What are the 4 types of hair?

Types of hair

Hair Types

Just like our skin we all have different types of hair, a lot of people are unable to identify their hair type which can lead to problems. Using products specifically made for your hair type is essential. 

Every person has a different hair texture, length, volume, color. It may be straight, wavy, or curly depending on your genes, all types of hair are gorgeous and you can not disagree on that. 

Each hair type requires a different type of care and conditioning and that you can provide only when you know your hair type. Today we will be talking about different types of hair which will help you in identifying your own type.

The four basic types of hair are:

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Coily

4 Different Types Of Hair 

After talking about hair types, in brief, let us get into them in detail to understand more about the different types of hair. 

Straight Hair

Straight hair is rather easy to make out, if your hair falls straight from your roots to the tip then that means you have straight hair. The hair texture is usually soft and silky. Straight hair type people often have to go through a high amount of oil secretion. Straight hair can be divided into three parts.

  • People with the first type have extremely soft, smooth, and shiny hair. While this hair may be ideal for a lot of people, it usually lacks volume.
  • People with the second type have slightly thicker and bouncier hair than the first type.
  • People with the third type have coarse and thick straight hair.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair type comes between straight and curly. There is a slight curl towards the ends of your hair but they are not entirely curly. Here are the three subdivisions of this type of hair.

  • The first type have thin, wavy hair
  • The second type have wavy hair with medium thickness
  • The third type have thick and wavy hair

Curly Hair

If your hair strands make an 'S' pattern then you most likely have curly hair. Your hair may stay in this form even when forcefully straightened, this type of hair is more prone to frizziness and tangles. Here are the subdivisions for curly hair.

  • People with the first type may have loose curls
  • People with the second type may have medium curls
  • People with the third type may have tight curls

Coily Hair

People with coily hair types follow the 'Z pattern. This hair type may seem rough and coarse and is most likely prone to breakage. Here are the subdivisions of coily hair types.

  • People with the first type may have soft hair 
  • People with the second type may have wiry hair
  • People with the third type may have extremely wiry hair.

How To Take Care Of Different Types Of Hair? 

Straight Hair

Individuals with straight hair ought to:

  • Straight hair will in general turn out to be sleek. It is ideal to stay away from substantial serums and excess products. Washing your hair time after time can prompt the creation of more oils on the scalp. Dry shampoos and surface showers are protected best for individuals with straight hair. 
  • Since this hair needs volume, go for layer trims to add a voluminous vibe. 
  • Go for updos and slicked-back looks. 
  • Consider layered trims and short haircuts. 

Wavy Hair 

Individuals with wavy hair ought to: 

  • Hair is generally directly from the roots to eye level. From the eye level to the closures, there are free waves. You would prefer not to straighten those waves, yet characterize them. Use gels and avoid creams and oil-based hair care items. 
  • Hair is wavy from around the eye level to the closures. To feature these twists utilizing balayage, you might consider kicking the bucket of your hair strands where there is an 's' design. Balayage is the strategy of free-hand painting features onto the hair. 
  • With this kind, characterized S formed twists start at the crown. Type hair is bunched up. So utilize a diffuser when blow-drying, with the goal that the hotness doesn't wind up making the hair more crimped. 

 Curly hair

Individuals with curly hair type ought to: 

  • This sort of hair has S-molded twists and structure-free circles. To hold the normal surface, don't brush your hair brutally. The most appropriate haircut for you is a free pigtail. 
  • These twists are marginally thicker than type and need dampness. Add a great deal of saturating fixings like aloe vera, shea butter, and so on to your hair. Stay away from sulfates and silicones as these can peel off the regular dampness. 
  • Utilize a leave-in conditioner to unwind hair as this sort of hair is inclined to breakage. 

Coily Hair 

Individuals with coily hair type ought to: 

  • Coily hair is a fragile hair type that needs a ton of moisturization. Think about profound conditioners, spreads, and creams other than oils. Keep away from tight meshes at any expense. 
  • This hair type might follow a crisscross example and is inclined to tangles. Utilize a leave-in conditioner on soggy hair and brush your hair delicately by isolating out segments. This guarantees that all of your hair gets the dampness that it needs. You can keep your loops flawless utilizing a twisting cream or gel. 
  • This sort of hair has truly close and delicate twists. Use oils, shea spread creams, and profound conditioners to keep the hair strands all around saturated. Try not to brush your hair cruelly.

Take Away 

Each hair is unique and gorgeous, the four types of hair are straight, wavy, curly, and coily. We have mentioned the ways in which you can take care of your hair and manage them to excel. We hope you liked the information we shared above, love your hair as they are trying to make them a certain way that may hamper your hair’s health.

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