Does Hair Transplant Work? Process, Effectiveness and Side Effects

Does Hair Transplant Work? Process, Effectiveness and Side Effects

If you are someone who is going through excessive Hair fall or may have reached their Balding stage and is looking for a Hair Transplant treatment then this is the perfect place for you to gain an insight on the procedure. 

Hair fall or thinning of Hair can happen for a lot of reasons and there are many ways to treat them. You can try using natural methods if you have little to no Hair fall or you can use medicines like Minoxidil and Finasteride if you have a lot of Hair fall.

But if your Hair is reaching near Baldness and you can't find any solution then let us figure out if a Hair transplant can work for you.

Hair Transplants are almost 80% successful, in a lame man’s language a Hair transplant means that Hair from your other body parts will be taken to your scalp and be placed where you had Hair fall. It is a tedious procedure and we would suggest you consult your doctor and then go ahead with making a decision on it.

There are two types of Hair Transplant:

1) Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

This procedure will involve placing the extracted or fallen out Hair follicles on the patient's scalp, this process requires precision and you should only trust a trained  cosmetic surgeon for the procedure.

2) Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) 

This procedure involves taking the hair from the patient's body parts or even his scalp and then is placed into the scalp noticing where the growth of Hair follicles can exceed. 

Hair transplant is not as easy as it sounds. It is painful and stressful, you need to take medicines to reduce the pain, you can not wash your Hair or comb them. You must take proper rest and time for your wounds to heal.

Hair Transplants are effective if you find the right doctor who guides you through the process and makes it easier for you to understand and make a sound decision. Hair after a Hair transplant can fully grow back within three to four months, with the proper care and medication assigned.

Hair Transplants are certainly not cheap, but the price of this procedure will depend on your Hair type and seriousness and the qualifications of your doctor. Always choose a doctor you are comfortable with and seek help as and when needed.


Both FUT and FUE may take weeks at a stretch to heal completely, these procedures are time consuming and take us many sessions before the end result. Recovery from FUT and FUE is slow and will pose restrictions to your day to day activities, you can not work out for almost a week after the procedure and you need vital rest to heal and feel better.

Hair Transplant is bound to have a lot of side effects, some temporary which will heal with time but some may be more serious, let us talk about them.

1) It may Bleed

You will have to face bleeding and cuts with either FUT or FUE, the doctors will make sure the cuts are small but you may face bleeding even during recovery.

2) It May leave Scars 

Well, you will have to face some permanent scars on your scalp due to the Hair transplant, if you have a healthy Hair growth post your procedure then your scars may not be visible.

3) You may face Infection and Pain 

Your doctor will make sure that Infections do not build up in your scalp after the procedure but you need to take care of your scalp to make sure it's hygienic and does not build up any infections. Pain in an inevitable part of the surgery, however, your doctor will hook you up with some pain killer for a few weeks so you can be at ease.

4) You may face Itching 

Itching is also very common during a Hair transplant but you need to resist as you wont be allowed to scratch your scalp for a long time.

5) You may face Swelling 

Swelling is a crucial part of this procedure. You may feel uneasy for days or weeks after the procedure as you may see swelling around your eyes or forehead, but do not worry it is temporary and will heal with time.

We would suggest you to take time and see all the odds, do full research and check out some of the best doctors available in your area before making a final decision. You may face a lot of difficulties after the Hair transplant and you need to be ready to take up all them, so consult a doctor and if there are other ways to restore your hair then give them a shot before going for a transplant.

You can also check the medicated products suggested by our doctors which are FDA approved and work well in preventing hair fall and give fast and effective results in hair regrowth. 

1) Minoxidil topical solution 

Minoxidil is a powerful peripheral vasodilator that is considered an effective topical solution. Minoxidil Topical Solution stimulates hair growth, and hence it is used for hair fall control, treating MPB (Male pattern baldness).

2) Anti-hair fall shampoo

It nourishes your hair and scalp with no harmful chemicals (Parabens and Sulphate free). The shampoo helps to strengthen your hair, improves the texture of your hair, and reduces hair fall.  

3) Biotin tablets 

The biotin tablets are enriched with multivitamins which help in hair growth and improve metabolism. Biotin tablets include a total of 10 vitamins in it. The tablets reduce hair fall, improves scalp health, promotes hair growth and makes your hair stronger & healthier than before.

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