Hacks for Super Bouncy Hair

A healthy diet, exercise, meditation and good sleep can help you promote bouncy hair internally.

Bouncy Hair

People heartfully aspire for bouncy, lustrous, thick and shiny hair. Hair is the thing that can enhance the beauty in every individual irrespective of gender, it's the most appealing thing in human beings. Nobody wants dry, baldy and patchy hair. The damage of hair occurs due to many reasons, we can’t specify by what reason the damage started. We will look into the detailed reasons for hair damage and a brief description of the hacks for super bouncy hair.

Causes of Hair Damage

  1. Pollution is a contemporary problem, which will damage the hair and make it dry and frizzy.
  1. Exposure to harmful radiations like ultraviolet, which disrupt the hair condition from the roots and lead to hair loss.
  1. Using shampoo, conditioners and other hair products which are filled with harmful chemicals, which imbalances the pH level and wipes out the natural oils from the scalp.
  1. Heating products like straighteners, curlers and dryers with maximum temperature can lead to hair shedding. Before using them just apply protective hair cream to gain immunity to execute styling machines on hair.
  1. Hormonal imbalance, like excess production of androgens, may cause hair loss. Testosterone in this case is responsible for hair loss.
  1. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism is the condition where the thyroid gland produces an inappropriate amount of thyroxine hormone. If it secretes more it leads to hyper hypothyroidism and releases less leads to hypothyroidism.
  1. Malnutrition or an improper diet will make our hair lifeless, dry and grasslike.
  1. Chemotherapy leads to hair loss. 
  1. Improper blood circulation in the skull region, leads to hair loss.

Hacks for Super Bouncy Hair

Those who want super bouncy and thick hair should incorporate perseverance, patience and little effort to gain the desired hair. Most probably all of us are not gifted with the heavenly bouncy hair, if gifted, though we should maintain them. By not concentrating on our precious delicate tresses may lead to damage. 

The following are the few hacks for super bouncy lustrous hair:

  1. Stop Brushing Too Much: Repeated times of brushing the hair can lead to hair fall and split ends, it disrupts the natural oil in the scalp and makes your hair dry and thin. Instead, use your fingers to comb your hand and detangle the knots. Be gentle, while combing don't rush.
  1. Washing Hair: Take a head bath on and off, don’t wash your hair daily it may make your hair dry and frizzy. Avoid shampoos that have parabens, sulphates, formaldehyde, hexachlorophene, phthalates. Instead look for ingredients that have natural ingredients like aloe vera, caffeine and argan oil
  1. Stearic acid acts as an emulsifier and protects the hair shaft from getting damaged. Gelatin provides nourishment to hair by treating the damaged areas and leaves the hair thick and bouncy. Cetyl alcohol moisturises the hair and covers the hair cuticles.
  1. One more tip is to shop the hair accessories keenly, don't choose the rubber bands which are metallic, they will get stuck with hair tresses and damage the hair. Say a big NO to tight hairstyles, which can weaken the hair follicles and encourage shedding, instead prefer choosing open hair as a hairstyle, which even makes you look more beautiful.
  1. Next time when you visit a hairstylist, just prefer a layered haircut, it will pair you up with a good face cut and extraordinary voluminous hair.
  1. Hair spray is a complete game-changer, it will turn your hair from thin to thick. If you are one who hasn't used hair spray HURRY UP! Pick a hair spray that notifies “VOLUMINOUS” in it. Excellent fragrance and thick look can blow your mind.
  1. Oiling the hair regularly has its own special benefits. Massaging the hair with coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil and olive oil can fill the hair with natural oils and provide the hair with a moisturizing effect. Apply the oil and massage for 10-15 minutes before the head bath or you can apply in the night and wash hair the next morning.
  1. Beer works wonders for your thin and dry hair. Before heading on to the head bath just wash your hair with beer and then wash your hair with shampoo. It gives your hair a bouncy look and fills the natural shine in the hair. Beer shampoos are also available in the market which makes your hair lustrous.
  1. Walnuts, soaked almonds on an empty stomach can pair you up with heavenly hair. These brain-shaped walnuts miraculously provide your hair with nourishment internally. Almonds consist of protein and essential amino acids which repair the hair damage and help in promoting new hair. Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds are included in your diet if you’re aspiring for bouncy lustrous hair from outside.  

Take Away

A healthy diet, exercise, meditation and good sleep can help you promote bouncy hair internally. If you’re healthy automatically your hair will be thick and bouncy. Focus on the above hacks for acquiring bouncy, silky, shiny hair.

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