Top 11 excellent benefits of Chakrasana Wheel Pose
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11 Chakrasana Benefits: How Wheel Pose Can Keep You Movin'

Woman performing yoga pose | chakrasana benefits

The best way to describe Chakrasana is as a powerful "Back-Bending" yoga posture. The word comes from the Sanskrit words "Chakra" (which means wheel) and "Asana" (which means posture or seat). When this asana is performed, the body adopts the shape of a wheel. As a result, Chakrasana is also known as “Wheel pose”. The Sanskrit name Urdhya Dhanurasana is another name for this asana.

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The following are the 11 benefits of practising this yoga pose:

1) Aids in lung expansion to increase oxygen intake, which is advantageous, particularly for those who have asthma.

2) Assists in lowering bodily tension and strain.

3) Contributes to improving vision.

4) Increases the spine's suppleness and strength.

5) Increases blood flow throughout your body and cleans the blood.

6) Chakrasana has the added benefit of providing mental benefits, such as mental serenity and clarity of thinking, in addition to its physical ones.

7) It increases your strength and stamina.

8) Once one begins doing the stages of chakrasana, they feel more energised and less worn out.

9) It tones your core muscles and lowers belly fat.

10) It increases appetite and eases digestion and constipation issues.

11) Chakrasana improves physical and mental health. It guarantees that your body's organs will work properly.

Chakrasana procedure

Any asana must be performed with the correct technique to yield the greatest benefits. Following are the steps for performing Chakrasana yoga:

  1. Lean back and lie down.
  2. Your knees should be bent, with the heels resting on your buttocks.
  3. Maintain a 12-inch space between your feet.
  4. Now raise your arms, flex your elbows, and place your palms on the floor on either side of your head, above your shoulder.
  5. Take a deep breath in and slowly lift your torso, bending your back.
  6. As you now lean back slightly, straighten your arms and legs as much as you can.
  7. Hold this position for as long as it is comfortable for you, then slowly return to the starting position by bringing your body down and letting your head rest lightly on the floor. 
  8. In this manner, lower the entire body, and then completely unwind. 
  9. By elevating the heels rather than maintaining them flat in the final position, the traditional Chakrasana pose may be somewhat modified.

Is chakrasana good for weight loss?

Yes. Chakrasana is a pose that, when practised, may aid in the reduction of body fat. By toning down the digestive and reproductive functions, this yoga position assists in fat loss, particularly in the abdominal region.

Chakrasana vs Virabhadrasana for weight loss

Warrior Pose, or Virabhadrasana

The Warrior II stance has made it easier and more enjoyable to tone your thighs and shoulders and to focus better. The greater the results you get, the longer you keep that stance. You may obtain tighter quads by doing Virabhadrasana for only a short while.

Warrior III position is designed to tone your arms, legs, and back while also enhancing your balance. If you tighten your abs while maintaining posture, it will also assist to tone your stomach and give you a flat belly.

Chakrasana or Wheel pose

Your whole body will burn fat as a result of chakrasana.

The wheel stance works every muscle in your body, from head to toe, so you can anticipate a thorough fat-burning exercise! Additionally, you will burn a lot more calories than you ever have since this stance revs up your metabolism to a new level. According to research in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, practising the wheel stance for only twelve weeks can increase your metabolism.

Aside from that, chakrasana will build your muscles unlike any other and help you tone your stomach, back, legs, arms, and shoulders.

Preventive steps while doing Chakrasana

In yoga, the positions that carry the most danger are sometimes the most beneficial. As a result, it is the amount of caution you must use while doing them that distinguishes them as advanced.

If you are encountering any of the following, it would be advisable to stay with one of the aforementioned variations:

  • a lower back ache
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • shoulder injuries or instability, such as a history of dislocation
  • High blood pressure

Please be aware that deep backbends and postures with the considerable spinal extension should typically be avoided after you reach the second trimester of your pregnancy or start to show since they may cause diastasis recti.

6 Chakrasana Contraindications

Some contraindications to Chakrasana include:

  1. People with cardiac conditions should refrain from practising Chakrasana until their doctor gives the all-clear.
  2. Chakrasana is not recommended for anyone with abdominal hernias or any kind of inflammation in the abdomen since it may cause the intestinal loop or other tissues to bulge out through the abdominal muscle wall.
  3. High blood pressure sufferers shouldn't do it. Before doing Chakrasana, anyone using blood pressure medicine should speak with their doctor.
  4. Chakrasana should not be performed if you have vertigo (dizziness). Before doing Chakrasana, pls speak with a licenced medical professional if you have ever had vertigo concerns.
  5. Chakrasana should not be practised by pregnant women since it puts strain on the abdominal muscles and might decrease blood flow to the midsection of the body. The developing foetus shouldn't do this.
  6. Although Chakrasana is thought to be good for the spine, it is suggested that anybody who has ever had or is now experiencing any back-related problems get medical advice from a health professional before practising this asana.

Take Away

Wheel posture, also known as chakrasana, is a full-body asana in which the back is bent backwards. The ultimate position of the body resembles a circular wheel, thus the name "wheel pose." It offers beneficial back, chest, and abdominal muscular workouts. To prevent any health problems, one should do this posture often, preferably with the instruction of a qualified yoga instructor.


1. What happens if we do Chakrasana daily?

Chakrasana, when practised often, helps lose belly fat. Additionally, it helps to tone your stomach.

2. How many minutes we should do Chakrasana?

Chakrasana should be performed under the skilful supervision of a certified and experienced yoga instructor who can provide you advice on how many times you should do Chakrasana.

3. Does Chakrasana burn calories?

Yes. As a result of the rise in heart rate, a significant number of calories are burned while holding this position.


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