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Why Should You Start Sex? 

When You're Nervous About Starting a Sex Relationship  

How to Start a Sex Relationship  

Take Away 

Do you want a quick sex and easy technique to turn on your partner and start enjoying kinkier sex with him? Take control of the situation and start sex. Of all, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to initiating sex. But we have a number of suggestions that keeps in mind that your sexual health is the first priority and will help you hit a home run and make it a lot more probable. 

Why Should You Start Sex? 

Consider your previous sexual interactions, whether one-night encounters or sex in the context of a love engagement. That was the one who started such encounters? Whose hand was the first to grope, whose body was the first to rub against the other's without urging, or, in the current day, who was the first to send a sensual text message? It's likely that in the majority of your encounters, the male makes the first move.

Men are under a great deal of stress. They must initiate sex and inquire about first dates. As a result, they must deal with rejection when women say "No" or simply "Not tonight." 

It also leads to a sense of routine. If you've had sex with your spouse before, you probably know precisely how they'll ask for it. You may feel unmotivated as a result of this. 

If you're not used to initiating sex, your partner will most likely appreciate the break when you start things off. Between the two of you, things may become a little more balanced. 

However, if initiating sex is a new experience for you, you may be nervous or even confused about how to do so. 

When You're Nervous About Starting a Sex Relationship  

It's natural to be scared before sex, but you shouldn't be afraid to initiate sex, especially if you've been together for a long time. Consider why you're apprehensive. 

  • You're afraid of being rejected: There's always the possibility that your partner won't want to have sex. He's a person, after all, and humans don't always want sex. Rejection can occur if you are ill or fatigued. But keep in mind that this isn't a rejection of you as a person or even sex with you. He's just not interested in the concept right now. You may try once again later.
  • You'll probably hear "Yes" more often than "No." After all, you've probably turned down your lover a few times because the timing was off. Guys, on the other hand, are frequently less concerned about how they appear, feel, or smell. It's all about the sex
  • You don't want to appear stupid or foolish: Sure, asking for sex can be awkward at times, but it's a skill you'll have to develop over time, just like flirting with a guy. It doesn't have to be a big deal or even all that sexy to initiate sex. Furthermore, you are not required to do it in person. Until you're brave enough to initiate sex face-to-face, a phone call, letter, or sexy text message can help you save face.  

To be honest, the more you initiate sex, the less anxious you will become. The easier it will be to deal with "rejection" on occasion. So practising, practising, practising is the best method to overcome these feelings! 

How to Start a Sex Relationship  

There really is no one-size-fits-all approach towards having a great time. So, we've come up with a few ideas, or you can come up with your own. 

  1. Be forthright

Because boys can be inattentive to your clues, taking the direct path is frequently the best option. If you've ever hinted at desiring sex and your partner hasn't picked up on it, you could realise this. 

Tell him you want to have sex or him if he wants to have sex. Watch as your man's face brightens at the thought! The element of surprise might make the sex extra hotter if you fit it into a casual discussion on your way home for dinner.  (Sex topics that you and your partner should discuss

  1. Make use of your body language

You can also use nonverbal communication. When you're cuddling with your man, try grabbing his zipper, touching him through his pants, or rubbing your hips against his. Consider grasping his hands and moving them to a visible part of your body, such as your breasts or crotch, to send an unmistakable message and provide wonderful foreplay. 

Keep coming up behind him, wrap your arms around him, hold him, and kiss him if you choose. If you wish, you can whisper something sexy and see where it leads. 

  1. Text A Sexy Message

Sending a seductive SMS is the way to go if you haven't mustered up the courage to initiate sex in person. You might send a seductive photo or simply express your love for your man. Perhaps you're recalling an especially pleasurable meeting from the past. 

Whatever you say, you'll let your partner know you're thinking about sex... and maybe even make him think about it as well! Your clothing will virtually fall off when he walks through the door, or when you get home from work!

  1. Put Your Back Against Him

When you're cuddling with your partner, do you ever feel his boner crushed against you? His body clearly desires sex, and you should take advantage of this if you desire it as well! So, grind your buttocks on his erection while he moves his hands to your breasts, and you'll get what you desire in no time. 

  1. Start with the foreplay

Guys, while they think with more than just their dicks, are usually open to stimulation. So, if you remove his pants and start going down on him, it'll almost certainly result in some steamy and the best foreplay sex. 

Take Away 

Occasionally, all it takes to improve your sex life is to act on your urges by starting in a way that your partner will like. You can learn how your spouse likes to get in the mood by engaging in sex-positive discourse. Don't take rejection personally if you're turned down every now and then. Check to see whether you crossed any lines, then try again another time. 

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