How derma roller helps in hair growth?
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How derma roller helps in hair growth?

Derma Roller

Benefits of Using Derma Roller    

Derma rollers for hair growth are different from the traditional rollers that are used for the purpose of massaging. Using a derma roller for hair growth has many benefits that are explained below.

Derma roller for hair growth is proved to be one of the best & safest ways to stimulate hair growth. Derma rollers are also used on the skin to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles.

The Derma roller is very helpful in treating the following problems:

  1. Scalp acne
  2. Hair loss
  3. Age-related hair loss
  4. Baldness
  5. Eczema
  6. Psoriasis
  7. Vitiligo
  8. Age spots
  9. Acne scarring on the face
  10. Stretch marks on the body
  11. Fine lines & wrinkles on face & body
  12. Scar removal & reduction
  13. Treating hyperpigmentation on the skin
  14. Clearing clogged pores on face & body
  15. Improving the appearance of cellulite
  16. Getting rid of acne breakouts
  17. Treating alopecia

The derma roller is a handheld personal micro-needling device. It is a handheld roller with little needles, which can pierce the skin to trigger a healing response in the body. The needles are usually in the range of 0.2mm to 1.5 mm in length. It has its origin in Asian medicine and it's been used there to treat many skin conditions for many years. The derma roller also has some awesome benefits for hair growth. Let's look at how derma roller helps in hair growth.

How Does Derma Roller Help In Hair Growth?

Mars by GHC, the most trusted Men's health and wellness brand has revived this ancient practice by providing derma roller with needles for hair growth treatment.

Derma roller helps in hair growth by increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen into the scalp. It also helps stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp which helps in stimulating the dormant hair follicles. 

Derma roller is the best hair loss treatment in India. You may be surprised to know that in ancient times, people used to roll sharp instruments over the scalp in order to stimulate hair growth.

The needles present in the derma roller stimulates your scalp effectively. It helps in increasing blood circulation in the scalp hence providing better nourishment to the roots of your hair. The derma roller helps in stimulating the oil glands in the skin which help the hairs to grow faster. It also helps in restoring the strength of your hair follicles.

The derma roller comes with 5 different sized needles that cover the whole scalp, providing proper blood circulation and nourishment to your hairs. You can roll it overhead on a daily basis or on a weekly basis. You can comfortably conduct this treatment at home under the supervision of a dermatologist.

“My hair fall problem is what drove me to research something to bring back my luscious locks. Soon, I discovered an article about Mars by GHC, the top-rated company amongst men’s grooming brands in India. I found their derma roller one of the most effective hair growth tools available in the market. It made me realize that hair growth does not have to be a tedious task”, said one of our happy customers after using Mars by GHC’s Derma Roller for Hair.

No one likes to face hair fall issues and it is a real struggle to stay confident about the quality of your hair. One of the key reasons for natural hair fall is your diet. Healthy food is the best way to keep your hair strong and thick, but it is also very important to follow good hair care routines.

“We all face issues with hair fall sometime in our lives. Some chose to lose hair and some chose to take care of their hair. The root cause of hair fall can be anything from heredity, pollution, stress, heat, environmental factors, poor diet etc. That's why it's important to look into what your lifestyle is doing to your body", said the healthcare experts of Mars by GHC.

Mars by GHC products are meant to help you get more out of your life. We are committed to working and fighting against the factors that contribute to poor health. That's why you will find products like Biotin Capsules, Hair Growth Oil, Hair Growth Vitalizer, Hair Growth Serum, Derma Rollers, Hair Thinning Solutions, Hair Growth Shampoo, etc under Mars by GHC that are formulated keeping in mind the healthy lifestyle that today's men are looking forward to.

A study suggested that there are potential benefits of microneedling for hair loss (alopecia areata) when used with a topical corticosteroid.

Mars by GHC conducted a small research wherein, 100 men were asked to use a derma roller on their scalp either twice a week or daily for a duration of 24 weeks. After 24 weeks, about 92 per cent of the men had increased hair growth with the derma roller. At the end of the study, the men also showed a 73 per cent increase in their self-perceived hair density.

Research suggests that micro-needling before minoxidil may have a synergistic effect on hair growth, boosting the results of minoxidil. For men with early-stage hair loss, applying minoxidil after micro-needling may be more effective than applying minoxidil alone.

Take Away

Derma rollers are easy to use and are extremely effective in alleviating hair growth and it has many benefits for skin as well. Derma rollers help in increasing collagen production in your skin. Collagen is responsible for making your skin healthy, supple and youthful. Derma roller for skin is also used to treat acne, scars, pigmentation and dark circles.