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What Are Some Beard Styles For A Round Face?

Beard Styles For Round Face

Dealing with facial hair is extremely easy when you know how to style it. This process isn’t as easy when you start off, but once you learn the basics and have patience, you’ll find the process to be very relaxing and enjoyable. As you continue styling your beard, you’ll find that it compliments your face shape. There are many possible ways to style beards according to your taste and the occasion. If you want something stylish or just want to keep it simple, at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference.

Beard styles for a round face can do wonders for giving you an overall boost and lifelike look without overwhelming your features or making them overly prominent. If you are concerned about your appearance and want something fun and whimsical that will truly stand out, keep reading to learn some of the best round face beard styles for men that will blow your mind and face right

Most fashionable round face styles are a mix of fashion statements, and if focused correctly, can make you look younger as opposed to older. They require precise planning, especially when styling your facial hair. To ensure you are maintaining a fresh and presentable look, there are some beard styles for round beards  that are essential when styling 

Short Boxed Beard:

This is a short beard style, suiting almost everyone. The versatile beard style is described with neatly trimmed sideburns complimenting your face.

Vandyke Beard: 

It’s a type of goatee that has a detached mustache. A perfect choice for round faces as this style gives you an angular look you desired for.

Balbo Beard:

This style gives you an angular feature to your face. The beard is well trimmed and has no sideburns. Instead of sideburns, a floating mustache is present.

Bandholz Beard : 

The freestyle beard has no rules and easy to achieve. Also known as hipster beard is fully grown with a mustache. 

Goatee Beard: 

The classic beard style that goes never out of style an very easy to manage. It a small beard in the chin region with no beard on sideburns and no mustache.

Extended Goatee Beard: 

A patch of beard on the chin extended to the jawline and neck. Very popular beard style among Indian round faces.

Verdi Beard:

It’s a type of goatee that gives a structured look and has no connection with the mustache. The beard at the chin region is rounded and the mustache has distinct curled ends on either side.

Stubble Beard:

The low-maintenance beard is easy to achieve and manage.  It gives a little mature look too young faces especially the round-shaped ones as they look younger.it also called a 3day stubble beard. All you need to do is to shave and wait for 3-5 days to achieve this hassle-free, effortless look.

Chin Strip Beard Style:

This look shifts the focus from your face to its distinct chin strip in the middle of the chin. Pair it with a proper mustache to make people’s focus shift towards your beard. 

Anchor Beard: 

A pointed beard with a little beard on the jawlines and lower lip, generally with a mustache just like the RDJ style.

Thick Chin Strap Beard: 

The beard style has facial hair in the sideburns and also the jawline with no mustache and a little longer beard at the chin beard

Circle Beard Style:

A type of goatee with a beard and mustache connected, forming a circular shape around the mouth. Pair it with a decent medium-long hairstyle to achieve a suitable look.

Full Beard: 

A full and thick beard is grown without any trimmings or grooming. It is a natural beard style, grown without much effort, and the most popular beard style for a round face.

Garibaldi Beard: 

Garibaldi is a thick and full beard with a mustache. This unkempt long-style beard has a rounded beard at the chin region.

Tips for stylish and healthy beards for round face

1. Maintain:

It is very important to keep your beard healthy and use beard styling products like beard oil, beard wax, etc which contain essential oils to keep your beard healthy and nourished.

2. Moisturize:

Beard and skin underneath it tend to get dry easily. Moisturising regularly will help you keep your beard away from dryness, beardruff and gives your beard a shiny look. 

3. Trim regularly:

It is important to trim a beard regularly, especially for round faces. It will give you angular and narrower in the chin region.

4. Focus on sideburns:

Make sure to trim your sideburns regularly especially with beard styles like goatee, extended goatee, etc, to shift the focus from the sideburns to your narrowed chin.

5. Highlight your chin:

Accentuating chin will help in making your face look longer and shift attention towards your chin.

6. Endnote:

Round faces require their chins to be highlighted and made to look angular. Beard styles that accentuate the chin and not sideburns like a goatee and van dyke are most suitable for round faces. Further, it is necessary to trim regularly and maintain your beard regularly with suitable grooming products.