Improve testicular health

Ways To Improve Testicular Health

Improve Testicular Health

An average testis measures up to 5cm*2cm*3cm, and it is alright if one testis is bigger than the other. The size of the testicles does not influence fertility. Testicle size increases during intercourse due to increased blood flow. They come to their normal size after ejaculation.

This article will give you information to improve Testicular health and also focus on some common myths that you can avoid.

Here are some tips for maintaining testicular health:

1. Maintain and Monitor Diet:

Minerals like Zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and healthy fats such as omega 3 fatty acids, etc help in increasing sperm count. You can also take supplements of these nutrients also help in enhancing your overall reproductive health.

2. Regular Workout:

Maintaining normal weight helps in stress relief and also stimulates testosterone production which will, in turn, stimulate luteinizing hormone. Thus helping improving testicular health

Although too much exercise can also lower testosterone levels. Thus it is advised to maintain to exercise moderately.

3. Good Sleep: 

Helps in reducing stress and also improves endurance to exercises. Less sleep is associated with will lower sperm count.

4. Avoid Smoking:

Regular smokers have a 30% more probability of fertility issues. Smoking can kill sperms, so it is advised to reduce or completely avoid smoking. It is also known to decrease sperm count and also semen. Drugs and alcohol consumption can decrease sexual desire.

5. Have Protected Sex: 

Wear a condom during any sexual activity to avoid contracting any STI.

6. Maintaining Temperature:

Testicles need less optimal temperature than body temperature. Thus it gets affected by overheat, so it is better to avoid hot tubs, tight briefs, avoid laptops on your lap.

7. Regular Examination

You can self-examine testicles by rolling each testicle between your fingers. Look out for any hard lumps, nodules any abnormalities, and consult your physician immediately if you have observed any abnormalities.

8. Maintain Hygiene:

Shower and clean your genitals regularly. Also, make sure to keep the region dry and free from moisture as it might become a breeding ground for various germs.

Testicular Conditions:

There are many testicular diseases known, most of them are acute diseases.

 Here are some common medical issues related to testosterone.

1. Testicular Torsion:

It refers to the condition of testicles turning around inside the scrotum, winding spermatic cord, damaging blood supply, ner functions, and sperm transfer. It might occur due to any injury, heavy workout, etc. Commonly observed symptoms include swelling of the scrotum, nausea, frequent urination, pain. Treatment includes surgery in severe cases or turning around testicles manually by your andrologist.

2. Hydrocele:

It is a condition that occurs due to fluid accumulation in the cavities of testicles. It is commonly present at birth, disappears by the age of one. If it exists in a much later phase, then it might be due to inflammation or injury. Symptoms include ache in testicles, heaviness in the testis, noticeable swelling. However, any treatment is not required as symptoms decrease on their own unless if it is a much severe case.

3. Orchitis:

It is caused by bacterial or viral infections leading to swollen or inflamed testicles. They are generally transmitted through STI. Some of the common symptoms include pain in the testis, tenderness, swollen scrotum, fever, and nausea. Medications include antibiotics with anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the symptoms. It is generally cured in 1-2weeks.

4. Hypogonadism:

It refers to a situation when your body is unable to produce adequate testosterone.  It might be due to testicle problems, external injury, infection, or from birth. Symptoms vary according to age.

In infants, proper formation of genitals do not take place or both types of genital parts are present

Teenagers lack secondary sexual characteristic signs like muscular growth, low body hair, no deep voice, and also unusual growth of arms and legs.

Adults showcase body hair loss, growth in breast tissues, low bone density, erection problems, and also lack fertility.

Hormone replacement therapy treatment is the most sorted treatment.

5. Testicular Cancer:

It occurs when tumor cells multiply rapidly within the testicles and reasons are not yet known. Symptoms include lumps in the testis, heavy scrotum, pain in the testis, back pain, tender/ swollen breasts, and fluids in the scrotum. Possible treatments include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical remove of tissue, or in severe cases complete removal of the testicle.

Myths Related to Testis:

There are no exercises that will increase the size of your balls. No matter what size your testis are, it is absolutely normal. Here are some exercises which claim to increase testicle size but do more harm than good.

Squeezing, massages, rubbing, etc can be painful and cause injury to the testicles, and impact sperm count.

The tugging or pulling scrotum can damage the skin, blood vessels, nerves, and tissue present in the testis. This can also cause internal bleeding.

Surgeries and injections to make testicles larger can cause many complications such as infections, injury, necrosis (death of tissue).

Stretching the scrotum using weights can only cause tissue damage and internal bleeding.

Take Away 

It very crucial to take proper care of the genitals including the testis for proper functioning. It is also equally important to observe for any abnormalities to avoid any severe conditions. 

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