Why don't we see Koreans with beard? Here's the truth.
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Know Here Why Do Koreans Don't Have Beards?

Beardless korean man standing confused | why koreans don't have beards

    Whether you're a fan of K-dramas, K-pop, or the internationally renowned boy band BTS, you've probably always wondered why Korean guys don't grow beards. And it must be a dream of yours to see Koreans with beard. They don't even attempt to grow a beard, do they? Or do they choose not to keep one because it is more convenient for them? If Korean men can grow beards, can it be said that it is traditional for Korean men not to grow beards? In the following essay, we will address every one of your concerns.

    Can Koreans grow beards?

    Yes, you can see Koreans with beards, they can develop facial hair just like males throughout the world. However, human body hair and its growth differ greatly from one another. It can be a result of migratory characteristics and evolutionary processes. Due to evolution, people have spread out over the globe and begun to adapt to their new environments. For instance, individuals who relocated to colder climates acquired more body hair to adapt to the chilly environment. People from hotter or more temperate climates like Koreans and East Asians grew less body hair.

    4 Reasons why don't Koreans have a beard

    You are now aware that Korean guys are capable of growing a beard, therefore why don't Koreans do so? Less than 30% of Korean males maintain beards, which is a small part of the population. Some possible explanations are as follows:

    1. Historical reasons:

    The dislike of beards among Korean males dates back to ancient times. The Koreans developed beards, based on images of old Korean monarchs. But over the centuries, it has altered. Damage to the body and its parts, especially hair, was viewed as insulting during the Joseon Era, which began in the early 14th century. So, in the deep Joseon era, Korean males sported beards.

    Koreans started acclimating to the westernized culture and appearance as soon as colonization got underway. People adopted the military style because of the administrative and sanitary reforms, and soon clean shaving became the new norm. In modern Korea, having a clean shave is a sign of cleanliness, success, intelligence, and youth. However, older individuals still choose to sport moustaches and beards today as they did in the past.

    2. Genetics and ageing:

    The pattern of beard growth is greatly influenced by genes. Korean men's hair follicles aren't very sensitive to testo. And that’s the reason Koreans with beard is a very appearance. It causes the body and face hair to grow more slowly. Age-related beard growth is also correlated. Men in Korea typically age more slowly than men in Europe. Therefore, in comparison to their European counterparts, their beards take longer to reach full growth. 

    3. Cultural reasons:

    Young Koreans view beards as messy, unclean, eccentric, and unclean, whereas a neat shave denotes intelligence, refinement, and class. The presence of a beard and moustache is regarded as a sign of wisdom among older men. Therefore, in Korean culture, it is disrespectful for young men to grow a beard in front of an older guy who is beardless. Additionally, it adds a rebellious edge to the beard. 

    4. Other factors include:

    1. Koreans with beards are thought to be either judgmental or to be going through some sort of emotional ordeal. Others may believe they are abusing medicines or alcohol and have "lost their path."
    2. Female Preference: A beard is viewed as a symbol of masculinity. However, in Korea, women view bearded men as unclean and incapable of taking care of themselves. They consider it to be a bad personality attribute.
    3. Job Culture: To look more professional, several businesses and jobs require men to shave every day. Any amount of moustache is deemed untidy and is not permitted.

    Beauty Standards of Korean men

    Korea is well-known for its rigorous beauty and skincare standards. Koreans place great emphasis on appearance. They desire skin that is smooth, poreless, blemish-free, and evenly toned. It's unnatural, yet it applies to both men and women.

    According to a survey of South Korean males, around 56% of them maintain their beards or shave at least once each day.

    The Media's Role in Koreans beard

    The Korean media was critical in cementing the concept of beardless males as a standard of attractiveness. As a consequence, male media styles, k-pop, and k-dramas popularise a clean shave in Korea.

    Clean-shaven guys are portrayed in the media as perfect boyfriends who are stable and successful. Those who have reached rock bottom, on the other hand, are shown with scratchy beards.


    We now understand why Koreans don't grow beards and there are a lot of Koreans with beards. Koreans love to be hairless, therefore they shave to maintain it clean and Koreans with beards are usually a rare thing. The concept of a regardless man has progressively crept into Korean culture, even though low testo levels cause a sparse beard, the history of Korean civilisation, or high beauty standards. A beard and facial hair are symbols of masculinity in western society. However, neglecting appearance is seen as filthy, messy, and lazy in Korea. Although there are regional differences in how people define beauty, as the proverb goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Do Korean men shave?

    Over half of the males polled in a 2022 South Korean study said they shaved or otherwise maintained their beards daily. About five times a month is how often most South Korean males shave.

    2. Why do Korean men have no beards?

    Throughout Korean history, beards have been seen negatively, which likely contributed to the current version of Korean males to fashion accessories. Ancient Korean rulers had beards, as seen in artefacts from the country's past. But it's evolved considerably throughout the years. It was considered rude to do injury to the body or any of its components, including the hair, during the Joseon Period (about the 14th century).

    3. Which country has the best beard growth?

    Germany has the best beard growth. There are more German clubs involved in the World Beard and Moustache Championships than in any other country.


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