Uses and benefits of coffee face scrub

Uses and benefits of coffee face scrub

Coffee face scrub

Raw, fresh, and organic coffee powder is a simple, easy, and pocket-friendly yet highly effective way to exfoliate your skin and reap the amazing skincare benefits that make your skin glow with natural health.

Regular and effective use of a coffee scrub helps you in removing dead skin cells, brightening and adding shine to your skin as well as reducing cellulite, and these all benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. There are multiple benefits that you can gain from regular use of the coffee scrubs from removing dead skin cells to adding a radiant glow to your facial skin. In this article, we will guide you on everything that a coffee scrub provides you, how you prepare it at the ease of your home, and other things in detail.

Coffee scrub for face benefits

Yes, a coffee scrub is the best thing that you can bless your facial skin with as the coffee scrub contains caffeine and other vital ingredients that are essential for a radiant glow.

In fact, many skin health experts found in their research that caffeic acid, an antio-xidant that is found in coffee, may help to increase the collagen production in your body, which may help you to reduce the signs of skin ageing in a very effective manner.

Also, certain research papers have been written that found that there is a strong correlation between the drinking of coffee and in parallel reduced photoaging effects on your skin which in this case, are defined as wrinkles and pigmented spots.

As we have thoroughly mentioned above, most of the coffee-related research focuses on either drinking a cup full of coffee or using various available cosmetic products in the market that contain caffeine in them, which can be the coffee scrubs themselves. So it is very easy to generalize the results of these various studies to using coffee scrubs specifically.

However, there are multiple benefits one can reap from using the coffee scrub on your face regularly with gentle care.

And, like other different kinds of exfoliation available in the market, the coffee scrub can also offer you with:-

  1. Coffee scrub helps in sloughing down the dead skin cells of your skin so that the radiant skin flourishes all over again.
  2. Coffee scrubs also help in unclogging your skin pores that have been clogged due to dirt or excess sebum.
  3. Coffee scrub also promotes a brighter skin tone just by removing any impurities that have piled up over your glowy skin.
  4. Coffee scrubs also help temporarily reduce the effects of cellulite on your skin as they can damage your skin gradually.

How to make a coffee scrub for face at home?

 As we know by now, a coffee scrub can help you in providing a radiant skin tone by scrubbing off the piled-up impurities over your facial skin. This effective coffee scrub can be made at the ease of your home by following the underwritten method-

  • Coffee. You cannot have a coffee scrub without the use of coffee! This coffee scrub also serves as a great antio-xidant that can help you get a good skin tone.

 We can also use certain other effect give ingredients in coffee to make a great scrub altogether, which are

  • Oil. Skin experts recommend coconut oil as a great moisturizer because it does not contain any skin-rashing or irritating chemicals. So the best oil that you can prefer here is jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil.
  • Rolled oats. These rolled oats can help you in reducing the inflammation that occurs on your skin and make your skin healthy again.
  • Vanilla extract. You can use this vanilla extract to cover up any coffee scent that can prevail due to coffee as the main ingredient. So if you’re not a fan of coffee scent or for any other reason you can use the vanilla extract as an ingredient here due to its relaxing aroma.
  • Salt or sugar. These are both the ingredients you can alternatively use here to serve as the actual exfoliants or to increase the exfoliating power of our coffee scrub to provide your skin with the best exfoliating touch to make it glow naturally.

The instructions for making this  recipe of coffee scrub below are very easy

  1. Simply combine all of these ingredients well together until you reach your desired thickness of the paste to be applied on your face.
  2. Then, gently scrub this paste onto your face or even onto your body at the desired thickness
  3. Now after massaging let the paste be on your skin for 5-10 minutes to get it absorbed into your skin.
  4. Then rinse off this paste with normal water to get soft, radiant, and shiny skin.

How to use a coffee scrub?

There are many benefits that a coffee scrub can provide your skin with to get a shiny and glowy touch.

There are certain steps involved in using the coffee scrub which are

Step 1

Scoop down a spoonful of Coffee facial scrub into a bowl and pour down some water to it to get the desired thickness of the paste.

Then apply this paste on your wet facial skin or to your body.

Step 2

Gently scrub this paste in a circular manner to exfoliate deep down your skin and polish your skin with the nutrients of this coffee scrub.

Step 3

The focus must be on areas like around your eyes, around your nose on the upper lip and in the case of your body, it should be the elbows, neck, knees, underarms & feet.

Step 4

Now after a gentle massage rinse this paste with lukewarm water and let it dry. Then you will get yourself radiant, shiny, and naturally beautiful skin.

Is coffee scrub good for the face?

Yes, a coffee scrub makes for an excellent option to scrub your skin that can be used for both your face and your body. There are multiple nourishing benefits that you can reap with regular use of the coffee scrub due to its great exfoliating power to cleanse down your skin quite deeply. 

It also helps in clearing the clogged pores of your skin due to the oiling up of dirt and excess sebum, sloughing down the dead skin cells, as well as it also helps in reducing or eliminating the post-acne inflammation on your skin which finally gives you a radiant and healthy looking skin. But also it must be ensured that when using ground coffee on your facial skin, it must be finely ground powder and not too coarse in texture, as it could prove too harsh for your delicate facial skin which can damage it deep down.

Coffee scrub vs charcoal scrub

Charcoal scrub is not at all meant to be used as a full body or even the racial exfoliates that are not generally meant for. A basic coffee scrub is a much more suitable option if that is the main goal of what you are planning on using it specifically for. 

However, if you suffer from dryness of your skin, then activated charcoal scrub is the best option you should try as the activated charcoal scrub helps in retaining the lost moisture.

Activated Charcoal scrub is often used in poultices for mosquito bites, bee stings, and even other bug bites. The activated charcoal hence helps to soothe the skin itchiness or redness problem, as it absorbs many gases, chemicals, and harmful toxins.

While the coffee scrub is quite hard in its exfoliating power so it must be massaged gently and used once a fortnight, so coffee scrub is the hero product that detoxes your skin, exfoliates it deeply, and leaves your face with a gentle all-over natural shimmer.

The bottom line

As we know that coffee is a multipurpose product that we can have naturally which can potentially offer a variety of skincare benefits in the form of coffee scrub. Still, it is always advisable to follow up with any experienced dermatologist if you are not having the desired results even after several weeks of its application.

Be sure to give your skin any new skin treatment for at least a few days or weeks before moving on to any other scrubbing treatment, whether it’s coffee-based or of some other ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I use a coffee scrub daily?

Coffee happens to be a great and excellent skin exfoliator, and it can significantly promote the required blood flow to your skin. This, in turn, is helpful in decreasing the acne breakout and reducing the cellulite effects. Coffee face scrub also reduces visible stretch marks and has many other skin benefits, such as removing piled-up impurities and reducing the number of dead cells.

2. Is coffee scrub good for oily acne-prone skin?

Scrubbing your face with a coffee scrub can help you to clear down the dead skin cells and unclog your skin pores. The chlorogenic acids present in a coffee scrub may also be helpful in reducing skin inflammation and protecting against the strains of some bacteria.

3. Can we use Nescafe coffee on the face?

Nescafe instant coffee is in the finely powdered form, so you can use it by adding a couple of drops of water to it to turn it into a face mask. Gently apply it directly to your facial skin. The antio-xidants present in it is absorbed deep into your skin, giving it more elasticity and helping in fighting the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines.


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