Hair growth, myth or possible?

Is hair regrowth possible or just a myth?

Is hair regrowth possible or just a myth? As long as a person believes that hair is his or her own, they might think that regrowth can happen naturally. This is a myth that still circulates within the medical and nutritional industries. Despite this, there are a variety of ways that people can grow hair naturally on their heads, whether it's a partial replacement of hair lost or just adding a new layer.

Hair is a noticeable part of the personality and hair fall is a very natural process and can happen to anyone irrespective of age. Just like the fall season where all leaves dry off and it is the beginning of new ones like that our hair follicles can also fall and be rejuvenated with new ones.

Hair regrowth is not a myth it is very much a possibility if you really want to, everything is a process and it can not happen overnight, much like your Hair did not fall overnight it happened in a course of time and similarly it will take time before your hair is restored.

There are various ways to regrow fallen Hair some of them are natural and time consuming which can work on people who do not have a severe Hair loss and the other ones are medicated which can show impeccable results in less than 12 weeks.

Natural Ways To Regrow Hair 

Once you know the myths surrounding hair loss and hair regrowth, now you can take the necessary steps to start regrowing your hair. Especially if you’re suffering from dry, damaged hair that is falling out. Here we are going to talk about some of the natural ways in which you can regrow your hair.

1) Healthy Diet

One of the major reasons for hair fall is an inadequate balanced diet, you need food for hair growth which our body needs to fulfill ample amounts of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and protein to help our body function. A lack in these essential vitamins can cause hair fall in people keeping these in mind you can regrow your hair with a balanced diet. 

2) Micronutrients

A deficiency of vital micronutrients like vitamin C, D,E, B13 and biotin can cause a major hair fall, you can include these in your diet or take supplements like biotin for hair regrowth. 

3) Onion Juice

Another widely popular way to regrow your hair is by the help of onion Juice, you can blend onion and take out their juice and use it on your scalp once a week and with a continuous use you can see a difference in your hair regrowth pattern.

4) Head Massage

Head massage and oiling are one of the age old formulas to help your hair regrow. You can use any oil that suits you and gently massage it in your scalp. This will help in blood circulation which will eventually lead to healthy hair follicles.

Natural ways to boost hair regrowth are time consuming and may or may not work for everyone using them. However, you can always go for medicated products that are clinically proven and show a visible difference in a short span of time.

Hair Regrowth Medicines

There are many medications available promising hair regrowth and probably unproven technology available that is used for hair growth. Such examples are, hair transplant, use of minoxidil, homeopathic treatment etc.. but none are proven to have a permanent solution.

Although the permanent solution may not be there but it doesn't stop you from taking care of your hair. You can check out few medicines and products at Mars by GHC website which will help you in taking care of your hair.