Penis Pain: Causes and ways to deal with it

Penis Pain: Causes and ways to deal with it | man having pain | penis pain

What is Penis Pain? How to Deal With It?

Penis pain might influence the base, stem, or top of the penis. It can likewise influence the prepuce. A vibe of tingling, consuming, or pounding might go with the pain. Penile pain can be the aftereffect of a mishap or an ailment. It might influence men of all ages.

The pain can shift contingent upon the hidden condition or illness that is causing it. Assuming that you have a physical issue, the pain can be extreme and come on unexpectedly. Assuming you have any disease or condition, the pain might be gentle and bit by bit deteriorate.

Any sort of pain in the penis is a worry, particularly in the event that it happens during an erection, forestalls pee, or happens with the release, bruises, redness, or enlarging.

Penile pain causes

Here are some of the common causes of penis pain

Urinary Tract Infection 

  • Consuming, shivering, or stinging pain in tip of penis while peeing
  • Continually having the inclination to go to the restroom, even just after you recently went
  • It isn't totally vacant to Feel like the bladder
  • Pink/blood-touched pee
  • Shady or putrid pee

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is the point at which a microscopic organism gets into your urinary lot, which incorporates the kidneys, bladder, and urethra. On the off chance that not treated, the contamination can deteriorate and spread.

Sexually Transmitted Disease 

  • Consuming, shivering, or stinging pain while peeing
  • Release from the penis
  • Continually having the inclination to go to the restroom, even just after you recently went
  • It isn't totally vacant to Feel like the bladder
  • Pink (blood-touched) pee
  • Shady or putrid pee
  • Ulcers (open injuries) on the penis

A physically transmitted infection (STI) (otherwise called physically sent illness or STD) is a disease that spreads during sex. STIs are normally brought about by contamination from chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, or the herpes simplex infection.


  • Withdrawn foreskin
  • Painful enlarging just past the foreskin
  • the top of the penis might be blue or dark

Paraphimosis is when withdrawn prepuce in an uncircumcised man stalls out and can't get back to its not unexpected position. Frequently this occurs subsequent to having a urinary catheter, such as during an emergency clinic system. This can be significant as it can stop the bloodstream to the prepuce or top of the penis.


  • Pain while peeing
  • Peeing more much of the time than expected
  • Wanting to pee (desperation)
  • Trouble peeing
  • Pain in the pelvic region

Prostatitis is an aggravation of the prostate organ. The prostate is between the bladder and penis and makes the liquid that contains semen. Prostatitis can be unexpected or persistent.

Unexpected (intense) prostatitis is typically brought about by a bacterial disease of the prostate. Microbes can get into the prostate through a urinary plot disease (UTI) or an STD like gonorrhea or chlamydia.


  • Erection enduring something like 4 hours
  • Penile pain

The tip of the penis is delicate however the shaft is hard

Priapism is the point at which an erection endures no less than 4 hours. During an erection, the bloodstream into the penis is more noteworthy than the bloodstream out of the penis. After the erection, the bloodstream gets back to business as usual. In priapism, the erection doesn't disappear.

Penile Fracture

  • Penile pain
  • Enlarged penis
  • Swelling in the penis and crotch region
  • Hearing a snap or pop followed by loss of an erection

A penile break is otherwise called a broken penis. It can happen when there's injury or an effect on an erect penis. Despite the fact that the penis doesn't have a bone, there's a design in the penis, called the tunica albuginea, that loads up with blood during an erection.

Penile irritation 

  • Bothersome skin on the penis
  • Penile redness
  • Comparable aggravation tracked down on different pieces of the body

Irritation of the penis is normal. It tends to be from various causes, incorporating cleaning with another sort of cleanser, cleaning excessively or adequately not, or scraping.

In the event that you are not circumcised, you might have balanitis or irritation at the top of the penis. It is frequently from unfortunate prepuce cleanliness. While bothering, it ought not to be very painful. Pain could mean it's something more significant like contamination.

Treatment For Penis Pain 

At-home consideration

  • Ice packs can assist with alleviating pain in minor wounds
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers can assist with alleviating pain in minor wounds
  • Over-the-counter skin balms applied to the skin can decrease side effects of tingling and redness
  • Try not to disturb cleansers and cleansers
  • Attempt to return the prepuce to the ordinary position


Penis pain can occur due to a lot of different reasons, if you are too dealing with penis pain for a really long time now then this might be a sign of an underlying problem. Make sure that you get yourself checked by a professional, they can help you identify the reason for your penis pain and put you on the right treatment. 

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