Beard growth

Can you use hair serum on your beard?


Beard is the only facial hair in men. It is one of the qualifications for a manly look. Due to the hair rooting in soft skin unlike how the hair on the head scalp, there are sensitive conditions that develop with the growth of beard hair. There is an enormous number of beard problems that need to be taken care of. Otherwise, the beard damage is intense, sometimes leading to severe diseases like skin cancer, too.

Hair serum

Hair serum is any semi or fully-fluid substance with a blend of nutrient-rich oils which could be natural or chemical that is best suited for hair and scalp type.

The hair serum has various benefits for health, health, and hair growth that could detangle the hair, shine the hair, control the frizz and protect against all other damages like dandruff and dirt.

The benefit of using hair serum is all dependent on the formula it is made on. Most hair serums are silicone as a basic and mandatory ingredient.

The hair serum is widely known for hair straightening and curling techniques and tools.

Can hair serum be used for beard growth?

The answer is yes, the hair serum can be applied on the beard. The hair follicles grown anywhere on the body would listen to the nutrition of hair serum.

The practical application would advise something different for a beard is hair growth on facial skin which is soft and delicate compared to that of the head scalp.

Also, there are direct beard serums available in the market that could nourish beard growth and facial skin texture.

However, we will discuss how could hair serum also help to grow and maintain a beard.

The beard hair needs the same thing as the hair growing on the scalp. The DNA of the hair growing on the scalp is the same as that of the beard hair.

The beard hair contains almost all the same qualities and faces the same kind of problems. Thus, a hair serum could be considered as a beard product, too.

For example, beard hair could also go curls at a certain length which is the same as hair growing on the head scalp. To demotivate the curling behavior of the hair grown on the beard, too, hair serum could be applied appropriately.

Let's also discuss the various benefits of hair serum that could also help beard growth and maintenance.

The firstmost problem of grown-up hair irrespective of where it grows is frizziness. Beard is one of the most affected by frizziness. Beard hair faces more frizziness than the hair growing on the head scalp. As the hair serum's first most important solvent is reducing frizziness, it could be no doubtedly used to handle beard hair.

Frizziness is nothing but dry hair due to the lack of moisture. Hair serum could be coated on the hair strands and protect them from dryness with the providence of enough moisturization.

Frizziness is not the subject of sun glare or a humid situation. Frizziness could occur more when the hair gets wet due to rain or showers. The hair dried after shower or rain results in the worst case of frizziness.

Hair serum is a solvent of certain nutrient oils that is most capable of moisturizing the hair. Moisturization is not the wetting of hair but going deep into the hair strands and making the hair particles become moisture.

Hair serum can also be applied onto a beard to protect from sun damage and other dirt collection.

Hair serum can also be used to treat beard hair curliness and straightness to the utmost. Hair serum would help the person to mold the hair however he wants.

Hair serum can also be used to bring shine to beard hair. The very nutrient behavior of the hair serum would entact well onto the hair strands.

If the head scalp is the surface of the hair growth, hair serum could benefit the follicles deep-rooted into the skin. As beard hair grows on the facial skin, one has to avoid the advantage of follicles through the appliance of hair serum.

Under the application of hair serum on the beard, there is a chance that facial skin beneath the beard hair becomes rough and tough resembling the head scalp which would completely damage the facial skin to look odd and old.

As the beard grows on the facial skin, it is suggested to take utmost care while applying hair serum on the beard. 

One must take care that the hair serum is not touching the facial skin. After all, hair serum is intended to apply onto the surface of the hair that would control the strands.

Take Away 

It is better to prefer separately available beard serum to take care of the beard hair other than going to use the same hair serum for both hair grown on the head scalp and facial skin.