10 Amazing Chakrasana (Wheel Pose) Benefits for sexual health

Sexual health


Chakrasana is also named and explained as Urdhva Dhanurasana is an asana in yoga as exercise, which in English translated as the wheel pose.

How to do chakrasana?

Chakrasana or wheel pose is an excellent yogic pose to showcase the spine horizontally to the gravitational pull while the limbs that are legs and hands are touching the ground with feet and palms are more like ground grabbing.

A man generally stands straight to the ground with the spinal cord being vertically axis.

This backbend of the body is extremely time tensioned for it is not such an easy pose to handle and footprint. However, the yogic purpose is not to calculate the time taking pain but relaxing in mind.

A backbend may be hard to work out during the start but once practiced, it is one of the greatest joys to the body.

During chakrasana, the ribs and the lung space are stretched to an extreme resulting in pressure on the nose to grab more oxygen into the body.

During the body stretch for chakrasana or the so-called wheel pose, the kidneys are given a wide space within the body itself resulting in expansion of its size.

Benefits of chakrasana for sexual health

Beauty enhancement

Chakrasana enhances the beauty of the face and body to a greater extent which would encourage love and sexual activities between a couple.

Sexual intercourse at chakrasana pose

Sexual intercourse by a man when the woman is put at chakrasana pose is an extremely nerve stimulating and body-building act. 

A woman generally gives free-up position to her frontal private part and full tight anal base during the chakrasana pose. When the man enters his genital into her vagina, he finds more ease at the thrusting action. When the man intercourse his genital into the anal cavity, he struggles hard to put inside. Both ways, sexual intercourse is too much fun.

The force impeded by the man during her wheel pose would go straight to the spine which could make it strong. The muscles passing through her limbs would become more fit and flexible.

The knees would become strong with the help of chakrasana. Knees are known to get weak over sexual urges and passion. The chakrasana balances sex energy at healthy sight.

However, it can only be tried for overall good health. Otherwise, it could give a stroke to the heart.

Spine & limb coordination

In general, humans put the spine to rest through a horizontal placement to the ground at a sleeping position during the time during which the limbs are also relaxing but the chakrasana stretches the limbs with the spine being placed horizontally to the ground origin.

Healthy blood flow

Sexually active is a healthy lifestyle and one just has to maintain it clean and evergreen. The blood flow must be stably maintained to enjoy being sexually active.

Chakrasana is a great chance for the body to revive and balance blood flow in the body. 

The greater the blood flow at the genital, the greater the feeling of orgasm. Chakrasana balances higher blood flow at the genital at the same time giving enough blood circulation to the head and other body parts.

Breathing power

Breathing during sex is one of the major ailments that work super-rich or act poorly according to the body system condition. Most people relieve stress and other regular thoughts of living a life with sexual activity. 

The blood pressure and blood circulation difference occur once after a successful attempt of sexual intercourse freeing the man his head from being hot to cool temperature. 

The depth and time rate of breathing changes before, during, and after sexual activity. This is a good chance to mind timecourse but few face extreme breathing struggles during sex and they got to manage it with proper care and maintenance.

As chakrasana stretches ribs and lung space to an extreme resulting in pressure on the nose to grab more oxygen into the body, the sexual pressure at the genital cannot lower the breathing power at the upper level.

To be fit to all sex positions

Sex could be practiced in various sexual positions that would make the activity interesting with the same sexual partner. The sex in different positions would feel different from one another and makes the partners like each other even though they are known each other in the sexual activity for a long time back.

Chakrasana eases the body to be accessible to all sex positions that are even noted through Kamasutra.

No kidney pain after sexual intercourse

Most people are afraid of regular sex keeping in the note of the kidney pain that comes after sexual intercourse. The chakrasana stretch kidneys so that they can feel free during and after sexual intercourse.

Abdominal relief

The abdomen is the most vital part of sexual activity. The backbend will help abdominal nerves and flesh become free of stresses and strains indulged in it through daily laziness.

Hormonal balance

Sexual intercourse could lead to depression in some people. The stretch of the spine would hit the brain so well it releases dopamine and endorphin, a kind of hormone to regulate orgasm well in the chakrasana practicing fellows.

Psychological benefits

When the body is in good condition, human nature generating frustration would become less which helps the bonding with other people be good.

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