Does pull ups increase height?

a man doing pull-ups | Is it true that Pull-Ups Help Increase Height?

Does pull ups increase height?

It is still a doubt for many - “can pull ups increase height?” Pull-ups do not help directly in increasing your height. Strictly speaking, this pull-up exercise helps to enhance your posture and make you look much taller than ever before. Correct posture mainly relies on your core muscles and also a strong back responsible for steadying your spine to the correct posture. When you start strengthening the upper body muscles like the arm, back, chest, and abs, you can always keep an upright posture by correctly and regularly exercising the muscles to remain your upper body posture aligned and well balanced.

Performing the pull-ups daily also allows you to produce and deliver more growth hormones, which are quite necessary to make you look taller. However, you need to keep in mind that over-exercising your body or over-strengthening your muscles might cause severe damage as well as prevent you from reaching your goal of increasing your height. So, if you want to get positive and permanent benefits from the pull-up exercise, you need to do it precisely and on a regular basis. So let’s know more about pull ups increase height. 

Can pull ups increase height?

Yes, pull ups increase height. Pull-ups exercise do not work directly in increasing your height to some desired height. In fact, this exercise helps you to improve your overall posture. As a result of correct posture, you look taller than ever before.

​Basically, pull-ups exercise involve the muscles of your upper body which are major in size and constituent much above portions like the chest, back, etc. Exercising these muscles will improve your upper body posture to the maximum level possible. Moreover, they will strengthen your core muscles which is very much required for the correct posture as ​when you have strong core muscles, your upper body looks well-balanced.

How to and How many pull-ups for beginners

Pull-ups increase height by about one or two inches if it is done properly and on a regular basis. All you need to do is to have a vertical bar that is aligned perpendicular to your floor and you can hang on to it fully. It supports your entire body with both feet hanging in the air so that you don't need to struggle in bending or even raising them again. When reaching upward, you must take a little pause, bring your body down, and then return to the same starting position. Repeat this again and again by having a short break in between the sets.

Perfect way to do pull-ups

In order to get some results from doing the pull-ups, the first and foremost thing is to have a proper posture. Stand straight under the bar with your arms directly above it and your palms facing directly away from you. Then jump to catch the bar and hold the handle firmly.

The bar should be at a height so that your legs are completely in the air. Next, if you want to cross one leg over the other you can do it just to stabilise your lower body.

Now slowly bend down your elbows to go upward and ensure that your elbows aim directly down the floor. Also, keep in mind to resist your body from any swing and try to be completely straight upward and downward while you hold the bar. On reaching upward, you can take a short break and then come down without the jerk. 

How many pull-ups per day to increase height?

A pull-up exercise is itself a complete exercise and it does not matter at all how much of it you do in a single set or in a session of your exercise.

There is no established guideline that can tell you how much of this pull-up exercise. It is alright even if you do a single pull-up as a beginner as increasing your height through pull-up depends upon the slow building of your muscles and your correct posture. After trying it for a couple of months you would be aiming for about 8 to 10 pull-ups in sets of 4 to make the real gain in height visible.

Do pull-ups increase height after 20?

Your overall height increases due to the lengthening of your major bones, which as claimed stops near the end you attain puberty. However, some scientific journals claim that the height of discs present in your spine may continue to grow through young adulthood, but the impact is found to be minimal. As time passes, the compression and decompression of your discs present in your spine due to the effect of gravity and your poor posture may lead to small changes in your overall height. When we talk about increasing height after the age of 20, it is solely about removing such decompressions on your vertebrae. Exercising, especially pull-ups is one of the best-known ways to correct your overall posture and thus pull ups increase your height.

Benefits of pull-ups

1. Strengthen the back muscles

One of the most efficient workouts for strengthening the back muscles is the pullup. Pullups work the following back muscles:

The largest upper back muscle, the latissimus dorsi, stretches from the mid-back to the armpit and shoulder blade.

2. Strengthen the shoulder and arms muscles

Pull-ups also improve arm and shoulder strength. You may strengthen your forearms and shoulders by doing pull-ups on a regular basis. Pull-ups should be done on a regular basis if you want to develop your strength in these areas. If you can't do a full pullup, doing them with assistance or just getting in the position or hanging from the bar will help you build strength as you work your way up to the full activity.

3. Improve grip strength 

Pull-ups also aid in the development of grip strength. If you lift weights, you need to have good grip strength. It can also help you perform better in activities such as golf, tennis, rock climbing, and bowling. A strong grasp is also necessary for everyday duties such as opening jars, walking your dog on a leash, carrying groceries, and shovelling snow.

4. Improve overall body strength and fitness

Strength and resistance training can help you improve your overall fitness. A pull-up is a movement in which you lift your full body mass. This can help you strengthen your body and possibly enhance your health. Strength training has been shown to be beneficial for bone formation and cardiovascular health in studies. For maximum results, strength training two to three times each week with movements like pull-ups.

5. Improve physical strength 

Pullups and other strength or resistance training activities can help you enhance your overall physical health. According to studies, strength training on a regular basis can help you lose visceral fat and manage type 2 diabetes. It may also help to lower resting blood pressure and relieve back pain and discomfort caused by arthritis or fibromyalgia. Before you begin strength training, see your doctor to ensure that it is safe for you. The outcomes may differ from person to person.

6. Improve mental health 

Strength or resistance training can also help with mental wellness. According to a review of studies, strength training is linked to the following benefits:

  • lessening the symptoms of anxiety
  • enhancing cognitive performance
  • tiredness reduction
  • depression alleviation
  • as well as boosting self-esteem

While the evidence appears to be favourable, more research is required to corroborate these findings.

7. Challenge the muscles

Pull-ups are a difficult strength training exercise to master. It's also possible to increase your general fitness by challenging your muscles with demanding movements. If you haven't done pull-ups before, including them in your regimen may help you feel and look stronger. If you do the same activities over and over, your body will eventually plateau. However, by including new and harder activities such as pull-ups, you may notice a significant increase in your strength.

Take Away

Pull ups increase height and is a difficult exercise. They are, however, worthwhile to include in your weekly strength training regimen. Even if you're new to pull-ups, dangling from the bar or executing an aided pullup can help you gain strength. Pull-ups can be used with other upper-body exercises such as pushups, chin-ups, tricep extensions, and bicep curls to complete your workout. This program can be repeated two to three times per week. Allow your muscles to heal by taking a day off between strength training sessions. Also, consult your doctor before beginning any new strength-training program. So start worrying about “can pull ups increase height?” and start doing them today.


1. Are 10 pull-ups a day good?

If you are easily able to perform 15 or more pull-ups in a single set before you exhaust the energy, doing a few sets of 8-10 pull-ups without going to muscular exhaustion is much safer to do daily. If you already have gained some training experience, you are more likely to fall somewhere in these two levels only.

2. Do pull-ups increase height after 18

Many health experts claim that the majority of children grow just a little after they attain the age of 18. But in some cases, it is also found that some people may be able to increase their height by finding pull-ups exercise by working on the decompression of the vertebrae. 

3. How many pull-ups by age?

There are no particular guidelines or set standards that have given the no of pull-ups set by the age group you fall in or the maximum time under which you must be performing the desired range of sets. It totally depends upon your overall health and your training experience.


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