Penis size

Is 9 Inches a Good Size? Here's What You Need to Know!

Penis size

How many men have a height of 9 inches? 

Best sex positions for a 9-Inch Penis? 

Is it Possible for Every Man to Have a 9-Inch Penis? 

Take Away: Will Having a 9-Inch-Long Penis Hurt My Partner? 

The issue of size is one that both men and women are concerned about. So, how big is too huge? Is 9 inches a suitable size, or will it become an issue in the future? 

We'll look at the benefits and drawbacks of having a 9-inch-long penis in this post. 

How many men have a height of 9 inches? 

Although the exact quantity is impossible to calculate, a 9-inch penis is clearly above normal. 

According to several studies, the typical length of an erect penis is roughly 5.16 inches long, according to an article published in the British Journal of Urology International. 

This figure appears to be widely accepted, A reported that the average is between 5.1 and 5.6 inches. In contrast, another study claims that while fully erect, at least 68 percent of males are little more than 6 inches tall. 

This means that a 9-inch long erection is 3 to 4 inches longer than the average Joe's erection. It is estimated that less than 1% of the male population has such a length. 

Best sex positions for a 9-Inch Penis? 

When using your 9-inch penis in any partner, whether it is a man or a woman, there are three crucial sex tips you should always follow: Communication, patience, and lubrication Allow the muscles to stretch and adjust slowly. Don't feel obligated to get all the way in right now. Most essential, don't risk it if your lover urges you to slow down. Vaginal and anal rips are a serious danger that can send you and your partner to the emergency room.  

Certain positions, on the other hand, will allow you to enjoy sex without having to be unduly cautious around your spouse. 

Cowgirl in reverse: 

Unlike the traditional cowgirl, who mounts her partner's lap and presents his penis vaginally or anally, the reserve cowgirl looks away from her lover. This position allows the lady to control how many inches she takes inside her sex and how quickly she does so. The penetration angle is curved rather than straight, allowing for shallow entry while still allowing for great pleasure and friction. 

You can just lay down and enjoy yourself in this position, letting your partner determine how much she can take with each successive thrust. 


It may not appear to be the finest option, but if you have self-control and enjoy being in charge, this is the perfect job for you! 

It allows you to shove into your sweetheart from behind and control the depth and speed of penetration. If your spouse feels uncomfortable, it's simple to back away. 

Gravity isn't a factor in this game, unlike missionary and regular cowgirl, so there's no risk of getting too deep all at once. 


Spooning is also a terrific technique to get intimate with your spouse because it doesn't allow for a lot of penetration. For smaller women, this posture can be modified by elevating one leg and wrapping it around the man's hips. This would allow for a larger entrance, but it isn't suggested for well-endowed men because it can cause vaginal rips or painful rubbing of the cervix walls. 

Is it Possible for Every Man to Have a 9-Inch Penis? 

Certainly not. 

Your size, like your hair, eye colour, complexion, and body shape, is mostly determined by genetics. If you come from a family of tall guys, for example, you will most likely be tall as well. This isn't a rule; we've all met the petite girl or boy from a family where everyone is over 6 feet tall. 

While there are exercises, surgeries, and even lotions available to help men achieve a thicker, larger erection, not every man is capable of achieving this size. 

It doesn't imply that your penis is insignificant in and of itself. Simply put, it means you don't attain the very particular size that just 1% of the population can claim. 

Take Away: Will Having a 9-Inch-Long Penis Hurt My Partner? 

As is customary, the response isn't a straightforward yes or no. 

Many elements come into play, including your lover's comfort level with deep penetration, the position and style of sex, and the size of your lover. 

Is it a man or a lady you're making love to? Are you trying to have an anal, vaginal, or oral sex session? What is your partner's body type? Is he or she tiny or muscular? Is it a virgin or a more experienced lover you're having sex with? All of these factors will play a role in determining if a 9-inch penis will be painful during sexual activity. 

For a virgin, even a 5 or 6-inch penis can be unpleasant or difficult to accept while having anal intercourse. Some people have stronger gag reflexes than others, and they may take down thicker and longer members as a result of this. 

So, while a longer and thicker erection will undoubtedly cause greater pain than one on the smaller side, the answer isn't a sure thing.  

Using a lot of lubes and being patient and delicate at first until you grasp your lover's boundaries will surely ensure that everyone involved has a good time! 

If your spouse is having trouble dealing with your complete size, start with smaller encounters to allow their muscles to expand and become accustomed to your size. Toys and vibrators can be used to make the experience more enjoyable and less of a bother. Don't rush things, and take your time. It may take days, if not weeks, to adjust to a 9-inch penis, but the extra work will be well worth it in the end.