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How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Beard?

Are you struggling to grow and maintain a beard? Acing a scruffy beard look is one of the most recent trends around the globe. However, many men have tried growing a beard before as they fear turning out scruffy and unkempt, which is disliked by the majority of women.

This is a major fact is that this could not be further from reality and an adequately groomed and cleaned beard on her man can be the sexiest facial feature for a woman. If you have never grown a beard before, we are going to give you a few tips and tricks that can guide you on how to grow a beard and how to maintain it.

How to Grow Beard and Maintain it Perfectly?

1. Know Your Facial Hair If You Are Going to Grow a Beard

Firstly, you must understand your facial hair is the first step in both managing expectations and formulating a solid plan. You do not have to have a beard before knowing what your facial hair is like. If you shave regularly, you already have a knowledge of how far down your neck your whiskers grow and what direction they particularly grow in.

If you have let yourself have a few days of stubble, you might be already aware whether the hair on your face comes in patchy or full, not to mention how rapidly it grows. These are all things that you must consider when you are planning a beard. For example, patchy hair might mean you need to go for a longer beard and thick, fast-growing hair could mean you are in for more regular trimming.

2. Don’t Maintain your Beard Till Proper Growth

We know that starting to grow a proper beard takes time. You must plan out at least a buffer of one month for your beard to grow into a full volume. During this time, we would strongly advise you not to use any special hair care products or make significant changes to your beard. This would help you to see how the hair on your head grows naturally as your beard grows out, so 

You should just let your hair grow out gradually, and when you are ready,  take a trim! You should take time to enjoy the process of growing a beard

3. Be Patient

Did we mention that growing a beard takes a lot of time? You should try your best to bear with the discomfort and unkempt look of your half-grown beard whiskers for the interim month before you get a full-grown beard. If you want more length in your beard, you should give it a little more time before you start and you will have more options when it comes to shaping your beard.

4. Shape It Up

Once you have grown enough length in your beard, you might begin to choose from an endless variety of beard shapes that you would like to have. You need to decide on one to start with and begin carefully sculpting your beard with an electric razor or a pair of grooming scissors. 

5. Wash your Beard Regularly

Just like hair, a badly kept beard not only looks bad but can also affect people around you. The last thing that you want is for your beard to smell like your dinner last night and turn off everyone’s mood whom you meet. You must always remember to wash your beard regularly, at least twice a week. If you are having oily facial hair, you must use a mild shampoo or conditioner to keep it clean.

6. Stay Moisturized

If you keep the skin around your beard moisturized it will help in preventing dreaded redness, irritation and flaking skin from dryness. Various moisturizing products are catered to beard grooming and you need to pick the right type of moisturizer for your beard.

You can use professional moisturizing creams to natural alternatives like shea or coconut butter and you should pick one that smells soothing for you, as this smell will follow you throughout your regular life

7. Get a Regular Trim

Your beard grows out quickly, just as your hair does. You shouldn’t forget to trim it down to maintain its shape regularly. If you want to trim it by yourself, you should do it carefully with an electric razor or a pair of grooming scissors. You might find this task too daunting, then you should opt to head to a men’s barber near you to get it trimmed by a professional.

4 Beard Trimming Tips That You Must Follow

  1. If you are not sure what length you want, you should start with a higher guard head and work your way down.
  1. You can use the beard comb to coach everything into place, including your moustache. You can snip any strays that stand out or hang over the lip.
  1. A facial hair scissors might work well for moustache trimming and spot-checking too.
  1. You should always trim your beard when it’s dry since this is how it is going to look when you wear it out in the world.

Derma Roller for Beard Growth

Dermarollers have been pretty famous amongst women. But actually, these rollers work for both men and women. For years, women have been using derma rollers to fight several skin problems, the signs of ageing, scars, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation. 

Well, using a derma roller for beard and hair growth has been on the trend among men. There’s a huge science behind it, let us see how.

Facial hair is known as androgenic hair which means that its growth rate is affected by the androgen hormones, testosterone, and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When you microneedle your beard area, it can cause minute injuries on the surface of your skin. 

Your body will then respond by increasing blood flow to the area which carries the growth factors like androgenic hormones, nutrients, and collagen with it. All of which results in hair regrowth. 

You need to have some underlying beard growth as far as the effectiveness of using a derma roller for beard growth is concerned. 

If there are no hair follicles in the area that you wish to microneedle, unfortunately, a derma roller won’t be enough of your help. However, derma rollers are effective if your hair growth is a little patchy and you still have some vellus type of hair growth in that area.

Take Away

Your beard should be kept clean and regular trimming should be done to grow your beard thicker. 

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