How walking can help you lose weight?

Walking and weight loss

Walking and weight loss 

Walking is one of the great ways to lose weight. Yes! Walking, not running or lifting weights. Walking is a type of exercise called movement and it can help us stay fit and healthy. 

How Often Should We Be Walking?

The secret to walking is to get a good workout in as little time as possible. Try walking at a brisk pace for 30 minutes, 3 times per week for a month or so. This means you need to walk about 3 miles per session for 30 minutes. This will help you lose weight and stay fit and healthy.

So, don't wait until you're 60 to start walking 30 minutes every day!

Best Time to Walk for Weight Loss- Morning or Evening?

Walking is not confined to pre or post, morning or evening. Walking at any time of the day is beneficial for overall physical and mental well being. However, studies suggest that walking after having a meal has proved to be more effective for weight loss and diabetes management.

Being physically active helps fight diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. In fact, a study has shown that people who walked at least 30 minutes a day had a 50% lower risk of developing heart problems (e.g., heart attack). Apart from these, there are some other benefits of walking as well.

Walking Burns Calories

Our body needs calories to get the energy to do all the complex chemical reactions that help us to move, breathe, think and function properly.

Some studies suggest that the daily calorie intake varies from person to person because we have different weight, genes and activity levels.

We know that it is essential to burn more calories than what we consume in order to reduce weight. This is possible only when we do more physical activity like walking.

However, our monotonous lifestyle makes us spend most of our time sitting.

Lack of proper exercise can increase the risk of various health ailments. Therefore, try to get exercise by walking more often. Walking can help you get rid of extra pounds by burning more calories.

Walking a mile (1.6 km) can burn approximately 100 calories but it can vary depending on your gender, weight, genes, etc.

Walking Uphill

Walking on an elevated road can increase your metabolic rate which will ultimately help your body in burning calories

It is recommended to lean forward a bit and slow down your speed while walking uphill. This will prevent unnecessary strain on your muscles. Be consistent and slow in the process by increasing the frequency of your uphill walks. After all, as you know, slow and steady wins the race!

Walking Helps in Building Muscles

While walking is not an exercise that isolates belly fat, it is an ideal combination for weight loss because it burns calories throughout the body. Also, it helps in toning muscles and making one look fit. Walking improves metabolism and muscle tone while providing tone to the body making it fitter.

Walking Improves Mood

Walking can enhance mood as they release neurotransmitters that regulate one’s mood. These hormones are also known to promote positive feelings of calmness, balance and general wellness.

Walking Burns Belly Fat

Walking for 30 minutes daily is not only good for your health but also improves productivity.

Fuller walks provide more energy to burn fat than regular walking. It also helps in burning belly fat. The act of walking improves blood circulation and has a positive effect on our overall health. You can perform simple exercises like squats, lunges, calf raises etc along with walking to get maximum benefits from it.

Fuller walks provide more energy to burn fat than regular walking. It also helps in burning belly fat. 

Other Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is the best exercise to remain fit and healthy. But most people don't know the hidden health benefits of walking.

Walking is one of the best ways to become healthier and happier. More than just a basic health and fitness activity, walking helps in improving mood. It helps in reducing the risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stress and anxiety. It also improves balance and flexibility. 

Walking and Balanced Diet

Walking alone cannot solve the problem of obesity. Along with walking, you need to have a proper diet plan to enhance your performance during walks. 

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Take Away 

Walking is way better than any present-day exercise. Walking has got a number of benefits attached with it. When you go for a walk, your body uses it as a way to relax and rejuvenate itself. Walking also helps in releasing stress.

Walking is one of the best exercises that can help you stay fit and burn calories. The calorie-burning benefits of walking are more significant than running or cycling.

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