Benefits of charcoal mask
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Benefits of charcoal mask

Benefits of charcoal mask

Activated Charcoal 

When you look in the mirror, there are a lot of aspects of your body that you may not like. From your skin colour to uneven skin tone to acne marks, you may feel like there is a lot of work to do to make yourself look better.

Activated charcoal is an ingredient that is gaining popularity recently due to its numerous health and skin benefits. Activated charcoal is basically coal that has been subjected to high temperatures in the absence of air, with the purpose of making it highly porous. This process makes it virtually “bulletproof” in nature, due to the fact that it is so dense and strong. 

Technically speaking, activated charcoal is extremely porous and therefore has a very high surface area. The process of “activating” the charcoal at high temperatures also allows for its adsorptive qualities to be maximized.

The beauty benefits of activated charcoal are numerous and wide-ranging, making it one of the most popular natural remedies in existence today. It can be used to cure a number of ailments, including skin issues, diseases, food poisoning, gastrointestinal problems, etc. Activated charcoal is also used to remedy some forms of poisoning or drug overdoses.

To avail the benefits of charcoal for your skin, you can use a charcoal mask. A charcoal mask for skin is known for eliminating excess sebum and blackheads while unclogging the pores and preventing acne. It is even effective in treating the signs of ageing.

Activated Charcoal Uses & Benefits for Skin

There are various uses of activated charcoal that make it highly popular. It is made using a low heat process that helps to trap the good part of the ingredients to enable a smooth application. The use of this ingredient also helps to improve skin texture. 

A charcoal mask can be used for various purposes. Some of the benefits of a charcoal mask are facial cleansing, removal of impurities, root absorption, hydration of skin, tighten skin elasticity, restores water level in the skin, tightens enlarged pores, pulls out dead skin cells, enhances skin tone, evens skin tone, reduces oily skin and acne.

Charcoal masks and mud masks are very effective at clearing acne scars, deep clogged pores, excess oil production on the face, blackheads, whiteheads, fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used to treat acne-prone skin by preventing the formation of acne.

  1. Detoxifying Properties

The charcoal mask is made with all-natural ingredients which are essential for healthy skin. The mask is capable of deep cleansing the pores of the skin without causing any harm to it. The charcoal mask also contains natural ingredients that are known for their detoxing properties which makes it great for people looking to remove toxins from their skin. The mask can also be used as an exfoliant making it great for dry skin.

  1. Effective Cleanser

Activated charcoal is a powerful ingredient that is known to have a very high level of adsorption which also makes it a good scrubbing agent. It is a black, odourless powder that is a product of burning wood specially treated with oxygen gas.

As you know, charcoal has always been used to reduce the toxicity of water, purify it and eliminate impurities, making it an excellent cleansing agent. It is also able to absorb toxins and excess fat while leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

  1. Sebum Regulator

Activated charcoal, just as it sounds, is charcoal that has been "activated" by extremely high heat which gives it a much higher surface area that allows it to remove toxins from your skin.

A study suggested that charcoal can actually help you in getting rid of toxins and impurities from your skin. A charcoal mask can regulate the production of sebum by cleaning the pores and removing dead skin cells. This ultimately helps in achieving a healthy glow.

DIY Charcoal Mask

This DIY activated charcoal mask is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

The recipe requires very few ingredients and will deliver you an amazing DIY activated charcoal mask to be used 2-3 times per week.

Step1: Mix water and an essential oil like tea tree oil or lavender oil in a bowl.

Step2: Add bentonite clay to the mixture and allow it to absorb for a few minutes.

Step3: Add activated charcoal powder and raw honey to the bowl and mix all the ingredients together.

Before applying the mask, cleanse your face to remove dirt, oil and makeup. This will help the ingredients in the mask to penetrate your skin easily without having to deal with the extra impurities.

Once you are done with your cleansing, use your fingertips to spread the mask evenly and smoothly over your face. Gently massage it into your skin and avoid applying the mixture near your eyes and mouth.

Allow the mask to dry for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. Dry your face and then apply your regular moisturizer.

Take Away

Activated charcoal, a very common ingredient used in many beauty products today, can also be used to reduce acne and other skin issues. 

Activated charcoal is not a miracle worker and will take some time to show visible results – however – after a month of continued use – the skin should be noticeably clearer and feel lighter. We have seen results in as little as 2 weeks with some clients who wanted an easy skin detox remedy.