Which Oil is Best for Beard Growth & Thickness

best beard oil

Beard Oil

There is a wide range of beard oils available that can naturally help the growth of the beard keeping in mind the health and generosity of the hair follicles stranded to make up the beard. 

Beard oil is a beard hair conditioner used to moisturize and soften beard hair. It is also effective for moisturising the skin beneath the beard. 

Men use beard oil to keep their beards looking dense, smooth, and solid. It is also capable of promoting beard growth. 

Beard Growth oil promotes hair growth. It helps to get rid of a patchy beard and nourishes the beard to have a solid look. 

Beard oil eliminates the dust particles settled at the hair follicle that causes a big hurdle to solid hair growth.

Vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin C, and biotin are essential for healthy and faster beard growth.

Olive Oil

Olive oil contains various properties that can benefit beard hair growth. The non-inflammatory properties, non-fungal properties, and antioxidant properties of olive oil would prevent the skin beneath the hair from getting affected by dandruff and fungus.

When the proper nourishment is done to hair growth from the beard pores, the hair would have no other option than to grow thick.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a natural rich contender of vitamin A, B, C, D, and E that strengthens the hair follicles and helps hair growth.

With all the needed vitamins supplemented to the beard growth, the hair particles become thick and the beard looks dense.

Nilgiri oil

Nilgiri oil can help stimulate blood flow and unclog blocked follicles. These effects may help fight hair loss, soothe inflamed and irritated skin beneath the beard.

When the skin beneath the beard is put to comfort, the growth automatically becomes fully potential to contain a thick beard.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil helps to stimulate healthy beard growth, nourish the skin and the hair follicles, and therefore has an impact on the facial hair. In short, it helps to hydrate the skin and the beard.

A longer, thicker, denser, and fuller beard is possible on the application of coconut oil to beard hair and beard skin. The low weight and molecular structure of coconut oil stimulate the hair to sink the required nutrients to the root of the hair follicle. 

This stimulation helps the hair to contain complete nutrition to grow strong, long, and thick. The same property makes the skin cells obtain nutrition through the beard space activating beard growth fast and dense. 

The vitamins and fatty acids present in coconut oil help nourish your scalp and penetrate the cuticle of the hair.

The very way of preventing various misalignments that could happen to beard growth can compart a thick and dense beard growth.

Jojoba oil

The specific gravity and viscosity of jojoba oil are more solid and gripping than when it is applied to the beard, the oil modules the beard hair to grow in the desired direction. The beard can be modulated to different styles. The big beards can be greatly benefited from jojoba oil. As the hair grows, it tends to curvature due to longevity. Jojoba Oil helps to straighten hair curls. 

The pores on your beard scalp close due to dirt, dead blood cells, dandruff, etc. The application of jojoba for a certain period can gradually unlock them.

Jojoba treats excess inflammation through hair follicles which could lead to fewer nutrients supplied to the hair body. The inflammation leads to loose hold of follicles, hair breakage, and hair loss.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is used to treat various disorders, especially skin and hair problems due to its anti-inflammatory, soothing, anti-allergic, anti-microbial, and nourishing properties.

Tea tree oil encourages faster hair growth. The essential oil nourishes hair follicles and roots, producing strong and thick hair. 

Daily usage of tea tree oil will not only increase the glow of the hair but also prevent and cure various infections caused below the hair. 

Tea tree oil has powerful cleansing, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. When used topically, it can help unclog hair follicles and increase hair growth.

Tea tree oil helps boys to have estrogenic secretions. Low estrogen levels will increase sweat flow in the body. The excess sweat flow would affect the hair follicles settled over the skin, namely the facial hair, the beard. The excess sweat released would dry itself beneath the hair causing various infections. Tea tree oil would regulate the required level of estrogen hormones.

Beard oil from Mars by GHC

Beard oil from Mars by GHC helps promote beard growth, helps get rid of the patchy beard, and also helps you to grow a full beard. 

Beard oil is blended with Onion oil, Bhringraj oil, tea tree oil, and jojoba oil which helps in growing Viking beard which is the perfect blend of style and class.

Take Away

There could be various beard care products available in the market to benefit beard health and growth but beard oil is the one and the only cheap and best product that also proves its probability of working successfully.

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