Benefits of using hair growth serum

Hair growth serum

Hair growth serum 

Hair growth Serum is a silicon-based hair care product that is applied to the hair to soften and shine it. Hair serum produces a protective layer on your hair and aids in the management of dry, frizzy hair. Hair serums, unlike oils, do not penetrate the hair shaft and instead stay on the surface of your hair, providing a thin protective film. Hair serums with silicon in them help to strengthen and shine your hair.

Benefits of hair serum:

Hair serum serves to enhance the volume of hair and makes it lustrous, similar to how a facial serum adds shine to your face by providing nourishment and moisturization to the skin. It can be thought of as a hair growth serum that aids in the treatment of serious hair issues. Let's take a closer look at hair serums and gain a better grasp of their applications:

1. Protects against sun damage

Sun’s UV rays tend to damage the hair to a large extent. Hair Serum coats your hair in a protective layer that protects it from sun damage.

2. Protects against pollution and humidity 

Using the appropriate serum can help protect your hair from dust, dirt, and humidity. This results in healthy, clean and nourished hair. Moreover, it’ll make the hair appear shiny and lustrous.

3. Tames frizzy hair

Using a good quality serum can assist in controlling the damage to a large extent. It can make the hair soft and shiny. It reduces the frizz giving the hair an attractive appearance.

4. Promotes hair growth

Hair growth serums soften the strands by hydrating and nourishing them, which helps to prevent hair loss. This increases hair volume and encourages hair renewal.

5. Helps in restoring hair’s natural oils

Overuse of style equipment and hair coloring treatments can cause strand damage, resulting in hair that appears dry and dull. By replenishing lost moisture, an excellent hair serum can revive lifeless and drab hair.

How to use hair serums:

If your favorite shampoos and conditioners aren't giving you the results you want, try rubbing a few drops of hair serum into your moist hair and seeing what happens. If you color your hair frequently and use hair style equipment frequently, your hair will lose its natural moisture and become dull, dry, and frizzy. If you're having a horrible hair day, this serum will come to your rescue. To get the most out of your hair serum, make sure it's clean and cleansed before using it. Every day, your hair needs to deal with pollution, filth, and humidity, among other things. A decent hair serum, on the other hand, can be a lifesaver because it functions as a speedy repair for damaged hair. It instantly revitalizes your dull, damaged, and frizzy hair. 

Because hair serum, hair oil, hair mousse, and hair spray serve distinct objectives, their chemical compositions differ, and their application on hair differs as well. A variety of hair care products, including shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum, are manufactured by many of the main brands. Select a shampoo and conditioner that works well with your hair serum.

  1. Hair serums must be applied to damp hair that has been completely washed and cleaned.
  2. Take a few drops of hair serum on your palm and equally distribute the serum on your palm, depending on the length and density of your hair.
  3. Apply the serum from the tip of your hair to the root. Because hair serum is effective at preventing split ends, start applying it at the tip of your hair and work your way up with your fingertips. You will not get the intended result if you apply the serum from the roots.
  4. To make your hair look smooth, shining, and bouncy, make sure you apply the serum evenly to your hair and comb it as usual.
  5. Alternatively, you can apply hair serum directly to dry hair to tame your tresses and flyaways while also making your hair more manageable and lustrous.

Do’s and don’ts of hair serums:

Hair growth serums are available for dry, oily, curly, and chemically treated hair. Depending on the type of hair you have, choose your serum carefully. It's not enough to find the perfect product for your hair. There are a few dos and don'ts to remember in order to achieve the best results.


  • Only apply serums on washed and clean hair
  • While  applying hair serum, make sure you do not start from the roots since it can cause your scalp to get more dry.


  • Never ever apply a hair serum on wet and dripping hair
  • Make sure you do not overuse the serum, otherwise, the serum can lose its properties. Use just 2-3 drops of serum for maximum results.

Hair serum for men vs women:

Hair serums designed exclusively for males are available on the market. Men with thin hair might use a serum to make their hair appear fuller and denser. Long-haired men are more prone to dry, frizzy hair. This is where hair serum comes in, as the serum's Amino Acids, Ceramides, and Biotin aid to add shine and improve hair texture. For both genders, the application procedure is the same. Apart from the smell, the majority of the characteristics and components are the same for men and women. Men want a more manly scent, while women prefer a more subtle and soft scent.

Take Away 

Each of us has different hair types, and we all have distinct hair problems. But don't be discouraged; there are a variety of serums on the market to meet a variety of hair care requirements. Each hair type necessitates a unique approach. Serums are used for various purposes such as dry hair, frizzy hair etc. 

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