oats for weight loss

Is Oats Good For Weight Loss?

Oats For Weight Loss

Oats are considered as one of the best grains with a number of nutritional benefits. These gluten free grains are a great source of vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. Oatmeal is the healthiest breakfast option for many people especially for those who follow a diet, its flavor and nutritional value can be increased by adding fruits and other ingredients.

But does oats good for weight loss? Which oats are good for weight loss? Are you confused about choosing the right variety of oats that work absolutely great in your weight loss journey? If yes, here is everything you need to know about these nutritional filled grains.

Oats are healthy grains that come with a number of health benefits including weight loss. The best part is, you can eat oats for all three meals of the day to lose weight. This is because they are rich in fiber content which makes you feel full for longer periods of time and eliminates the need for you to snack between meals.

However, oatmeal is not a miracle food to give you excellent results in your weight loss journey, but it may bring you results when consumed as part of a healthy diet along with other nutritional food.

Health Benefits of Oats:

oats for weight loss

From providing protein to aiding in weight loss, oats posses many health benefits and some of them are shown below:

  • Oats Has High Content Of Protein:

Surprisingly, oats are high in protein and especially whilst oats contain all types of amino acids which helps in building blocks of protein that we require to obtain from the diet. So, to increase your chances of getting amino acids when eating oats, try to add some nuts or seeds to boost the intake of protein.

Ensuring a diet with plenty of protein intake is great to look after muscles and tissues in your body. 

  • Oats Lowers Bad Cholesterol:

The fiber content present in oats helps in reducing bad cholesterol and risk of developing heart diseases.

  • Oats Are Gluten Free:

As I said earlier, oats are gluten free and contain avenin which is a protein similar to gluten. However it is important to check with the manufacturer as most of the oats are processed and packaged in environments which also produce other grains. 

Some people cannot tolerate even gluten free oats, so if you are one of those people who has coeliac disease, check with your healthcare professional before including oats in your diet.

  • Oats Boosts Immune System:

Oats contain soluble fiber called beta glucan which helps in activating your infection fighting blood cells in the body. Maintain a regular exercise routine to stay healthy, it is worthful to lose or maintain weight.

  • Oats Regulates Bowel Movements:

As oats are packed with fiber, consuming or having them regularly may prevent digestion issues like constipation and eases bowel movements. Adding oats to your healthy diet can keep the issue of constipation at bay.

  • Oats Have Less Impact on Blood Sugar Levels:

Unlike other refined carbohydrate foods, oats have less impact on our blood sugar levels and offer a study supply of energy to keep us full between meals and prevent us from snacking in between.

Oats are also good for post-training snacks as they contain a source of carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores as well as the protein which helps in muscle repair and growth.

  • Oats Are Good For Your Skin:

Oats are also used as a soothing agent to relieve itching and irritation and that's the reason it has been used in many skin care products. According to a study in American Academy of Dermatology, oatmeal is able to normalize the pH level of skin and moisturize and softens the skin. 

Are Oats Good For Weight Loss?

Oats are filled with many nutrients, minerals and fibers which make us feel fuller for longer hours. They can even fight against hunger pangs we get later in the day, so we are less likely to go out seeking food to fill us up. 

And due to the presence of beta glucan, it forms a gel and slows down the absorption of sugar into the blood and provides slow, steady release of energy. So, being a low fat food means they can be a good choice especially if you're looking to manage your waistline. 

How To Eat Oatmeal For Weight loss?

oats for weight loss

Even though oatmeal has many health benefits, we should not over consume it in our weight loss journey. Be mindful about the potential drawbacks and below are few things to keep in mind when including oatmeal in your diet.

  • Pay Attention To Portion Size:

It's often recommended to take only half a cup of dry oats as it can be very caloric and too carb heavy in high amounts. However, depending on your age, weight, height and physical activity one cup of oatmeal is fine.

  • Avoid Flavored Or Instant Oats:

Even though the calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein content of all varieties of oats are similar, their effects on blood sugar are absolutely not. Because, instant or flavored oats are highly processed and have less fiber.

A well balanced, low fat, healthy diet should include less processed foods, such as whole grains, nuts which have low-GI values. Whereas flavored sugars are loaded with processed sugar and have less content of fiber.

  • Don't Add Too Much Sugar:

It might be tempting to add sweetness in your oatmeal, but calories from brown sugar, butter, syrup will not give you good results. It's better to opt for fruits such as blueberries, strawberries to make the oatmeal tastier.

  • Avoid Eating Too Much Too Soon:

It's always better to start slow, instead of having it too much. Because, your body takes hard time in processing all the fiber present in oats and results in causing bloating, constipation and stomach pain.

For losing weight, start eating oatmeal two to four times a week and work up to daily servings. Combining oatmeal with a large glass of water also helps to move the fiber through the GI tract to reduce stomach pain and bloating.

What You Should Eat On an Oatmeal Diet?

Lets see how to eat oatmeal diet for weight loss:

Oatmeal is your main entry for your breakfast as well as for your lunch. For ½ cup of oats, add a small amount of skim milk, some fruits as well as a few amounts of low-fat yogurt. You can also add cinnamon to increase its flavor.

Have fresh fruit as a morning snack and raw vegetables or nuts for afternoon snack. Dinner plans include some grilled chicken, small lean of steak or even a turkey burger with zucchini fries. 

Oatmeal And Weight Loss:

Eating oatmeal helps you in losing weight when you follow a calorie controlled diet. In addition, eating oatmeal regularly helps in improving your intake of nutrition and keeps your heart healthy by lowering or reducing bad cholesterol.

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