Neem Oil Benefits For Beard
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Neem Oil Benefits For Beard

Neem oil for beard

Benefits Of Neem Oil For Beard

Neem oil is also known as margosa oil produced from the neem seeds. Native to the Indian subcontinent, neem is known for many medicinal values.

Azadirachta indica seeds are rich in triterpenoids such as Azadirachtin and Nimbin, triglycerides, oleic acid, etc.

Neem oil is known for its antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, etc properties.

This article will help you to know and understand how neem oil is beneficial for the beard.

How is it made?

Neem oil is made from the seeds and fruits of the neem trees. There numerous ways to make neem oil, cold-pressed neem oil is the most popular and most preferred one. Cold pressed neem oil gives purest and good quality virgin oil without much refining. 

Neem seeds are removed from any pulp and dried properly. Seed husks are removed and the remaining kernels are pressed to release oil. The color and odor of the oil greatly depend on the quality of the kernels. The lighter and less pungent oil means the seeds to make the oil are fresh.

Benefits for neem oil for beard

 1. Moisturizer

Neem oil moisturizes the skin underneath the beard and prevents dryness due to regular face washing or harsh climatic conditions. Shampoo and soaps can get the skin underneath the beard dry as they tend to remove the natural oils produced. Neem oil forms a layer and protects natural oils from washing away. It also makes your beard shiny and gives a healthy look.

2. Conditioning

Neem oil helps in conditioning your beard. It keeps your beard soft and manageable. Neem oil can also be used as a pre-shaving oil to smoothen your beard and make shaving an easy process.

3. Antimicrobial

Neem leaves and neem oil are known to be anti-microbial. Neem oi is used for many dermatological conditions to prevent or stop the growth of fungal or bacterial organisms.

Due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties, neem oil helps in preventing and stopping any microbial growth on your beard or skin underneath it. Any fungus or bacterial growth in the beard region might cause beard dandruff, itchiness, beard loss, etc.

4. Gets rid of beardruff

Beardruff or beard dandruff is caused due to dryness caused by weather, or chemicals and also due to Microbial growth. Neem oil due to its moisturizing and anti-microbial properties gets rid of flaky beard dandruff on your beard. It also prevents beard dandruff from occurring again. 

5. Reduces itchiness

Neem oil moisturizes and soothes kin. Thus it helps in decreasing itchiness on the bearded region caused whether by dryness, irritation, or beard dandruff.

6. Beard oil

Due to all the above-mentioned properties and their therapeutic value, neem oil is used as an essential oil in beard oils. Using beard grooming products with neem oil will help you achieve all your healthy beard goals.

Benefits of Neem Oil for Hair and Skin

Other than being an excellent ingredient for beard, neem oil also works wonders for skin and hair.

Here are some benefits of neem oil for the skin:

  • Treating acne
  • Treating hyperpigmentation
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Repair skin from the damage caused by pollution
  • Treating fungal and bacterial infection

Here are some benefits of neem oil for hair

  • Conditioning scalp
  • Reduce dandruff
  • Prevent dandruff
  • Decreases frizziness
  • Decreases grey hair
  • Treating head lice
  • Promote healthy hair growth
  • Seal hair follicles temporarily

How to use Neem Oil for a Beard?

Dilute neem oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, etc. 

Mix 12 drops of neem oil with 1 ounce of carrier oil of your choice.

Do a patch test before applying oil on your beard. Take a few drops of the prepared neem oil mixture and apply it on a small patch to the inside of your arm. Cover the patch for 24 hours with a bandage. If you see any irritation, hives, redness, etc, then wash it and avoid using neem oil. If not, it is safe to apply.

Take a few drops of neem oil mixture into your palms and spread it across your hands. Apply the oil to the skin underneath the beard first and then massage in circular motions. Apply the rest of the oil to the beard length. Use a boar bristle brush to spread the oil evenly in the beard. 

Apply neem oil mixture either 30mins- 1hr prior to your beard shampoo and routine or you can apply this mixture at night and leave it overnight.

Take Away 

Neem oil is widely known for its medical and dermatological values. Being an antifungal, anti-bacterial, and moisturizing oil, neem oil has many benefits for the beard and also for skin and hair. This article will help you to know more about neem oil, its benefits to the beard, and how to use it.