Essential Hair Care Tips for Teenagers

Hair Care Routine

Hair Care Routine

Factors that Influence Hair  

Take Away

Is it on your pillow, your hairband, or the floor? Where does your hair like to fall the most?  

This hair care treatment, on the other hand, will successfully remove them from certain areas. 

We realise the frustration and worry you may be feeling as a result of hair problems including hair loss, dandruff, hair thinning, whitening, frizziness, and oh, stop, we know you can't seem to get rid of all those bleak concerns. They irritate you. 

As a result, we've put together a straightforward day-to-night hair care routine for you. This hair care routine will take away the agony of brushing your frizzy hair and reward you with numerous hair compliments from your friends! 

So, are you prepared to be complimented? But, before we go into the hair care routine, let's figure out what makes your hair seem bad. Let me quickly outline the main aspects that affect hair quality. 

Factors that Influence Hair 

The list of variables that harm your hair may vary from person to person, but there are a few that are universal. Some of these issues can be completely eliminated, while others can be consistently improved. Let us take a short look. 

  • Anxiety and Stress 
  • Dust and pollution 
  • Hair products with chemicals 
  •  Nutrition 
  •  Age 
  •  Genetics 
  •  Medications 

Changes in climate 

Now that you're aware of the variables that cause hair damage, it's time to address them. Just as once you know the cause of a sickness, you can discover a remedy, once you know the causes of hair loss, you can find remedies to address them. And, in general, the easiest approach to deal with them all is to adopt this entire day to night hair care routine. 

Hair Care Routine on a Daily Basis 

So, from dawn to sunset, we've compiled a list of daily rituals that you should observe. You can also make your own DIY hair masks. We may not be able to achieve everything all of the time, but we would advise giving it your all!  

Drinking enough water is the easiest thing you can do for your hair on your bed. The quality of your hair is also determined by your hydration level. Your hydration level drops because you haven't drunk any water all night. As a result, keep a large bottle of water beside your bed and attempt to empty it as soon as you wake up. 

Now, this is a really easy but often overlooked task: combing your hair. While sleeping, your hair becomes tangled and frizzy, so when you wake up, you must untangle it by combing it well with a fine wooden Neem comb. 

Breakfast should consist of two eggs per day (You could change the quantity according to what suits your health). Eggs are high in vital proteins, which are necessary for thick, long hair. They are the most effective treatment for fragile and thinning hair. Within two weeks of regularly eating eggs, you will notice a difference in the quality of your hair. 

Regardless of the weather, wear a scarf or a cap when going out. It's a frequent misconception that you only need to protect your hair when the weather is hot. No. Pollution, wind, sunlight, dust, and other environmental factors can all degrade the condition of your hair. As a result, keep a scarf or a cap in your handbag at all times. 

 Remember to comb your hair again when you reach home. If you don't do this, the tangles will only get worse, resulting in additional frizz and hair loss. 

Hair Care Routine on a Weekly Basis 

Regularly oil to get shiny hair. It is not required to merely apply some fancy or expensive hair oils to achieve good hair. Whatever oil you choose, you must apply it on a daily basis. Onion and coconut hair oils are the most renowned and extremely powerful hair oils. You might also try combining the two.

 Furthermore, you must massage your hair with your fingertips rather than simply pouring oil into your scalp. Do not be harsh or too light; instead, be reasonable and focus on your scalp. 

Regularly wash your hair. The number of days you should wash your hair per week is not specified because it varies depending on your hair type. Wash your hair twice a week if you have dry hair; every day if you have oily hair; and whenever you want if you have average hair. Also, avoid using hot water, putting your nails on your scalp, and applying clarifying shampoo directly to your head. Apply shampoo after mixing it with a small amount of water. Remember to gently massage clarifying shampoo into your scalp with your fingertips. 

Take Away

So that was the end of our hair-care routine basket. You'll see results in weeks if you follow the daily hair care routine, weekly hair daily moisturiser, monthly hair care routine, hair care suggestions, lifestyle modifications, and eat the stated foods. So, best of luck with your hair!

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