Can we use amla churna for hair?

Amla Churna for hair

Amla Powder Benefits for Hair

Amla powder is a pure herbal powder and a very powerful natural tonic with antioxidant properties. It slows down the process of ageing due to free radicals and keeps the body healthy with regular use. The presence of Vitamin B3 is beneficial for increasing blood circulation to the scalp and thus aids in better hair growth.

The unique herbal blend of Green Apple, Amla, Vitamin B3 and Zinc tablets addresses issues of hair fall and improves the texture by promoting new hair growth. The tablets are safe to use by both men and women suffering from hair fall.

Amla powder is an ayurvedic medicine prepared from the dried fruit of emblica officinalis. The subject of hair fall has always been a big concern for people. There are many reasons for hair fall and one of them is scalp infection. Amla powder for hair is one of the best known natural remedies for treating scalp infections, promoting hair growth and preventing hair fall.

Amla Oil Benefits for Hair

Amla oil has been in use in Indian households for ages. It is one such superfood that has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for decades now. It contains a high percentage of vitamin C and many beneficial fatty acids. Amla oil is useful in various ways and it can be used to treat skin conditions as well as promote hair growth.

Amla oil is a popular ingredient in products that promote hair growth. Amla oil is rich in minerals and vitamins. It contains essential fatty acids and proteins that rejuvenate the scalp and strengthen the hair roots. It nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, which helps promote new hair growth.

Amla oil for hair is a blend of pure organic herbs stored in a stable environment to retain its quality and purity. With the help of amla oil, it is possible to effectively treat thinning hair. It has been used for medicinal purposes since time immemorial. The use of amla oil is not just limited to hair growth, but several other benefits are associated with it. 

What Does Amla Powder For Hair Contain?

Amla powder contains many important ingredients that act together to treat scalp infections and promote hair growth.

Amla powder contains many nutritive ingredients that help in treating scalp infections and promoting hair growth. Amla is a potential source of Vitamin C, copper, iron, amino acids, proteins, some polyphenols, vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B5. All these nourish hair roots to produce healthy new hair and prevent hair fall.

Gooseberry Benefits for Hair

Gooseberry is basically a fruit that has medicinal properties. It is high in Vitamin C and other nutrients like carotenoids like Beta-carotene, Vitamin B and many provitamins A carotenoids. It also contains minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.

The major reason for hair loss is the deficiency of vitamins in the body. Amla or Indian gooseberry is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins like A, B-complex and C. It also contains iron, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and potassium.

The amla powder solution or amla juice can be applied to the scalp by wetting your hair at night. In the morning, wash your hair in lukewarm water and dry it thoroughly with a towel. Apply this gooseberry or amla juice solution to your scalp and massage it gently. Cover your head with a shower cap or do not apply it directly over the scalp and avoid getting the solution into your eyes while applying it on your hair.

Amla powder can be used similarly to henna but also has the added benefits of strengthening hair roots at the same time as colouring it with a reddish hue.

The lemon-sized amla fruit is prepared from its pulp and made into a fine powder. Amla powder is used for cosmetic purposes. When mixed with henna, amla powder helps in promoting hair growth and reducing scalp infections. Amla powder is also used to make a paste which can be used as a face pack or applied directly on the scalp to solve hair related problems, such as dandruff and hair fall. 

  1. Amla Boosts Hair Regrowth

Amla powder acts as an anti-inflammatory agent which helps in reducing inflammation caused due to bacteria in the scalp and thus aids in promoting hair growth. It also prevents infection and acts as an antioxidant which allows hair to grow strong and healthy.

  1. Amla Reduces Dandruff

Amla powder is said to be anti-bacterial properties that help in combating dandruff. In addition to this, using amla powder can help you keep away from scalp infections and dandruff-related problems. Amla powder is made by grinding dried Indian gooseberry into fine powder. You should prepare the amla powder at home rather than buying it from the market.

  1. Amla Strengthens Hair Strands

The primary ingredient in amla powder is vitamin C. Vitamin C is required by hair follicles in large quantities and reduces hair loss by strengthening weak and fragile hair strands. Also, an application of amla powder can rejuvenate old and dried hair roots, making them healthy again.

  1. Amla Improves Scalp Health

Amla powder extract is also used in ayurvedic medicine for improving scalp health. Once applied, the amla powder has the potential to promote hair growth and nourish the scalp.

How to Use Amla Powder to Promote Hair Growth

Methods of using amla powder on hair will vary according to how you are using amla. Be cautious before using amla hair products and do not forget to read the directions for use.

Some general guidelines:

  1. Apply the amla solution to your entire head and make sure to apply it from the tip of your hair to its ends.
  2. Let the mixture dry for about 40 minutes.
  3. Rinse your hair using an all-natural shampoo and make sure that the amla solution is completely rinsed out.

You can also apply amla hair masks once or twice a week because the benefits of amla masks for hair growth are numerous.

Side Effects of Amla on Hair

Amla powder can result in hives and irritation. Therefore it is highly recommended to perform a patch test before using amla powder for hair

Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies should consult a doctor before using amla powder for hair growth.

How to do a Patch Test?

To perform a patch test, follow these instructions:

  1. Mix half a tablespoon of amla powder with half a cup of warm water and let the powder dissolve completely.
  2. Apply a small quantity of the mixture to the inside of your forearm.
  3. Cover the spot with a band-aid and wait for 24 hours.
  4. If you experience any kind of redness, hives, irritation or related issues, immediately wash the area and discontinue using amla.
  5. If you do not come across any discomfort, it should be absolutely safe to apply elsewhere.

Take Away

Amla powder is one of the most famous natural hair growth products. The benefits of amla powder, used in the right way, can help you get natural hair growth as well as protect your scalp from infections and dandruff. As, Amla is rich in various nutrients like Vitamin C, A, B complex, iron, manganese and other minerals which are required for the natural growth of hair. Amla powder also contains bioactive polyphenols that are responsible for promoting the growth of hair roots. You can use amla powder to get rid of the thinning of hairs and restore normal growth.

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