How many times a week should you wash your hair?

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What Is The Right Way To Wash Your Hair?  

“Washing your hair daily is a good hair care activity” -  a complete hoax! Hair experts do not recommend washing your hair every day because if you do, you will be left with horrible results. 

Daily washing leaves your hair dry and weak and full of product residue. You should wash your hair twice a week using products that don't strip the natural oils from your scalp. 

Another thing that most people don't know is that dry shampoo, spray deodorant and other such products can be harmful to your skin and scalp! Yes, you read that right- they may do more harm than any good.

Mars by GHC is here to help you understand everything about health & wellness because we know apart from financial literacy, India is way behind in ‘Health Literacy’ as well. Worry not! Let’s dive right into the basics of haircare.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the right way of hair washing:

  1. Wet your hair thoroughly so that your shampoo can foam well.
  2. Take a small amount of shampoo and dilute it with water.
  3. Apply it to your hair from top to bottom.
  4. Add more shampoo if required.
  5. Rinse off all the shampoo after you are done applying and massaging. 
  6. Apply conditioner on your wet hair by concentrating more on the ends.
  7. Massage for two minutes.
  8. Rinse it off with cold water.

How Many Times A Week Should You Wash Your Hair?

This is a question that comes up a lot, and there's no right or wrong answer. We spoke with experts who gave us a few guidelines for maintaining healthy hair.

In general, experts recommend shampooing no more than twice a week. If it's been a particularly sweaty day at the gym or you're heading out for a night of heavy drinking, then shampooing once or twice is fine—but try to stick to the lower end of the spectrum if possible.

Washing your hair every day can strip off the necessary oils and nutrients from the scalp, leading to dandruff, hair loss and irritation. If you shampoo your hair every day, cut it back to every other day. If you typically shampoo your hair every other day, once a week will do just fine. Making this one change can help maintain and replenish the natural oils and other necessary nutrients that keep your hair healthy and manageable.

Benefits Of Washing Hair 

Washing your hair seems to be a chore, something you choose to do only when you have to. But washing your hair regularly can actually prevent hair loss and what's more, it's a good way to manage the dryness of the scalp and get rid of dandruff.

There are no hard and fast rules on how often you should wash your hair. Wash it when it feels oily or dirty. For most people that means once or twice a week. A good idea would be to rinse your hair after a workout at the gym or a day out in the sun.

Shampooing regularly helps water remove dirt, gunk, debris and odours from your hair and scalp effectively. The hair is less likely to break or look dry and frizzy if you keep your scalp and hair clean and healthy.

Shampoos with natural ingredients also help in keeping scalp infections at bay. They help prevent dandruff issues as well as seborrhoeic dermatitis. 

People with oily hair usually face a number of challenges in regard to their hair and scalp. Regular shampooing can help them manage this issue efficiently. Shampoo can be used to clean out the excess oil and dirt that may be trapped in the hair and scalp. However, to help with oiliness, you should lookout for a shampoo that has cleaning properties because the regular shampoo won’t be able to treat oily hair effectively. 

Side Effects Of Overwashing Your Hair

With the ‘Hair Extensions’ being at the heart of this season's hair trends, Mars by GHC's healthcare experts shares some home truths on what happens when you overwash your locks.

While it is important to wash your hair regularly, overwashing also leads to two other problems - the first being dehydration. When you wash your hair daily, you are stripping off the natural oil that builds up due to sebum production. The oil works as a natural conditioner for your hair. By washing your hair every day, you are essentially stripping off any build-up of 'oil', thus creating a layer of dryness on your scalp that will make your hair brittle. The other problem caused due to overwashing is hair loss and hair breakage.

Mars by GHC’s hair growth shampoo cleans hair gently and thoroughly, without stripping it of its natural oils. This is an important factor as hair is a living part of the human body and needs to be treated as such.

The key ingredient of our hair growth shampoo is aloe vera, caffeine and argan oil. These ingredients break down the substance that sticks to your hair strands resulting in a clean feel with a natural shine. This is what sets Mars by GHC’s DHT blocker shampoo apart from other shampoos that contain harsh detergents and mineral oils.

Take Away

Shampoo is one of the most fundamental products that you should apply to your scalp. We know it may be an annoying task to go through but it has numerous benefits as it acts to cleanse your hair and boosts its growth.

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