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A natural cycle of death and regeneration occurs in your hair. Your hair follicles create less colour as they become older.

Once you reach the age of 35, your ageing hair follicles are likely to create white or grey hair to replace the previous hair that died, even though your genetics will decide when greying begins.

Some people take pride in their silver hair as a symbol of their ageless wisdom and maturity, while the majority of people would rather have their grey hair never emerge.

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How to stop grey hair naturally?

If you're concerned that you've seen a few grey hairs, you may alter your way of life to prolong the longevity of your natural hair colour. Here are a few of these modifications.

Consume adequate vitamins

Vitamins that support healthy hair include

  • B vitamins, especially B-12 and biotin
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin A

Get enough minerals

Minerals like the following may be very important for hair development and repair:

  • zinc
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • selenium
  • copper

Stop smoking

Smoking, among other things, may damage and decrease hair follicles.

  • Sun protection for your hair
  • Uses a cap or scarf as a cover

Quit harming your hair

The following hair care practices may harm your hair:

  • bleaching using a brush rather than a wide-toothed comb, particularly on damp hair 
  • excessive use of a curling iron or blow dryer
  • using harsh soaps/shampoos washing too often

14 Foods that reverse grey hair

The following are the best foods that may help prevent and reverse greying of the hair:

Coconut oil 

Before going to bed every other day, give your hair and scalp a massage with coconut oil. 

As normal, wash your hair the next morning.


Consume 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger each day.


Every day, consume six ounces of fresh amla juice, and once a week, treat your hair with amla oil. 

Sesame seeds

Eat a spoonful of black sesame seeds two to three times a week to slow down and perhaps even stop the greying process.


Use pure ghee to massage your scalp and hair twice a week.


Apply fresh amaranth juice to your hair three times each week.


To get the juice from an onion, first, process it in a blender and then drain the mixture. Rub this juice into your scalp twice each week, let it sit for 30 minutes, and then shower as normal.

Orange juice 

Every day, consume 8 ounces of carrot juice.


Consume foods high in the catalase enzyme, such as garlic and cabbage.

  • garlic
  • cabbage
  • sweet potato
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • almonds

Curry leaves 

  • Mix 1/4 cup curry leaves with 1/2 cup yoghurt to make a paste. 
  • After applying it to your hair and scalp, wash it off 30 minutes later. 
  • Recur every two to three days.


With meals, take an ashwagandha supplement. 

Almond oil

  • Lemon juice, amla juice, and almond oil should all be combined in equal amounts. 
  • You should rub the concoction into your scalp and tresses.
  • For three months, repeat this workout twice daily.


  • Dried rosemary should occupy one-third of an 8-ounce jar, which should then be filled with extra virgin olive oil. 
  • Shake the jar every few days while leaving it in a sunny location for four to six weeks. 
  • You may use it as a hair oil after six weeks.

Blackstrap molasses 

Eat a spoonful of blackstrap molasses (made from sugarcane juice, not beet sugar) every other day; it's said to stop the greying process.

7 Vitamins for grey hair reversal

Add these vitamins and minerals to your diet to delay the onset of grey hair:

Vitamin D

In addition to maintaining healthy bones, vitamin D is also crucial for healthy hair. Vitamin D insufficiency has been linked in studies to early greying. The formation of melanin in hair follicles is influenced by vitamin D. Therefore, to battle vitamin D insufficiency, take foods like eggs, mushrooms, fatty fish, meat, and dairy products. Additionally, you may take vitamin D pills.

B12 vitamin

Premature greying is most often caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency. Homocysteine buildup causes the body to produce hydrogen peroxide, which bleaches the hair and makes it grey. Supplementing with vitamin B12 lowers homocysteine levels and delays hair ageing.

Folic Acid

Vitamin B9, or folate, is often used to promote hair development and is essential for preserving hair pigmentation. Grey hair and changes in nail and skin pigmentation are caused by a diet low in folic acid. Eat foods high in folic acids, such as kale, beans, green peas, leafy greens, citrus fruits, eggs, and chicken.


Calcium is a crucial element for preserving the health of your bones and hair. Premature greying may be avoided by consuming calcium-rich foods such as leafy greens, kale, milk, salmon, walnuts, cabbage, and fortified cereals.


Hair loss and early greying may be caused by low iron levels in the body. Consume foods like kale, eggs, spinach, red peppers, and peaches to reduce the deficit. Additionally, vitamin C-rich meals facilitate increased iron absorption.

B5 vitamin

According to anecdotal data, pantothenic acid, often known as vitamin B5, helps stop premature greying of the hair. Foods including leafy greens, mushrooms, yoghurt, nutritious grains, eggs, beans, salmon, liver, and cattle are good sources of vitamin B5.


Premature greying and melanin synthesis may be influenced by zinc. Consuming foods like red meat, seafood, beans, healthy grains, pumpkin seeds, and beef may help prevent grey hair and treat zinc deficiency.

Can biotin reverse grey hair?

Yes, Hair prematurely becoming grey may be reversed with biotin. Many advantages of biotin exist. It promotes hair development, addresses conditions linked to hair loss, thickens, and strengthens hair. help stop hair from becoming grey too soon.

Animal items including liver, egg yolks, salmon, and cheese are rich sources of biotin. Leafy greens, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, yeast, mushrooms, and almonds are examples of vegan and vegetarian supplies.

To prevent hair from greying, we recommend some products from Mars:

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  1. Apply 2-3ml of hair growth oil to the scalp.
  2. Spend around 5 minutes massaging calmly with your fingers.
  3. Use our derma roller twice a week with hair oil for best results.

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Take Away

Greying hair is a typical concern for most ageing individuals, and it is no longer an unusual occurrence for people all over the globe, particularly for those who are becoming grey at a much earlier age.

Regular usage of natural treatments may postpone the greying process, but everyone's hair ultimately loses its original colour owing to the natural ageing process. So it is ultimately up to the individual whether they are content with grey hair or choose to experiment with grey hair treatments.


1. What should I eat to stop white hair?

Anyone who develops white hair due to a vitamin deficit should eat more meals rich in those vitamins. Vitamin B-12 is abundant in seafood, eggs, and meats; vitamin D-rich foods include milk, salmon, and cheese.

2. Can Diet stop grey hair?

Yes, Certain superfoods may help prevent premature hair greying.

3. What food has vitamin B-12?

  1. meat.
  2. fish.
  3. milk.
  4. cheese.
  5. eggs.
  6. some fortified breakfast cereals.


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