Biotin for Beard Growth

How much Biotin is Good for Beard Growth?

Growing a beard might not be as easy as it seems, people dedicate their time and effort to grow the beard they desire. It is not easy to take care of a beard as it requires a lot of attention just like growing your hair does. 

Many people are not able to grow their desired beard which could be due to their genetics. Genes play a major in hair and beard growth. Even if you are able to grow a beard many times you do not take care of it which may cause beard hair fall or you can also end up damaging hair follicles. 

Today we will be talking about Biotin which has proven benefits for scalp hair and helps in speedy growth, let us see if it is as effective for beard growth too. 

Many companies have started making products that contain a rich amount of Biotin for people who want to grow their beard and we are glad to say that the response of these products has been phenomenal. Now, let us know more about Biotin. 

What is Biotin and its Benefits?

Biotin is also popularly known as the B7 Vitamin. It plays a major role in our body as it helps in the metabolism of protein, carbs and fats. Our body can not synthesize this Vitamin meaning that our body can not produce this Vitamin and we do need to consume Biotin each day in a rich quantity to keep our body’s metabolic activities in check. 

Biotin also plays a major role in the production of Keratin which is a type of protein found in our hair, nails and skin. Biotin also helps in producing cell energy which is essential for us to function. 

Now that we know Biotin is essential for our body and mainly for the Hair, skin and nails, it is also essential for beard growth. 

Natural Ways to Obtain Biotin

Our body produces a very small amount of Biotin which is not enough for our everyday functioning, hence it is important to consume more items that are natural sources of Biotin. 

Here are some of the products that contain Biotin. 

1. Eggs 

Eggs contain a rich amount of protein and the egg yolk is known to be a rich source of Biotin. You can either boil eggs and consume them or make a dish out of it. Eggs are versatile and can be used in multiple ways. You can also apply eggs to your scalp and it will work as an excellent mask. 

2. Nuts and Seeds 

Nuts and seeds are a good source of fiber, unsaturated fat, and protein. Not only that, they also contain a rich amount of Biotin. You can consume Sunflower seeds, flax seeds, Almonds, walnuts, chia seeds to get the vital amount of Biotin in your body. You can also add them to your salads, smoothies or eat them lightly roasted. 

3. Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of Vitamins, minerals, fiber and they are best known to contain Biotin. You can roast them or boil them and add them to your everyday diet to get the most of them.

4. Bananas 

Bananas are a rich source of potassium and contain nearly all micronutrients required to maintain a healthy body. Bananas are also rich in Biotin and you must consume at least one banana each day to maintain a healthy amount of Biotin in your body. 

5. Broccoli

A green vegetable is a must that needs to be added to your diet, broccoli is rich in calcium, fiber, Vitamins and also contains a healthy amount of Biotin. There are multiple ways to consume broccoli and it should be added to your diet. You can cook it in any way you like or eat it raw with dips and hummus. 

How Does Biotin Promotes Beard Growth?

Biotin helps in the production of Keratin which is a source of protein for the Hair, it works equally well on beard and scalp hair. While beard growth is relatively a new concept for people it has shown great effects to the ones struggling to grow a beard. 

The research on beard growth solutions is limited but Biotin supplements have shown a great difference in the thickness of beard and has also improved beard growth. 

Biotin supplements are safe to use for scalp and beard hair but we are still to gather more information on their sustainability. If you want a slow but sustainable beard growth then you can rely on the natural products that contain Biotin. Increasing an intake of them will directly increase the Biotin levels in your body. 

However, if you are someone who needs quick results and can not wait too long for the natural products to work then you can check out our Biotin tablets that are specially made for beard growth. 

Biotin Tablets for Beard Growth 

Biotin is essential for beard and scalp growth. These Biotin tablets are enriched with multivitamins and they help in beard growth. They reduce beard fall and make your beard stronger & healthier than before.

Biotin tablets contain: 

  • Biotin 5000 mcg.
  • Vitamin E 20 mg.
  • Vitamin A 10 I.U.
  • Vitamin C 180 mcg.
  • Zinc 1.25 mg.

Biotin is an essential component to grow your beard as it is essential for protein synthesis, our hair is 80% made out of protein so our body requires a healthy amount of Biotin to produce beard hair. You would have to regularly consume these Biotin tablets for at least 2-3 months to see a visible difference in your beard growth. 

Take Away 

Biotin is an essential component for our body, you can choose either of the two ways to consume them, you can include a rich amount of Biotin in your diet or you can take Biotin supplements which are specially curated for beard growth. Either way we hope this article has been of help to you and has solved all your queries.