What is ice sex?

Ice sex

Ice sex

Do's and Don'ts of ice cube play

Take Away

 When Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey used ice cream as foreplay in Fifty Shades Freed, many were taken aback, but they may have forgotten that the duo had already experimented with ice play during sex in the original Fifty Shades film. People are fascinated by the merging of their two most preferred sensory experiences: food and fast sex, from penis donuts to grapefruit blowjobs and drowning each other in whipped cream. Is any of it, however, as entertaining as it sounds? Is ice sex sex or just... cold? 

It may be sexy, but for some, ice sex is a way of life. For many lovers, especially tactile ones and those who want [newness], temperature play is more than a novelty. You can play with ice, hot mint tea, cool water, massage oil, chilled lubricant, and other accouterments to infuse diversity and unpredictability into daily routine because your mouth maintains an average temperature of 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit while your hands likely average about 86 degrees. 

So, how does temperature come into play? It includes shocking sensitive parts of the body with cold or hot items, effectively startling them into a heightened state of arousal. Ice cubes are a convenient way to experiment with temperature (you probably have some in your freezer right now! ), making sex with ice particularly popular. You've come to the correct place if you've always wanted to try ice skating but weren't sure where to begin. Read on to learn the dos and don'ts of ice cube play, which will have you and your partner huddling for more than just warmth. 

Do's and Don'ts of ice cube play



 Our body's sensitivity to cold varies greatly, yet it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between a funshocking cold and a damaging-shocking cold. This is especially true on sensitive skin around the genitals or other erogenous zones. While temperature play can be a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom, it's crucial to be cautious and mindful of what's going on with your partner's body. 


DO: Make hot tea with ice water. 

When it comes to introducing temperature play into your oral sex regimen, we advocate taking an opposites approach. Next to your bed, have a glass of cold water and a cup of peppermint tea (or plain hot water). Begin by blowing warm and cool air over their lips and clit [or penis] without making contact. Warm air comes from a wide-open mouth, whereas cool air comes from tightly pursed lips. For your lover, alternating between warm and cool feelings can be extremely arousing. 


DON'T: Put ice in your mouth. 

When utilizing ice internally, you should always proceed with extreme caution. Ice should never be used for more than five minutes at a time. I don't encourage experimenting with homemade ice dildos or ice being inserted anally. Internal ice anal play puts you at risk of the ice harming delicate tissue if it slips out of grasp... or existing rough edges causing damage that isn't immediately felt due to the cold's natural numbing. 


DO: Use the Cold to Tease Them 

We urge that you take a sip of the cold water alongside your bed and tuck a small ice cube into your cheek while you begin licking, sucking, and kissing your lover all over. Allow the ice cube to cool your lips, tongue, and cheeks rather than immediately on their skin. Your companion will reap all of the pleasures of temperature play while avoiding the risks. 


DO NOT: Put Ice Directly On Your Genitals 

We recommend letting ice defrost slightly before applying it to sensitive places. Set it aside for five to ten minutes in a bowl or cup. Get everything heated up while the ice is melting a little for maximum feeling shift. Aside from safety, this will allow the ice to flow over the skin. Sticking ice to sensitive regions can be uncomfortable and dangerous. 


DO: Put toys in the fridge to cool off 

If you're looking for some cold penetration, putting your toy in the fridge until it's chilled to the touch is a safe alternative. Make sure it hasn't grown too cold by testing it with your fingertips, then liberally apply the lubricant. The lube can also be chilled for enhanced pleasure. 


DO NOT: confuse tingling with arousal. 

When using ice for intercourse, frostbite is a genuine danger. Although some people find the cold painful at first, discomfort is an indication of problems when it comes to ice skating. This is why it's crucial to talk about the feelings you're both having. Frostbite symptoms include pins and needles, burning, and stinging sensations. Visual clues indicate that you should stop and warm up right away. Excessive redness or even a bluish hue to the skin, albeit rare, should be avoided. Because the skin on the fingertips is also sensitive, the person using the ice should be mindful of these indicators. It's a good idea to keep a washcloth in a bowl of warm water available as a precaution. 

Take Away 

Temperature may be frightening if you've never done it before, but it's actually rather simple. It also doesn't require a dungeon's worth of expensive toys and accessories. It will also improve foreplay and introduce you to new sensations. 

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