studies have correlated the male pattern baldness with male hormones called androgens. Sometimes due to high levels of 5α-reductase, the excess levels of androgen got converted into Dihydrotestosterone commonly called DHT. 

b) Hair growth cycle:- 

Every hair on your head has a growth cycle. With male pattern baldness, this growth cycle starts to debilitate and in turn causing the loss of hair follicle from the root. At last, the growth cycle terminates causing a follicle to come out from the hair root. 

2) Medical Conditions

Male pattern baldness has more genuine causes, for example, cancer, meds, thyroid conditions, and anabolic steroids. See your Primary health care provider if balding happens in the wake of taking new medicines. 

  • Specialists will check the main cause of male pattern baldness.
  • They may suggest you some tests to find the medical issues, for example, contagious states of the scalp, infections, or any other issues. 

Medical issues like cancer, stress, heart problems, infections, the shock might be a reason for male pattern baldness. A skin biopsy and blood tests likewise might be important to analyze the cause of balding. 


1. Discover the main cause of baldness  

If you are losing out your hair from the sides and center or the top of your head then this is the perfect example of male pattern baldness. But if the thinning spreads across your scalp and not to your crown frequently demonstrates a medical problem. 

Hormonal issues, thyroid issues, nutritional deficiency, can cause shedding​

2. Change shampoos to prevent baldness 

Many shampoos guarantee to make your hair look thicker and stronger. Anti-hair fall shampoo and herbal shampoo may save your hair by thinning and blocks DHT, which plays an important role in hair loss. 

3. Eat healthy to avoid hair loss

Start by avoiding fried foods. What's more, watch the sweets: high sugar intake spikes your blood sugar levels which damages hair follicles and increases hair loss. Eat healthy food for healthy hair.


You may have seen some hair on you comb or in shower. Well this is the beginning of Male Pattern Baldness? All things considered, in case you’re upset with your hair fall there is an uplifting news for you !


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