Washing hair everyday leads to hair loss. Myth or fact?

Washing hair everyday leads to hair loss. Myth or fact?

Washing hair every day and its relation to hair loss

If you have a dry scalp and suffer hair loss then it would be better for you not to wash your hair daily as it may be harmful to your dry scalp.

If you believe that washing your hair daily causes hair fall but you have greasy hair then you use dry shampoo sometimes or co-washing. But don’t use dry shampoo daily as it may cause some dirt to stick on your hair and cause hair to fall.

How often should you wash your hair?

It is not necessary that everyone has the same kind of hair and should follow the same hair care routine. Based on the hair type and location they live in, like coastal areas or chilly areas the hair care routine is distributed. Our scalp produces natural oils to keep our hair moist. For some people, excess sebum is produced which might be a problem because of the greasy look it gives but as per the expert's suggestion, it is good to have the hair oily and then make it dry using the shampoo. And washing it too often can make it dry and hard to style and also gives an artificial appearance to the hair. 

Based on the hair type, the location you live, and hair styling products the hair wash schedule should be planned. Washing hair twice a week is the general way of keeping it clean. For people with dry hair, it can be once a week and for the ones, with oily scalps, it can be two or more than two times a week. 

Does washing your hair every day damage it?

Our hair health depends on how we clean our scalp and hair follicles. If there is dirt accumulated in our follicles then our hair will not grow. A dirty scalp is responsible for our hair texture, hair fall, dandruff, and flaky scalp

You probably have been washing your hair for a very long time and you know what’s right and what’s wrong with your hair. You know how often it needs to be washed and which shampoo or conditioner to be used. 

Many say that washing your hair daily strips the natural oils from your scalp and results in hair fall and many say that washing them daily keeps the scalp clean. Some people can’t stand to have even one greasy strand on their head so they wash their hair daily some people manage to protect their hair from being greasy for a whole week so they just wash their hair on Sundays. 

First, let’s see how the shampoo works. 

There are many myths to believe around but let’s see what we should do.

  • The shampoo contains surfactants that come in contact with sebum produced by your scalp to protect the hair follicles.
    • Sometimes sebum is overproduced which causes our hair to get greasy, shampoo traps the excess oil, and dirt, and rinses out to get clean hair.
    • If you are using a shampoo that contains Sulphur then you should not wash your hair daily. Sulfur is a drying agent and leaves your scalp flaky. Either switch to a mild shampoo or stop washing your hair daily. 

    Why should we wash our hair daily?

    1) Sweat after a workout

    If you work out daily then it is okay for you to wash your hair daily. During workouts, sweat is accumulated on your scalp which can lead to hair fall.

    2) Greasy hair

    If you have thin hair then it will get greasy fast. The oil on your scalp can reach your locks fast because you have thin hair.

    3) Use of hair cosmetics

    If you use hair cosmetics then you need to wash your hair daily. Also, hair products like hair straighteners cause damage and irritation to your hair. Frequent washing may help you get rid of the sprays and cream residuals.

    4) Humid environment

    If you live in a humid place where you tend to sweat a lot then you should wash your hair daily.

    5) Dandruff in hair

    People who have dandruff also wash their hair daily to get rid of the dead cells that would damage their follicles and result in hair fall.

    Washing your hair daily is not bad but only if you are using a mild shampoo. Some people who wash their hair daily suffer hair loss and hair damage because their shampoos are too hard.

    Pros and cons of washing hair every day

    Pros of washing hair daily:

    • Good hygiene for hair
    • Keeps the scalp clean and removes unwanted deposits on the face too
    • Gets rid of scalp diseases and infections
    • Brings up healthy hair

    Cons of washing hair daily:

    • Removes natural oils from the scalp
    • This leads to split ends
    • Fades the original color
    • Scalp gets dried
    • Hair loses its natural shine

    Take Away

    So, in the bottom line, hair care needs careful consideration. Herbal shampoos are best suited to treat almost all hair care-related issues. Herbal shampoos designed to treat hair loss are made from natural ayurvedic ingredients, natural oils, minerals, and herbal ingredients. These ingredients work together to improve the moisture in your hair by soaking the hair follicles and roots in water. This will also reduce the chances of your hair falling out, getting loose, dry, and damaged.

    Regular use of herbal shampoos, no doubt, can do wonders for your hair. Our reminder needs to maintain a perfect balance of oil levels and pH for healthy, healthy, and strong hair. You can get the perfect oil balance by using Herbal shampoos.


    Is it ok to wash hair once a week?

    The best way to keep hair healthy is by keeping it clean. If you have a normal skin type, that doesn’t produce too much sebum and is not too dry then washing hair once a week is the best option and it keeps the hair healthy.

    How many times a week is it healthy to wash your hair?

    Usually, recommended hair wash per week is one to two times a week. But if your hair produces excess sebum then you can wash it two to three times a week and if you have dry skin or some chemical treatments that made your scalp dry then walking once a week is recommended.

    What is the best hair care routine?

    The best hair care routine for anyone is, keeping it clean regularly, conditioning and nourishing it, being hydrated, moisturising it, and if any problem persists opting for a dermatologist and treatment. 


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