Minoxidil vs Fin. : Which one to use to prevent hair loss?

Minoxidil & Finasteride topical Solution | Minoxidil vs Finasteride : Which one to use to prevent hair loss?

Which one is better to use: Mino-xidil or Fin.?

Hair fall is a risky and sensitive topic to talk about. Many people face it daily and are too afraid to ask for help as they think it will someday get better and their hair will stop falling. 

That is not the way to go about it, if you are facing a severe Hair fall then you must find the roots of the cause for that you must check with your doctor and ask for a vital solution for this issue, he may detect your Hair fall based on the reason for it. 

Usually, the reason for baldness is genetic, also known as androgenetic alopecia. In this condition hair follicles starts to shrink producing thinner and fine hair over time and with time hair follicles stop producing hair. For men, it's often called Male pattern baldness which is getting common among men.

The most common medication used for hair fall due to any reason is Mino-xidil & Fin. topical solution, these are available in the market easily and are very effective. These medications have been around for more than a decade but do they work? 

Well, the answer to that is yes, both of these medications work and have clinically proven to have had a good result on people with severe Hair fall, however, our concern today is to find out which of these is the better candidate.

Do Mino-xidil & Fin. Topical Solution Work? 

If you are suffering from a Hair fall and are looking for a medication that could benefit you then you are on the right page, In fact, yes both of these are effective in controlling hair fall. 

Many researchers have done their studies explaining these medications, for years we did not have a drug strong enough to control Male Pattern Baldness but now we have two candidates both good enough. 

Both Mino-xidil and Fin. tablet for hair fall have proven to give us great results. Not only have they managed to control Hair fall but have also helped in the Hair regrowth process.

Mino-xidil vs Fin. 

Both of these medications are available in the market and many pharmaceutical companies have launched their products, we would suggest you consult your doctor before going ahead with any medication. 


1) Mino-xidil for hair is a vasodilator which means that it widens and relaxes the scalp, widens the blood vessels, and provides a better blood flow into the scalp.

2) Mino-xidil makes it easy for blood to reach and spread all over the scalp, with better blood flow in the hair follicles it helps them to rejuvenate and grow at a faster pace.

Mino-xidil topical solution is one the best out there in the market, our customers have seen a huge change in their hair regrowth pattern. With this solution, you can see a difference of 25% more hair growth in just 10-12 weeks of use.


1) Fin., on the other hand, is a 5α-reductase inhibitor, it prevents the conversion of Testosterone to dihydrotestosterone also commonly known as DHT blocker which is the main agent that causes Male Pattern Baldness.

2) Excess production of Testosterone in the male body is converted into DHT which is a very harmful agent and can cause severe damage to the hair follicles. 

3) Fin. acts as a blocking agent for DHT, it helps our body from preventing the conversion of Testosterone into DHT. If Fin. is used carefully with proper usage it can stop hair fall and help in hair regrowth.

Groww F Fin. Tablets These are FDA-approved tablets to put an end to Hair fall once and for all, our customers swear by this formula and have seen magical results. Fin. is a prescribed medication so we would suggest you consult your doctor before consuming this medicine.

Both Mino-xidil & Fin. topical solutions are amazing products on their own and have their speciality but what works for them best is when the two products are combined, they help in settling down your Hair fall by putting a pause to the DHT production and also help in hair regrowth. 

Studies have proven that they are safe when taken together and may also work better, both of them are good but if you want a quicker result for both Hair fall and Hair regrowth then you should consider a product that will contain the goodness of both these medications.

Pros and cons of using mino-xidil and fin. together


Mino-xidil and fin. are generally pretty safe and effective medications when used to treat hair loss. Research also shows that they’re very safe to be used together. 

A 2015 study published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal found that regular use of both fin. and mino-xidil together helped to maintain a good hair density level.

Fin. and mino-xidil work through distinct mechanisms to treat pattern hair loss -- mino-xidil by moving hairs into the anagen phase of the growth cycle and stimulating local blood flow, and fin. by minimising DHT levels throughout the body.

Because they work in different parts of the body, there’s no harm in taking them together. In fact, you’ll likely get better results by using both fin. and mino-xidil together than by only taking one medication to treat hair loss.


Application site reactions (burning, irritation, itching and redness), Flakes on the scalp, Skin irritation, excessive hair growth, Fast heart rate, Pain in the chest, arm, or shoulder.


Groww X Mino-xidil and Fin. Hair Regrowth solution This is the best product out there if you want to get the benefits of both of these medications in one single product, use of this for about 3 months will give you results you could have not imagined. This product together strengthens and nourishes your scalp and promotes healthy hair follicles for better growth. You can find the best deal for these products kit at Mars by GHC website with many more products to help in taking care of your hair.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Do I need both fin. and mino-xidil?

As both of these hair loss treatments work differently in stimulating hair follicles, it is actually recommended to use both medications simultaneously in order to treat male pattern baldness even more effectively.

2. Can fin. regrow hairline?

If you've had a receding hairline for some time, or if you've already lost plenty of hair around your hairline, fin. may not help completely restore it. However, using fin. could boost hair regrowth in the areas of your scalp where you've only recently started to notice thinning and recession.

3. Do celebrities use fin.?

Several people who are well known and admired by various others have used this drug to prevent hair loss. Although celebrities do not publicly admit that they use fin. to prevent hair loss, viewers and fans know that they are using this treatment.


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