Know Here Does Masturbation Cause Hairfall
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How Does Masturbation Cause Hairfall?

Worried man | Link between hair fall and masturbation

Does Masturbation Cause Hairfall?

No, there is no scientific evidence that masturbation can cause hair fall. The truth behind this myth is that semen consists of protein and the loss of some protein at the end of every masturbation session leads to this belief. Several other ideas were also considered. However, there was no result that concluded masturbation affects your hair negatively. Some of the possible causes of hair fall can be:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Skin disorders
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Excessive use of hair treatments or hairstyling
  • Radiation therapy
  • Certain medications and drugs

There are several myths surrounding the act of masturbation, ranging from diminishing the size of your genital to ED. One such famous myth doing the multiple rounds is 'can masturbation cause your hair loss?'

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For most of us, hair is an absolute identity and something we care a lot about. And this is the main reason that choosing between masturbation and hair loss is not a situation we want to be in.

No, masturbation does not cause your hair to fall. In fact, masturbation does not impact your hair at all. Just like having lovemaking never affects your hair similarly, the act of masturbation cannot cause you any hair loss problems. There is no proven scientific fact to conclude that masturbation affects your hair.

Many clinical studies show that excessive loss of hair in men results from male pattern baldness inherited genetically, harsh chemical treatments and stress. This means hair loss due to masturbation is zero.

Some of the Masturbation Hair Fall Myths

Myth 1: Does the act of masturbation cause you hair loss problems because of the protein lost?

The top assumption behind this question- "can the act of masturbation cause hair loss"- is that the act of masturbation deprives your body of the proteins, and that is why it is the prime cause of hair fall.

While it is very true that human ejaculation contains some protein, many clinical studies show that the protein levels of around 5.04 grams per 100 ml of semen are not at all enough to cause you any hair loss, this amount of protein lost is not enough to deprive your hair of any required nourishment.

Actually, the amount of protein per ejaculation is too low or negligible, so you cannot correlate this thing to your hair loss.

Myth 2: Does masturbation affect your hair & cause hair fall to happen by increasing DHT hormones level?

Another standard answer backed by clinical studies to such myths as "can masturbation cause you hair fall problems?" Does masturbation increase your DHT level, leading to hair fall? People believe that increased climax can lead to an increase in testo levels. Testo can be easily converted into DHT hormone levels in your body resulting in the problem of hair loss.

Though the DHT hormone level part is correct, it is completely unrelated to the act of masturbation causing hair fall. Furthermore, scientific studies suggest that males had increased levels of testo because of not masturbating for at least a period of three weeks. This further proves the fact that testo levels might easily increase if a person doesn't masturbate regularly, which in turn is the reason for your hair fall.

Thus, masturbating is not the reason for your hair loss because it does not increase the levels of your testo. Therefore it does not lead to increased DHT hormone levels in your body.

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Myth 3: Does masturbation affect your hair with dandruff problems?

Another myth that is also very famous include- "Masturbation causes the Dandruff problem," which eventually leads to hair fall. Scientific research to back this myth is that masturbation causes an imbalance of hormone levels in your body which changes the PH of your scalp resulting in the problem of dandruff. Dandruff over a period of time is capable of causing hair loss problems. 

An oily scalp is the main reason for dandruff. Simultaneously, it is an established fact that an imbalance in your hormone levels could cause you the problem of dandruff, and accumulation of this dandruff over time can consequently cause you severe hair loss.

But, NO, masturbation within the prescribed limits will NOT cause any imbalance of hormones, causing a change in the pH of your scalp that results in the problem of dandruff. Hence the question of the dandruff problem that leads to hair fall does not arise at all.  Masturbation in moderation will not give you any dandruff. So, do not worry about masturbation causing you any dandruff resulting in hair loss.

Does masturbation cause white hair?

No, masturbation does not cause your hair to turn white. People across the globe of various backgrounds have been trying quite desperately for ages to find things that can help them to blame masturbation. But many clinical researchers backed the fact that moderate  masturbation can affect your body in any sense but pleasure. 

It is actually found that masturbation is something that is natural, healthy, harmless, and very normal to humans.

Grey hair is mostly associated with ageing or living a stressful lifestyle. In some cases, it is found that whitening of hair is something that finds its root in the hereditary cause.

Does masturbation affect beard growth?

No, there are no scientific studies that show any negative impact on beard hair growth because of masturbation. Hair growth is directly related to one’s genetics and heredity. There is no evidence or observation that proves that masturbation affects beard growth.

In fact, most people masturbate at various points in their lives. Some people never masturbate, but mostly try it a few times in their lives. Although there used to be plenty of negative myths regarding masturbation, most people nowadays recognize that masturbation is often a healthy and pleasurable part of their lives.

Bottom Line

Masturbation does not cause hair fall with science and studies to back it up. In a nutshell, ejaculation does not cause hair fall, nor does it disrupt your testo and DHT levels. On the contrary, it makes you healthy. So, keep masturbation (yes in moderation) and have a happy and healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does masturbation increase DHT?

Whether it's masturbation or lovemaking, it has no considerable impact on testo or DHT production.

2. Does masturbation cause dandruff?

No, masturbation does not cause any effects, like dandruff, directly or indirectly. It is, however, important to note that excess of anything is bad for health and has the potential to cause damage, which includes masturbation.

3. Does masturbation cause hair fall?

NO, the theory of masturbation causing hair loss is false. The mechanics of masturbation are similar to lovemaking. The only difference is it is an act of self-sex.


​​1. Can masturbation cause hair loss?

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