How to Protect Your Hair From Chlorine Water Damage?
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How to Protect Your Hair From Chlorine Water Damage?

Hair fall

Chlorine Water

Chlorine is often found in pools so if you are someone who likes to take a dip every now and then, keep reading to know how you can protect your hair from chlorine water damage. 

Chlorine can damage your hair which can also lead to hair fall, here are some other things that chlorine might do to your hair. 

  • Chlorine can strip off the natural oils, leaving your hair dry and brittle.
  • Regular exposure to chlorine water can make your hair porous.
  • Chlorine can also change the color of your hair overtime
  • It can also weaken your hair strands, resulting in split ends.

We always believe that prevention is better than cure so today we will be talking about some ways in which you can prevent your hair from being damaged due to chlorine water. 

How To Prevent Chlorine Water From Damaging Your Hair?

After talking about this issue in brief now let us get into the details of how you can prevent damaged hair due to chlorine water. 

  • Subsequent to swimming in a pool, wash your hair promptly to eliminate any chlorine follows from your hair. Washing with typical water will forestall the development of chlorine, salt, or different metals. 
  • Keep your hair's length short or trim your hair at regular intervals. Ordinary trims can assist with forestalling extra harm and keep your hair solid. 
  • Apply a liberal measure of coconut oil on your hair before you get in the pool. The coconut oil fills in as an obstruction and won't permit the chlorine to sit on your hair. 
  • Tie your hair in a bun, hitch, or a twist to stay away from absorbing your hair from the water, particularly when you're in a pool or the ocean. Attempt to keep your head out of the water however much as could be expected. 
  • Probably the most ideal way of shielding your hair from chlorine is to wash your hair with clean faucet water prior to entering the pool. At the point when your hair is wet and immersed with clean water, it will ingest less chlorine water. 
  • If you swim consistently in chlorinated water, consider wearing a silicone swimming cap. It will keep your hair from getting wet and shield it from chlorine water. 
  • While shampooing helps eliminate chlorine stores from your hair, renew your hair's normal dampness that chlorine has ripped off. Utilize a protein-rich conditioner after each wash to feed your dry hair. 
  • Wet hair is typically tangled, and energetically brushing can harm it. Utilize a delicate wide-toothed brush to detangle your wet hair.

How Can You Treat Chlorine Damaged Hair?

Above we talked about the ways in which you can prevent your hair from chlorine water but now let us get into the ways by which you can treat chlorine damaged hair. 

  • Utilize a hair clarifier while washing your hair. A hair clarifier eliminates any unforgiving synthetic compounds from your hair. You can either go for an explaining cleanser or make a clarifier at home utilizing baking pop and apple juice vinegar. 
  • Chlorine doesn't simply dry your hair out, yet it might likewise influence your scalp. It is crucial to check for your scalp wellbeing. Is it excessively dry or flaky? Address your PCP to see how you can treat your harmed scalp. 
  • For seriously chlorine harmed hair, you want a profound condition somewhere around two times each week. On the other hand, you can utilize coconut oil to recharge lost dampness. Back rub your hair delicately with tepid coconut oil to work on your hair and scalp wellbeing. Leave it on for quite a while and afterward cleanser. 
  • Fixing harmed hair might take a great deal of time. You really want to have a great deal of tolerance and follow a sound haircare routine to see improvement.

Take Away 

Chlorine water can severely affect your hair texture and can damage them and strip off the natural oils. We suggest you take care of your hair if you love to swim, we hope the tips we mentioned above will be beneficial for you. If you have already damaged your hair in chlorine water then take a break from swimming until your hair gets back its original texture.