Lemon water for weight loss

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water For Weight Loss

Lemon Water For Weight Loss

Lemon water is one of the most popular beverages people drink for weight loss. It is also known for its refreshing flavor and scent making it a popular choice for flavoring many recipes and drinks. Along with its obvious flavor, it has been used for its medicinal value for many years. They are rich in sources of vitamin C and possess antibacterial properties and antiviral properties.

One of the most common and easiest ways to reap the health benefits of lemon is by juicing it. Lemon juice is the effective way of using it for weight loss and it also acts as a detoxifying agent and helps in cleaning the liver leading to proper functioning of our digestive system. 

Even lemon water works absolutely great for people who are struggling to lose weight. Well, why should you use lemon water for weight loss, and how to make lemon water for weight loss? What are the benefits of drinking lemon water regularly? Of Course yes, you can see your results of losing weight in a very short amount of time.

Ultimately, there is no magic pill that provides you immediate weight loss results. But, with diet, exercise, and replacing alcohol or sugary drinks with lemon water you will save calories each day and overtime will notice that you're healthier and likely losing weight.

How To Make Lemon Water For Weight Loss?

lemon juice for weight loss

Making lemon water for weight loss is very simple and it takes only 2-3 minutes. All you need to do is take one glass of lukewarm water and add lemon juice or lemon slices into them.

Give them a good stir and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. Drinking this water not only helps you in losing weight, but boosts and guards your immune system.

Benefits Of Lemon Water:

There are many benefits of drinking lemon water for weight loss and few of them are mentioned below:

  • Its a Low Calorie And Low Sugar Beverage:

If you're not adding any sugar to your lemon water, there are almost no calories in and no sugar in what you're drinking.

Squeeze half lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and compare it with a glass of orange juice or apple juice that has about 110 calories and between 20-25 grams of sugar per eight- ounce glass.

However, some studies have found that, if you have a low calorie drink with a meal, you often end up consuming less food during that meal.

  • Lemon Water Boosts Metabolism:

According to several studies, it has been proved that drinking more water can boost your metabolism. So, starting your day with a glass of hot or lukewarm lemon water can kick-start your metabolism and your body into calorie-burning made early in the morning. Well, mornings are said to be the best time to put all effort into losing weight as at this time your metabolism is at its peak.

  • Lemon Water Promotes Digestion:

The acidic composition of lemon water helps in flushing out unwanted toxins from your body. It also encourages the liver to produce more bile which further helps in digestion and detoxification. A proper and good digestion is closely tied to weight loss.

  • Lemon Water Make You Feel Full:

According to 2010 research, reviews have shown that 37 percent of people mistake thirst for hunger, since thirst signals can be weak when compared with hunger pangs.

So, when you reach for a glass of lemon water instead of a snack or before your meal time may help you to consume less or healthier portions. In a study, researchers found that participants who drank a glass of lemon water before eating a meal were less than those who didn't.

  • Lemon Water Helps in Hydrating:

Drinking enough water in a day helps to carry vital nutrients to cells and flush out the system. According to a research in 2010, it showed that water helps to regulate body temperature and boosts physical performance.

Staying hydrated may help you to reduce water retention due to constipation, which can ease that unsavoury feeling.

  • Lemon Water Boosts Your Energy:

Our body goes through many restorative functions when we sleep and many of which require the nutrients that are found in water. So, having a glass of lemon water in the morning will rehydrate you and give you a boost of energy throughout the day. In addition, it will start your day by removing all toxins that your body worked overnight to process out of your system. If you find that you're often hungry after waking up in the morning, lemon water even calms those hunger pangs. 

The acidic nature of lemon juice can easily damage the enamel of your teeth, especially if you don't squeeze the juice but put the lemon slices in your glass.

It is better to follow your glass of lemon water by rinsing out your mouth with plain water. You can also drink your lemon water using a straw which helps in reducing the impact that it has on your teeth's enamel.

When Is The Best Time To Drink Lemon Water?

lemon juice for weight loss
  • Morning is the best time to drink lemon water for weight loss and drinking once in a day in the morning is enough.
  • Never drink it more than once in a day.
  • Remember to take a break of 15-20 minutes before having your breakfast.
  • Do not consume breakfast immediately after drinking lemon water.

Lemon water is the easiest and simple beverage to drink in the morning that supports your weight loss journey. To make the most of lemons water weight loss ability it is advised to avoid sugar in concoction. Although, you can add a tablespoon of honey to the beverage as it is called a powerhouse of antioxidants that boosts your immunity. 

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