Is Amla Oil Good For Hair?

Amla for hair

Amla Oil For Hair 

Amla is also commonly known as the Indian gooseberry, it is a fruit found in India which has impeccable health benefits. Amla can also be eaten as fruit, however, it has a very sour taste and a pungent smell to it.

Most people prefer squeezing out Amla juice and adding it to their smoothies or juices. While amla has great health benefits it is also widely used in hair care. Amla fruit is enriched with a high dose of Vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants, it is one of the best ayurvedic medicines to treat health problems and hair problems all at once. 

Well, making Amla oil is not a big hassle, you can always buy it as well if you do not want to go ahead with a lot of procedures but if you are interested in doing it on your project then making Amla oil is the right way to begin.


Making Amla oil is not rocket science, let us tell you how you can make your own Amla oil at home. You need about 5-10 amla fruit. You can increase the quantity or reduce it by your own requirement. You can either dry the amla fruit for a few days in the sun or take out fresh juice by grating the fruit and then squeezing out the juice with the help of a muslin cloth. 

A lot of brands have come up with their own Amla oil. If you think making the oil at home is going to be a hassle for you then you can always go ahead and buy the oil from the market. However, make sure that you read the ingredients list before buying, it is always important to know what all is going in your products. 

After squeezing out the amla juice you can add this juice to carrier oils like coconut, olive, or sesame oil. Make sure these are also 100% original and not artificial oils. If the carrier oil is not of good quality then our amla oil will also not turn out to be as effective as we want it to be. 

If you are using dry amla then you can use a blender to make it into a thick or semi-thick consistency before you add your carrier oils into it. Mix the oils well and leave the mixture to set in overnight. 

This will help the oils to infuse and work together, you can warm up a bit of this mix and apply it on your scalp, gently massage the oil into your scalp and leave it on for 1 hour or more. Rinse it off with a natural shampoo. 


The benefits of Amla fruit are beyond and above anything you could imagine, the fruit can be used as an oil, and can be consumed for great health. You can also use Amla powder to make a hair mask. Here are some of the benefits of adding Amla fruit to your diet. 

  • Helps in lowering and controlling cholesterol levels
  • Helps in lowering and controlling blood sugar levels
  • Helps in improving brain health and function
  • Helps in reducing the effects of premature aging
  • Helps in improving vision
  • Helps in reducing the risk of cancer or any chronic diseases
  • Helps in improving and controlling blood pressure
  • Helps in improving cardiovascular health
  • Helps in reducing sinus congestion
  • Helps in improving digestion 


The research is done on Amla fruit and it is proven that amla oil can help in killing parasites and bacterial infection in the scalp. Amla oil also helps in improving the overall texture of the hair, making the hair thicker and shinier. 

Amla has antioxidants that help the hair in growing at a much faster rate, it is also very effective in keeping the parasite away from the scalp. Another popular study of 2012 found out that amla oil is a powerful inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase. It is as effective as the medication Fin. and can treat baldness. 

Benefits of Amla oil:

  •  It Will help in strengthening the scalp and hair
  • Will reduce premature greying of hair
  • Will stimulate hair growth
  • Will reduce hair loss
  • It Will help in preventing and treating dandruff
  • It will prevent the scalp from lice infections
  • It Will help in preventing and treating fungal and bacterial hair infection

While we know a lot of us do not have time to apply Amla oil or add Amla to our diets and we may miss these opportunities, you can always find an alternative to your hair problems. Here is one that has equal benefits like Amla oil. 

Minoxidil And Fin. Solution

Minoxidil and Fin. solution is one of a kind. This solution will prevent Hair fall and help in regrowth at a much faster pace. Minoxidil is a vasodilator which means it helps in widening the blood vessels and provides a better blood flow to our scalp, whereas Fin. is a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, it stops the production of male hormone that stops the growth of new hair follicles. 

Take Away 

Amla is one of the best ayurvedic medicines out there and we would like all of you to add this fruit to your diet. Consuming one amla a day is equivalent to consuming 10 apples. Amla oil is also very beneficial for massage and hair care. If you have used Amla oil in the past then do let us know how it helps you.