Things to Try in Bed with Your Lover at Least Once



Bucket lists are usually about outdoor activities and long-term goals, but a sexual bucket list is a very different beast. Basically, this is a list of sex ideas that both you and your partner have never done before but want to try—at least once. 

Many sexual practises, of course, are rather unusual, and you may have considered them before. That is precisely the point. A sexual bucket list exists to urge you to broaden your sexual horizons and, if you don't regularly engage in certain activities, to introduce yourself to things you may not realise you enjoy. However, you may be shocked by how much you appreciate something and may even decide to incorporate it into your regular sexual routine.  

So, not only do you get to enjoy a whole new area of sex, but you also get the unavoidable benefit of bringing you and your spouse closer together and creating a lot of enjoyable memories, making it a win-win situation all around. 

New things to try in bed on your sexual bucket list 

The following list includes a variety of activities that you can try together while maintaining a good sexual health. Don't be scared to add a few of your own to the mix. 

Oral is number one. If you've never done anything like this before, this should be the first activity you try. Seriously, how have you survived this long without it? Oral sex is wonderful for everyone involved, and it should be a regular component of any sexual relationship. If you give it a chance, you'll never ever go back. Also, make sure you stay fresh and clean down there before indulging into the activity!  [Read:

Massage is number two. The calm, sensual, and well-oiled sort, not the kind that jams your arm behind your back and chops at your neck muscles with the might of a jack hammer. This is a non-obtrusive and simple addition to the list. 

#3 May's lovely blossoms. The nipple is one of the most overlooked regions of the body. Although they are frequently overlooked, they can be extremely sensitive to both men and women. From gentle licking and squeezing to biting and clamping, experiment with varied levels of severity to see what works. 

Dressing up is number four. Some outfits and uniforms can be quite seductive. Firemen, cops, and other authority characters are popular among women, while men choose French maid uniforms, leather dominatrix costumes, or simple silken adornments. Talk about what works for you and try it out. 

#5 It's time for some dirty words. Not everyone is comfortable with this to begin with, but breaking free with the potty language can be a real turn on for some people—especially when passion is at its peak. 

#6 Talk about fantasy. Talking about fantasies in the middle of an act, as well as the filthiest stuff your imagination can conjure up during sex, may really get the juices flowing. You don't have to act on them—make this known to each other ahead of time—but simply discussing them will transform a typical lovemaking session into sheer dynamite. 

Spanking is number 7. Start slowly with this one, but if you want to raise the stakes, try a firmer hand. Women, on the other hand, have broader posteriors than men and are less sensitive to the sting. Also keep in mind that men's hands are larger, stronger, and rougher. Be as appropriate as the circumstance necessitates. 

 Anal, #8. One should approach with caution, and only if she is willing and calm enough to embrace the guy without causing any harm. It can be a lot of fun in a loving, trusting relationship, but it's absolutely not on the list of approved bedroom activities, especially for women. 

Part II of #9 Anal. It's true that what's good for the goose is also good for the gander. Many men may find this shocking, yet both genders can enjoy the same joys if done properly. Because of the sensitivity of the prostate gland, some claim that anal is even more enjoyable for men. If the mood strikes you, try fingers, tongue, massagers, or even a strap-on. Of course, the same caveat applies as with #8. 

#10 It's the company of three. Try bringing a third person into the bedroom if you're both open-minded. Just make sure you know the regulations ahead of time. For example, whether one of the couples is only there to observe or whether all three are welcome to participate. 

The #11. Group sex, a full-on swinging session, is the pinnacle sensual experience make sure you're both on board first. 

Take Away

Why not give these new things to try in bed a go now that you have a few suggestions? It may not all be your cup of tea, but you may discover that you have a new perspective on what sex should include, as well as a new boost in your connection with your partner. 

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