exercise for weight loss

What are Good Exercise for Weight Loss?

We all want to lose weight and achieve our desired body type but not everyone is willing to put in the efforts and work that it takes to lose weight. Losing weight is essential if you are someone who has various health issues due to the excess weight. 

Societal set rules and guidelines of losing weight may not always be beneficial as they would suggest you starve yourself to lose weight. Dieting is an essential part of your weight loss journey but it wont work if you do not exercise to keep your body active. 

Many people follow strict diets in order to lose weight but as soon as they start eating normal routine food they gain weight again this happens when you do not work out and keep your body in movement. So, to achieve your desired weight you need to exercise on a regular basis, today we will be talking about some of the exercises that you can do to lose weight. 

Best Type of Exercise for Weight Loss

exercise for weight loss

Exercising in today’s time can be subjected to various forms, it does not mean that you have to go to the gym to exercise and follow a traditional form there are a lot of new options available for everyone who wants to workout without doing it the mundane way. 

Today we will be talking about some of these options that you can try and choose for yourself and re-discover your choices. 

1. Walking to lose extra calories

Walking has been one of the best ways to lose some extra calories. If you are a newbea then you start by walking for 30 everyday in the morning and the evening. This will help you build the stamina gradually and you can increase your time as and when you like. Walking keeps our body in movement and it can easily fit in your schedule. 

Walking everyday will help you lose weight at a much faster rate and will help you to be near nature and breath fresh air.

2. Jogging to reduce fat

exercise for weight loss

Once you are through with walking and have built a stamina you can move forward with jogging and running. Jogging helps to reduce fat and lose weight at a much faster rate. It keeps your body healthy and helps you release toxins in the form of sweat. 

You can fix your jogging schedule according to your time, you can start from 20-30 minutes and build your stamina to go for longer runs. 

3. Cycling to keep body in shape

Cycling is another great way to get back in shape. We all learn cycling as children for some who didn't have any problem as we also have indoor cycles that can be used at one place. If you do not know how to cycle then it's never too late to learn you can go on adventures with your friends cycling. This will not only be a great way to interact and be social but will also help you lose some extra weight.

It has also been found out that people that cycle regularly have a better insulin level in their body which helps them deal with heart disease. 

4. Weight training

Weight training is another amazing option for people to lose weight. If you love being dedicated to the gym then this is the way to go for you. Weight training will not only help you lose weight but it will also help you in training your muscles to be stronger. 

Weight training also helps in increasing ones metabolism which also benefits in losing weight and keeping their body healthy. If you are dedicated to yourself then nothing is impossible just be regular and keep working out.

5. Swimming to burn calories

Swimming is the perfect option for you to lose weight in the summer season. You can lose upto 233 calories with just half an hour of swimming. If you do not know how to swim then this is the perfect opportunity to go ahead and learn a new spot that will help you get back into shape. 

Swimming also makes a person more flexible, it helps in reducing body fat and helps in easing out the chances of a heart disease. 

6. Yoga to keep body and mind fit

yoga for weight loss

Can not talk enough about the benefits of Yoga for your body and mind. Yoga does not require you to go out or buy weights all you need to get is a yoga mat and you are sorted. Yoga will take time for you to lose weight but the gradual process will be worth it. 

Yoga will also help you to improve your mental and emotional space which can also be beneficial for many people who want to find peace. Yoga also helps in controlling your habit of eating unhealthy food or healing your relationship with food. 

7. Pilates  

Pilates is a new form of exercise that has taken over the millennials. Pilates is great for people who can not do hard fast exercises, pilates is light and will help you to get in shape. Pilates does not help you lose as many calories as swimming, aerobics or weight training might, but  it is great for people who are beginning their exercise journey.

Pilates can help you reduce your back pain, help you build strength, flexibility and endurance. It is a great form of exercise to choose if you just want to maintain your current weight. 

Well, exercise does not work on its own. You need to build a healthy balance with your diet. A balanced diet is required to achieve the perfect body weight, you must consume all healthy forms of carbs, fats, and protein in your meals. Eating green vegetables and fruit on a daily basis can also help you lose weight at a much faster rate. 

Take Away 

Hope you like all the forms of exercises we have mentioned, try to take up different forms each month so you can also be experimentalise and do not fall into the trap of mundane workout. This will also help you choose what you like doing and what you don't. 

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