Know The Side Effects Of Hair Gel Before Using It Regularly & What Are The Other Alternatives?

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Grooming includes hair styling. A guy seems more presentable and attractive with well-groomed hair. Probably for this reason, young men and boys practise hair styling. As a result, hair gel has emerged as a crucial component of a man's haircare routine. A hair gel can hold your hair in its current position and style for many hours.  

Natural hair gels have been used by mankind since the Greco-Roman and ancient Egyptian eras, according to historical studies. The first non-sticky hair gel was developed in the 1960s by American Luis Montoya. He branded it DEP, an acronym for the key ingredient diethyl phthalate. Normal gels are mostly composed of cationic polymers, which contain positive charges and give the gel its rigidity. Because of this, the gel may easily stick to the hair shaft, move with the hair, and stay there for a long period. 

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Hair gels were developed as a solution since combing hair often is a chore. Without a doubt, they are efficient, but are they secure? Are hair gel's side effects harmful? Hair gels include chemicals that are bad for the health of your hair, therefore using them often is damaging. Many men are still ignorant of the negative effects of hair styling products, which may include dandruff, hair loss, and, in the worst instance, baldness. 

Some side effects of using hair gel are:

  1. Trigger Hair fall
  2. Dehydrate your hair shafts and scalp
  3. Causes flaking and dandruff
  4. Speedup Hair Graying and Discoloration

Does hair gel damage hair?

Yes. With ingredients like alcohol and propylene glycol (PG), which dry out the hair shaft by breaking down the hair proteins and causing cellular damage, making it more prone to breakage and possibly becoming frizzy and unmanageable, as well as contributing to hair loss, the majority of styling hair gels contain harmful chemicals that are bad for the health of the hair.

Can hair gel cause hair loss?

Yes. Hair gel use may result in hair loss, however, this is often due to misuse or excessive use. Use hair gel sparingly and wash your hair often to prevent hair loss. Only use hair gel when it's really necessary, and try to sometimes take a vacation from shaping your hair.

6 Healthy alternatives to hair gel

Certainly, hair gel has its uses. A decent gel may do a great job of keeping hair in place. However, your hair starts to seem crispy, which may sometimes be a nice thing.

We have options for men seeking hair gel alternatives:

Hair Cream:

It is advisable to use hair cream as a better alternative after using a more reliable substitute. Additionally, they may aid in defending hair from heat damage brought on by blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons.

Hair spray:

Hair damage from humidity and wind may be avoided by using hairspray. They do include chemicals, though, which increase certain people's sensitivity to them.

Coconut oil:

Grab a pot of coconut oil if you're looking for natural alternatives to hair gel. Many people may not be aware that coconut oil, which is used for so many different things in the cosmetic industry, has style abilities that might perhaps take the place of gel in your regular regimen.

When used immediately after a shower, coconut oil is one of the best natural alternatives to hair gel for hairstyles. It will aid in maintaining your hair's tidy, glossy appearance and reduce frizz throughout the day.

Aloe vera gel:

This not only works well as a sunburn remedy, but it also ranks as one of the best natural hair gel substitutes. One of the greatest products for holding styles is aloe vera gel. It hydrates hair and the scalp and even nourishes hair to make it stronger, shinier, and more robust overall.

Hair serum:

Hair serum is similar to hair cream in that it is a finishing treatment that protects the hair. They are usually silicone-based and, depending on the product, protect against several causes such as UV damage, dust, filth, and others.

Gelatin Hair mask:

For those who prefer not to have chemicals in their hair, using gelatin instead of hair gel has lately grown in popularity. Because the proteins in gelatin may repair damaged regions, smooth out hair cuticles, lessen breakage, and even make the hair shine and gloss, it is a healthy option.

Products that recover your damaged hair

Top pick by Mars that recovers your damaged hair:

1. Hair Vitalizer with 3% Redensyl

Mars by GHC Hair Vitalizer helps you regain your hair from breakage or inflammation and thanks to the active ingredients Saw Palmetto and Redensyl, you will notice less hair loss. Fully formulated with natural & highly potent ingredients that stimulate hair growth, this hair vitalizer gives you thicker and fuller hair.

Redensyl in this hair vitalizer is a natural, plant-based compound with a safe and effective formula, which helps improve the quality of hair by reducing greasiness and dandruff.

The hair vitalizer acts as an anti-inflammatory agent which helps to reduce dandruff, itchy scalp and other scalp-related problems. It also helps to promote hair growth as it contains biotin which is responsible for the healthy growth of hair.

2. Hair Oil with Onion & Bhringraj Extracts

Mars by GHC Hair Growth Oil is a unique blend of essential oils that are made up of a non-sticky formulation. It is fortified with all-natural herb extracts without harmful chemicals to enhance blood circulation close to the scalp, thereby producing more blood cells in the scalp.

Take Away 

Hair gels undoubtedly make styling your hair easier, but it's crucial to be aware of the potential harm they might do to your hair. Hair gels may impact normal sebum production as well as dry out and dehydrate your hair. Your hair may become unruly and frizzy as a result. They may also cause significant hair loss and breaking of the hair.


1. What happens if we use hair gel daily?

If used daily, Hair gels may impact normal sebum production as well as dry out and dehydrate your hair. Your hair may become unruly and frizzy as a result. They may also cause significant hair loss and breaking of the hair.

2. Can gel stop hair regrowth?

Yes. Your hair may stop growing if you use hair gel excessively.

3. Is it OK to use the gel once a week?

Yes. Continuous usage of hair gel is disastrous, and if you want a hairy head, you should avoid applying hair gels too often. Once in a while is OK since it does not affect sebum production. Not only that, but a lack of moisture and a dry scalp may also lead to scalp infections.


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