12 Amazing oral sex positions

12 Amazing oral sex positions

Oral sex

Oral sex positions 

Take Away

Oral sex is, without a doubt, distinct from other forms of intimacy. It is impossible to get pregnant while getting intimate in the 69 positions, making a blowjob, or cunnilingus, hence these types of sex are believed to be safer. Many guys enjoy getting their haircut, yet many are hesitant to give their female partners oral caresses. This frequently occurs when men are unable to please women in this manner. It's crucial to realise that oral sex may be a great way to spice up your sex life, especially because it allows you to learn more about your spouse, consider his or her physiological characteristics, and discover more about each other's feelings and desires.

Oral sex positions 

  1. Heir to the throne

This is an excellent spot for experimenting with power dynamics. The receiving spouse sits on a throne or, you understand, an ottoman or chair while the giver kneels on the floor, making them feel like royalty.

2. Closed for business

If the receiver finds direct clitoral stimulation too much, they can close the legs and have the giver offer indirect stimulation to the labia and other areas around the clit. You might use this posture to warm up before moving on to something more challenging, or you could just stay here for the duration! Remember that the clitoris is much more than the tiny bud at the top of the labia, thus licking the rest of the area will still feel unbelievable.

3. David cooperfield

This oral sex position is named after the great magician and involves two "magic tricks." The first is to place a pillow underneath the receiver's hips and magically tilt their pelvis such that their feet rest pleasantly on the giver's shoulder blades. The second posture allows the giver to slightly push up on the receiver's stomach, allowing the clitoris to be exposed from beneath the clitoral hood. Note that the second "trick" should only be used if the receiver enjoys direct clitoral stimulation. Otherwise, it may be too intense.

4. One up

Many persons with vulva find that one side of the clitoris is more sensitive than the other, and this is the ideal sex position to take advantage of such a heightened sensitivity. The donor kneels on the floor, while the recipient lies on the bed including one leg in the air.It's important to note that the receiver should raise the leg that corresponds to the sensitive side of the clitoris; this will bring to light the area to the giver's tongue.

5. The seated 7 and 1

The giver performs seven shorter strokes followed by one longer stroke in an age-old blowjob/hand job trick. Seducing a person with a vulva, according to some Cosmo employees, follows the same process. Lighter actions, such as soft licks along the labia, can be alternated with more powerful moves, such as a strong suck or a little finger action.

6. Doggy style

What a terrific opportunity for a rim job to be added to the mix! While stroking the receiver's clitoris with their fingers, the provider can dabble in a little analingus.

7. The kivin method

Have you heard of the "Kivin" technique? If you haven't already, get ready to have your mind blown. The Kivin method is simply a sideways cunnilingus, as some vulva users claim it helps them attain orgasm more quickly. To make it even better, the provider can apply pressure to a receiver's taint with their hand.

8. The swiper

According to studies, the giver creates suction over the receiver's labia and clitoris with their mouth, then moves the head side to side in a swiping motion. To prop up the recipient's hips, use a sex pillow or just an ordinary pillow!.

9. On your stomach

Spread your legs and arch the hips slightly while lying on your stomach so your lover may orally gratify you from behind. A pillow can come in handy! This oral sex position is ideal for persons who have vulvas, and you have complete freedom to enjoy yourself while doing so with toys or just hands. It's also excellent for rim work. This is more comfortable than doggie style because the giver isn't arching, lifting, or extending their butt, but they can still reach the same portions of the receiver's body.

10. Giraffe position

The oral sex position goes by a variety of names, but here's how you execute it: One partner is on their back, with their head just touching the bed's edge. The other partner stands above them, bending forward so that their crotch is squarely over the lips of the bottom partner. You can do this by facing the partner's body or face, but for a sexier perspective and the capacity to pleasure them, you should access the rest of their body. This isn't the finest blowjob position for the providing partner because it's not particularly neck-friendly, but if the top partner descends the penis in their partner's mouth, you can easily make it one.

11. Face sitting

The face-sitting oral sex position, also known as queening, is exactly what it sounds like: one partner straddles the other's face, allowing them to lick, suck, or kiss their partner's genitals. This position is appealing because it allows the receiver to participate more proactively by grinding and moving the hips. It also invites a sense of dominance and submission, which may be extremely sexy. To make this one a blowjob position, and had the receiver sit at an angle and feed their penis into the giver's mouth. This will relieve any neck tension or discomfort while also reducing the chance of suffocation.

12.Standing position

Standing for oral sex could also be a terrific way to demonstrate your dominance. The pleasurer kneels on the floor or sits while the receiver leans against a wall with their legs slightly apart, their pelvis thrust out. Couples may enjoy this oral sex position anywhere, from the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom to the pantry and more. Don't forget the pillow to protect the knees or theirs. Lean against a wall or a door to keep your balance particularly as you approach closer to having an orgasm.

Take Away

Oral sex is enjoyable for anyone, but you shouldn't have to stay in the same position or use the same tactics to please your spouse. Experiment with different positions and oral sex techniques to see what works best for the two of you.

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