Burning Sensation After Ejaculation & How To Treat It

Causes of Burning Sensation After Ejaculation


To the typical physical or biological study, the act of ejecting or suddenly throwing, fluid from a duct or other body structure is called ejaculation.

The penis is the duct or other body structure in men that would eject out a fluid called semen which is called ejaculation which is only possible on the erection of the penis. Burning after ejaculation has been an issue these days, and let’s know more about it.

Burning Sensation After Ejaculation

Sometimes, men suffer pain in the penis or the other closely connected body parts right after Ejaculation. This could be a sore or burning sensation formed at the genitals or the nearby sex-coordinating body parts.

The burning after ejaculation is the worst of a kind and does feel exactly the opposite of what the sex was expectedly done for. That is, pain in the peins is exhibited instead of pleasure. How sharp the pleasure would be, that same the burning would also be.

Causes of Burning Sensation After Ejaculation

There are various factors that would lead to suffering from burning after ejaculation.

1. Dehydration

Dehydration is the most common reason to cause burning after Ejaculation. If a man does not take enough water into the body, the body parts, tissues and muscles would fall ill to dryness. Without water content, the blood may not get a free flow to the parts. 

During sex, the blood is forced to come to the genital and get back on ejaculation. Without water content, there would be a lot of friction generated causing a burning sensation.

2. Body temperatures

There are times when the groin area is too hot and still engages in sexual intercourse. This phenomenon could result in a burning sensation after Ejaculation.

3. Wild sex

Wild sex in simple understanding can be said as animal instinct preceding human instincts during sexual intercourse.

The sex drive one possesses could abrupt the human personality which may further lead to wild behaviour during sexual intercourse.

The eagerness sustained in the desire or the urge of the sexual activity or intercourse may activate the person to unusual body speed. The anxiety compounded by the force of sexual activity may bring abnormal body movement that could lead to the excessive frequency of thrusting the genitalia into another genitalia.

The extreme nerve stimulus and impulses obtained during sexual intercourse have adverse effects on the body. The nerve stimulus in fast-paced sexual intercourse is even more soul and body burning and both sexual partners may face extreme body pains.

By that, the wilderness showcased by the thrusting force can result in burning after ejaculation hurting one and the opposite.

Why is it burning after I ejaculate?

There are other reasons that you might feel burning after ejaculation, such as:

1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STDs is an abbreviation for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The same diseases can be considered Sexually Transmitted Infections which are abbreviated as STIs. STDs or STIs are diseases or infections transmitted through sexual contact, developed by shared bacteria, viruses or parasites when the lovemakin is unprotected. A disease or an infection related to sexual transmission could be born then and there during sex between two uninfected persons who are subjected to earlier sex with other persons. In another way, the infected person may share a virus or parasite with an uninfected person during a sexual course. It is more of an uncertain infection, most STDs require a medical diagnosis.

Depending on the type of virus, bacteria or parasite, depending on the way of transmission, there are dozens of sexually transmitted diseases or infections identified in the course of health sciences. Some of them are completely curable and a few of them are deathly dangerous that cannot be cured.

A man with or without the awareness of his existing STDs could observe burning and other sensations at ejaculation.

2. Penis Fracture or Penile Fracture

It is a tear of the tunica albuginea, a protective membrane inside the penis that surrounds the erectile tissue.

Although the penis doesn’t have bones in it, the term 'penis fracture' is often used to refer to a penis injury where the lining inside becomes torn. This is often caused by rough sexual intercourse.

Sex is inserting the male sexual organ into a female sexual organ. They are just one per cent of the whole body weight or even less. Sexual intercourse involves whole body weight force being acted upon the small size organ. Even though the penis is a boneless bone and capable of bearing the whole weight, there are chances of bending it due to wrongful positions and untimely force implications. Also, the sexual organs are so warm, they generate so much heat during sex. 

If you fracture your penis, it will turn black and blue, flatten, and it may make a popping noise. This is considered a medical emergency and requires immediate attention.

The classic sign of a penile fracture is a popping sensation during sexual intercourse, making an immediate loss of erection, followed by swelling and bruising around the torn area. At the same time, it would result in a burning sensation after ejaculation.

Burning sensation after ejaculation treatment

  • If the burning sensation is observed to be internal, take enough water, and diet on fruits and vegetables rather than meat.
  • Try staying calm and cooling your nerves all the time. Avoid smoking and alcohol if there are any habits.
  • Try yoga asanas that regulate blood pressure, body temperature and body stretches.
  • Work out exercises that program good pelvic muscles.
  • Go, look out for a sexologist or urologist if the problem persists seriously and continues.
  • Take necessary medicine and surgeries to get treatment for external conditions like STDs or penis injuries.

Take Away

Burning after ejaculation can be common and it may be just due to our lifestyle habits and other times it can be harsh too, which indicates severe effects on the sexual organs and the health too. It is best recommended to consult your doctor immediately whenever you face such problems. And it is also advisable to use protection during intercourse.


1. Is burning after ejaculation normal?

It can be normal and dangerous at the same time. When you are dehydrated you can feel a burning sensation, and also if you have an infection or other health problem you can have this burning sensation.

2. Is painful ejaculation harmful?

Yes, painful ejaculation depicts serious health issues to the prostate, and kidney, and is also a reason for the formation of cysts.

3. How many times should a man release sperm in a week?

There’s no specific count for releasing sperm but it is considered frequent ejaculating causes no issues but doing it excessively can cause severe health issues.


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